Get Inspired by the Best New International Cookbooks Coming Out This Fall

Fall has barely begun and there's already a surfeit of fab new cookbooks to gobble up, but today we're taking a closer look at some of the best new international cookbooks fresh off the press (or soon...

Mehadrin Buffet Breakfast Jerusalem?

by Subtletea 6 months ago

Looking for somewhere nice but affordable - would like Orient or Inbal but they're not Mehadrin, David Citadel is out of my league - can be hotel or restaurant (but not Rimon Friday buffet, we can'...

Our Fathers Restaurant & Bar and Takeout Shop (Allston, MA)

by BostonBestEats 1 year ago

[NOTE: There are actually 2 ***separate*** restaurants here: The takeout sandwich shop, Our Fathers TAKEOUT SHOP; and the sit-down dining Our Fathers RESTAURANT & BAR. Each with separate entrances...

Help with Restaurants in Israel

by meinNYC 1 year ago

Going to Israel mid March and one of the travelers has a severe allergy to tree nuts and sesame. Need upscale restaurants that make things from scratch and know their ingredients. Looking at random...

Recommended food-stops post-Birthright

by GraceW 1 year ago

Greetings, I am extending my Birthright trip (in June) to visit family in Israel. Therefore, I should have some time to eat/shop on my own. I will be doing a lot of research, but I figured I would ...

Tel Aviv in March

by gailwasserman 1 year ago

We are going to Tel Aviv in March (including a Saturday night) and the recommendations on Chowhound are very old. Any recent suggestions? THanks!

'Aish Tanoor' - How's the protein/meat part of their menu?

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 year ago

Whilst driving along Eglington West in search of a luncheon destination, my foodie brother-in-law dropped by 'Aish Tanoor' for a quick meal. Not familiar with Israeli Cuisine, he ended up with a pl...

Kosher French in Israel

by PotatoPuff 3 years ago

What are some good kosher French places? Preferably Tel Aviv or Jerusalem areas, not too expensive.

My Jerusalem List

by sidcundiff 2 years ago

For January, 2018. Your evaluation wanted. Mahaneyuda Restaurant. Abu Shukri Hummus and then walk 20 feet to the Austrian Hospice for dessert Chakra Darna (Moroccan cuisne) Mona Eucalyptus...

Sent my son a custom birthday cake in Israel!

by cappucino 3 years ago

Today is my son's birthday and he is studying in Israel for the year. I had a custom cake sent to him from the Kosher Cakery. http://koshercakery.com/ She has an American phone number and ord...

Just one dinner out in Jerusalem

by cappucino 3 years ago

I had to change my flight home from Israel so now I have time for only one dinner out in Jerusalem. Don't care meat or dairy. Has to be good and not what I would eat at home. Should I do a hotel, c...

Just one dinner out in Yerushalayim

by cappucino 3 years ago

I had to change my flight home from Israel so now I have time for only one dinner out in Jerusalem. Don't care meat or dairy. Has to be good and not what I would eat at home. Should I do a hotel, c...

Need great ideas for 5 days cheap and yummy Jerusalem dining

by redenvelope 3 years ago

Hello! Traveling with one teen to Jerusalem very soon for our first time and we are very excited. Our dining budget is around $100 USD per day. We are not looking to dine in upscale restaurants ...

Turkey in Israel?

by cappucino 3 years ago

This may be a dumb question, but I'm going to Israel to cook a Thanksgiving dinner for my son. Will it be easy to get turkey breast (I don't need a whole turkey) or if I choose to cook a whole tur...

Dr Shakshuka relishes

by QueenPeachie 3 years ago

Am finishing up a holiday in Israel and made the visit to Dr Shakshuka. I LOVED the relishes they served with the meal, but the waiter wasn't very helpful in giving us the names (Hebrew or otherwis...

Restaurant recommendation in Raanana

by kosherman 3 years ago

I am looking for restaurant reccomendations for Raanana

Golan Foodie Tours?

by nicoleelangoldstein 3 years ago

Looking for recs for wineries and artisanal food places in the Golan (or on the way) that do tours & tastings. De Karina bears the repeat visit and is already on the list

Israel for a first timer

by PotatoPuff 3 years ago

Going to Israel with some friends, one of whom has never been before. What is on your "not to be missed" list for a first timer? While it has to be kosher for me, my friend doesn't keep kosher, s...

Hummus Diplomacy: Israeli Cafe Discounts Meals Shared By Jews And Arabs

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

"...On Oct. 13, Kobi Tzafrir, owner of the Humus Bar in a shopping mall in Kfar Vitkin, north of Tel Aviv, advertised a 50 percent discount to Jews and Arabs who eat together on his restaurant's Fa...

Rugelach recipe: Israeli yeast (shimrit) conversion to US brand?

by doodlenoodle600 4 years ago

Hi guys, I've been looking for a rugelach recipe that's more like the Israeli yeasted dough type than the american cream cheese version. Naturally, I started looking at Israeli/hebrew recipes. ...