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South LA/Inglewood/etc

by Xericx 16 years ago

This is a large portion of LA, yet don't hear too many reviews on a lot of restaurants around here...Sure, people go to the BBQ places on Crenshaw near the 10 freeway, but are there any other "gems...

Golden Nugget BBQ in Inglewood

by krsjuan 16 years ago

I just wanted to let you guys know about a small BBQ place called Golden Nugget BBQ in Inglewood. My work has had me in the LAX area the last couple of weeks and after about a week of eating fas...

Jino's Pizza - Inglewood

by Renee 16 years ago

Has anyone tried this pizza? it's on centinela, close to labrea.

Pollo Campero- Inglewood

by Xericx 16 years ago

Got the urge for fried chicken, fast..decided to check it out. I've had it once before. Very cripsy skin, pretty moist inside....the sides were horrible though. Chicken wasn't bad for fast food. ...

Pollo Campero in Inglewood

by Seattle George 16 years ago

I have been reading alot of positive press from out-of town newspapers on this originally Central American chain. And the expatriots tell me it is fantastic while wiping away a tear. Has anyone b...

Robee's BBQ in Inglewood

by Cynic 16 years ago

Passed by this place last night on Manchester west of Van Ness. Not sure the exact name - could not find based on any web/google searches. Has anyone tried?

Pollo Campero in Inglewood

by Xericx 16 years ago

Drove by on the way home from Tasty-Q. On Century Blvd, saw a new Pollo Campero, which is just east of Yukon (near the Hollywood Casino). There was a "now open" sign.

Bayou Grille on 64th and La Brea in Inglewood

by kevin 17 years ago

anyone been here? comments? it's supposedly a joint that serves cajun creole specialities but haven't had the chance to try it yet.

Moura's Cafe - cheap Lebanese in Inglewood

by M3 Pete 17 years ago

It's not much to look at, sitting hard by Florence Avenue with a view of the electrical substation across that busy street, the patio separated from the street only by a wall with plexiglass "windo...

Lunch in Inglewood

by Mnosyne 18 years ago

I welcome suggestions for lunch in the vicinity of the Superior Court in Inglewood (Florence nr. La Brea). Any ethnicity, good chow. Thanks.

Caribbean restaurants in Inglewood (long message)

by Stan 20 years ago

A while back, a hound wrote to say he recalled Caribbean restaurants "all along" both Florence and Centinela Avenues in Inglewood. So I went to investigate. From what I can find, there's one Cari...

Al Noor on Inglewood

by Palliser 20 years ago

I've been invited to this Pakistani restaurant in Lawndale and am curious if anyone knows anything about it...

Bayou Grille in Inglewood

by kevin 20 years ago

Is this cajun/creole place worth a trip. any good?

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