Irish Whiskey

11 Irish Whiskies to Try for St. Patrick's Day

If your Irish whiskey consumption has heretofore been limited to only that which you might call for as “Jame-o” and drink in shot form, perhaps this St. Patrick’s Day is a good excuse for an upgrade...

Irish Whisky

by DavidT 2 years ago

Nice article on a new Irish single-malt.

NI distillery begins whiskey production

by zin1953 6 years ago

"Rademon Estate Distillery, which claims to be Northern Ireland’s first and only craft spirits producer, has announced plans to develop a new Irish whiskey. "The first casks of the new whiskey w...

Brown-Forman to build $50m distillery

by zin1953 6 years ago

"Brown-Forman, the makers of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, has announced plans to build a $50m Irish whiskey distillery at the historic Slane Castle in a bid to capitalise on the category’s cont...

Connemarra single malt Irish whiskey

by kagemusha49 6 years ago

I got to taste some of this yesterday. I have to say I am not a fan of Irish whiskey as it always seems too one-dimensional to me. However this is a double distilled PEATED whiskey. It tastes a ...

black irish whiskey & oyster bar - whole fried clams coming when?

by pippineast 8 years ago

noticed this place opening soon at corner of queen & sherbourne in the former crack selling coffee time. Does anyone know when they expect to open - as former nova scotia resident I'm itching to ge...

Powers Irish Whiskey has changed....

by okra 8 years ago

"Powers Gold Label Relaunches with a new look. Powers relaunches its iconic Gold Label whiskey with new look packaging, seeing a return to its original export strength of 43.2% ABV and non-chill f...

ISO: Powers Irish Whiskey

by FinnFPM 9 years ago

I've had no luck finding this in the area -- does anyone have any tips on this well-regarded booze? I'd prefer roughly somewhere subway-accessible, or Northwest of the city.

Food Pairings with Jameson/Irish Whiskey

by mister_foiegras 10 years ago

Anybody have good food pairing experiences with Jameson or a similar Irish Whiskey? Anything from snacks to main dishes and desserts are welcome...

Irish vs Canadian whisky

by stilton 10 years ago

Is Canadian whisky that much different in flavor from Irish whiskey? I don't drink, so I normally don't keep much alcohol on hand, but want to make a batch of whiskey-laced frosting for some Guinne...

RedBreast Irish Whiskey

by poppyhead 11 years ago

Is there a bar that serves RedBreast Irish Whiskey close to midtown east?

Irish Whiskey

by Got_Wood 12 years ago

Does anyone know where in the US I might be able to get Green Spot?

irish whiskey, green chartreuse, and sweet vermouth cocktail?

by french roast 12 years ago

Please help. There was an article I read somewhere about this time last year--I want to say it was either in Gourmet or the New Yorker--about a guy who goes into a bar with a terrible cold, and the...

Powers Irish Whiskey

by Jimmy Buffet 14 years ago

Want to do some exploring from the land of bourbon into this realm. I want to start with the best bang for the buck and then take it from there. Would Powers be a good starting point?

Need some advice on Irish Whiskey.

by Faune 13 years ago

I am new to Irish whiskey (more of a Scotch drinker) and have tried only two Irish Whiskeys, Bushmill's: White Bush (decent, a bit harsh though) and and Jameson's Original (NAS =no age statement). ...

Irish whiskey

by klmsfd 13 years ago

We are hosting an Irish dinner her Friday night and I want to serve Irish coffee. I have Irish heretage and have ben there many times. Can someone tell me the difference between Bushmill's and Jame...

Looking for Irish Whiskey Fruitcake

Single Malt Irish Whiskey?

by Zander 14 years ago

As a casual Scotch whiskey drinker, I’ve come to appreciate the vast variety of single malt scotches and uniqueness of each distillery. It’s fascinating how different they can taste based on the r...

Knappogue Castle 1994 Single Malt Irish Whiskey

by joypirate 14 years ago

Wow. I mean. Wow. It's like I'm wearing a cable-knit sweater, standing on the cliffs of Dover, and maybe I've grown a beard. Enya may be playing in the distance. This stuff is great. I don't ...

Irish Whiskey Question

by whiskey 14 years ago

I just inherited a bottle of Midleton Very Rare Irish Whiskey bottled in 1996. The cork is beginning to disintegrate but its still sealed. Any idea of its worth?

Irish Whiskey cake

by fryrose 14 years ago

There used to be a prepackaged, boxed cake sold in higher end department stores around Christmas called Jamesons Irish Whiskey cake. I think there were 3 other types, one was a chocolate rum cake a...