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Find the perfect Irish pub, complete with Guinness and a festive feel. We've got suggestions for the best from NYC to San Francisco and beyond.

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Third Stop -- Great Neighborhood Gastropub

Amuse Bouches
by Amuse Bouches 15 years ago

After another lovely Sunday evening spent at the 3rd Stop, which was nearly empty, I felt compelled to come in and post. This is a pub in the old Cafe Veneto Space on 3rd Street and Willaman near...

Wellington Gastropub

by chimichimi 15 years ago

Ok, where do I start here? I was driving west on Wellington with my partner when it popped into my head that this place was opening soon, and we were hungry. We saw the door was open and some peopl...

gastro pubs?

by krb1229 15 years ago

i remember reading this past year about a pub that was going to open that had several microbrews on tap, along with fantastic food, well above bar food. can't remember where i read it, does this r...

Favorite dishes at what is mainly a bar/ gastropub??

by Kanoodle 15 years ago

Besides burgers, calamari, reubens (all of which I dearly like), what are some of your other more unusual faves from places that are mainly bars but with good-great cuisine?

Good Gastropub in London?

by Sally 16 years ago

Going to London at the end of the month and my husband is requesting at least one lunch or dinner at a great pub. Any suggestions for atmosphere (for him) and great traditional grub (for me)?

Favorite Gastropub in London?

by RozBerry 16 years ago

Anyone have a favorite London gastropub for a group of 6 for good times and good food? Thanks

Ulysses "gastro-pub"?

by Skillet Licker 17 years ago

I recall reading (Asimov, I think) about this "Greek-Irish gastro-pub" on Stone Street way downtown. I've never been to a gastro-pub in Britian -- if that's where this breed originated -- but the c...

London eats: group of 15, saturday night, not too $$, Gastropub/British/Indian?

by PSL 17 years ago

So, I'm returning to blighty after 5 yrs in NYC, and having a reunion dinner with friends in london. Since I've had such excellent food in NYC, I'd like to try the two cuisines which aren't repr...


by Karan 17 years ago

I am a huge fan of Father's Office in Santa Monica and The Spotted Pig in New York - two of the only gastropubs (bars with fabulous food!) in the US - at least that I know of - I am in search of ot...

more gastropubs? food trends?

by m 17 years ago

just curious if anyone knows whether more spotted-pig-style gastropubs are slated to open in nyc... i was trying to think of what the next big food trend might be and that got me curious. anyone e...

Cafe Topsy/Gastro Pub?

by Sammy 18 years ago

I ate dinner recently and really liked this place. It's on Hudson around Bank Street I think. British sort of fusion food. I had a delicious zucchini and tomato soup followed by a great shepherd's ...

Gastro-pubs in London?

by Maya 19 years ago

I've heard mention of these wondrous establishments in London, but no thread dedicated exclusively thereto. We'll be in London for the Christmas holidays and would love some suggestions for gastrop...

gastropubs or similar in Windsor, UK area

by Mike H 20 years ago

Wondering if anyone has suggestions for a reasonably priced lunch around Windsor. I have to take some visiting Amercian friends to the castle and would like some pointers. I will check CAMRA Good B...

"Gastropub" in London

by Tom G. 22 years ago

So it seems that the new (or not so new) trend in restaurants in London is that of the "gastropub" -- a pub that puts a large emphasis on wonderful CHOW. We just got back and had a fantastic meal a...

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