Invite & RSVP Etiquette


How do you fake enjoyment?

by kelvin_of_ranard 2 years ago

So you and the Mrs are invited to a “less than stellar” restaurant or, even worse, an acquaintance’s home for dinner! Somehow they know you’re “particular about food” and keep asking your opinion ...

What would you do if too many non-RSVP show up?

by kelvin_of_ranard 2 years ago

Hypothetically, let’s say you invited 20 friends to your home for wine-tasting and dinner. 10 of the invitees rsvp within the allotted time. Plus two are “likely maybes”, which makes 12 total. At...


by georgia201 4 years ago

I’m a victim of non-responses to RSVP. I live in a gated community serviced by gate access personnel. Names must be left at the guard station to have access to my community. Half of my guests have ...

Asking people to join you for dinner

by velochic 10 years ago

What is the best way to word an invitation (verbally) to ask people to join you for dinner so that it's understood that you are requesting their company, but not necessarily offering to foot their ...

RSVP. Not.

by munchkin1 5 years ago

I am still on a tear about this. I am planning a holiday party early December. Those who could not afford me the simple courtesy of a yay or nay are being struck from the list. Is that unduly harsh...

It's my party

by munchkin1 5 years ago

and I'll cry if want to . . . What is it with people being incapable of communicating a simple RSVP? No explanation, no excuse expected, just a simple yay or nay will do so as to plan food. (Bar al...


by munchkin1 5 years ago

I don't know why people just won't! I sent my invites six weeks in advance as everyone is so busy in the summer. I have 11 days until and just about 10 replies from casual conversations. I invited ...

How to word invitation- not paying for drinks

by lemonseleven 8 years ago

I am hosting a Chinese New Year Dinner Party at a favorite restaurant. I plan to pay for dinner for everyone invited, but I'd like guests to foot their own drink bill. What is the most tactful way ...

Does one RSVP to a Save the Date?

by prio girl 7 years ago

I rec'd two Save the Dates, both of them for occasions that will take place over 8 months from now. I already know that I will be out of town on these two dates and therefore unable to attend. Shou...

does silence on an rsvp mean they aren't coming ?

by klienemaus 7 years ago

Hello all A little background... we recently moved and had our house have extensive renos.. so for 5 months we haven't been able to have anyone over... and next week is my son's first birthday. .....

Should this party have been canceled?

by cresyd 7 years ago

Last week I was invited to a former classmate and his wife's home for what a Final Four party. The host and I went to university years ago, and have not necessarily remained close. But we now liv...


by PHREDDY 7 years ago

You decide for various reasons to have a meal at your home; birthdays, holidays, life cycle events, reunions of friends old and new, a house warming , so you invite guests to your home to celebrate...

What is the best way to invite guests online to casual gatherings at your home? Evite, Facebook, or some other way?

by sparkles442 7 years ago

We like to occasionally host casual gatherings at our home for BBQs, birthday parties, etc, and I'm wondering what most people use to send out invitations online. I don't seem to get the best respo...

Dinner guests who are chronically late and/or early...what to do?

by freia 10 years ago

So it's that time of year where parties and dinners are in full swing. I was getting my invitations for my annual 23rd of December pre-Christmas dinner in order. We usually have 12 over for dinner,...

How do I respond to people who didn't attend my party?

by coastalconfessions 12 years ago

Here is my dilemma... one that I have never been in before. I sent invitations for an open house; kind of a housewarming party, but no gifts. The party had to be postponed due to funeral services...

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