Instant Mashed Potatoes

Stupendous Spuds: The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Potatoes

Potatoes: humble, historic, and transcendent in the right hands. We're here to tell you everything you need to know about making perfect potatoes. A potato is an unassuming thing, yet it has almost...

Instant Mashed Potato Gnocchi & Dumplings

by zackly 5 years ago

There are a lot of favorably reviewed recipes online for gnocchi & potato dumplings using instant mashed potatoes. Cooking potatoes is time consuming so I'd like to have a quicker option to make a ...

Uses for dry mashed potatoes

by MIss G 6 years ago

One of my roommates moved out and left a new box of dry mashed potato mix. What do you use them for? Thanks!

Chicken Nuggets for Passover

by bxgirl 6 years ago

I posted this on the Home Cooking board, but think this might be a better place for it. So, here it is.... I want to make "chicken nuggets" but need them to breaded WITHOUT flour (due to Passove...

Chicken nuggets

by bxgirl 6 years ago

I want to make "chicken nuggets" but need them to breaded WITHOUT flour (due to Passover). Which do you think would be more "authentic" to use for breading, matzo meal or potato flakes? Thanks

Potato Flakes?

by bxgirl 6 years ago

I was reading on the Home Cooking board, about using potato flakes as a soup thickener, chicken/fish coater. I was in Fairway and only saw potato granules. Apparently,they are not interchangeable....

potato flakes

by Tonto 6 years ago

Is there any practical use for potato flakes, besides the dreaded mash.crumble maybe, or are they just unnecessary at any level?

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