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REVIEW: Little Belize in Inglewood

by noahbites 13 years ago

My friend Josh and I have been on the hunt for really good Belizean food in Los Angeles. Most specifically, we were looking for inexpensive, fried and delicious things. Well we found our place, and...

Is Porky's in Inglewood closed?

by Ogawak 13 years ago

After picking up some donuts at Randy's (the best chocolate donuts anywhere), I stopped by Porky's to pick up some delicious Muggie's fried chicken. This was about 5 Pm last night (Tues 12/23). It ...

Inglewood Spots-Little Belize and Rosalie's

by Tiplow 13 years ago

I was driving back to Westchester from Torrance and took the streets rather than the freeway. Anyway, I drove by Rosalie's Carribbean which looks to be on Hawthorne Blvd. right where it becomes Ma...

Culver City and Inglewood Report: Porky's and El Rincon Criollo (sort of long)

by susancinsf 14 years ago

As I mentioned in this thread where I tried unsuccesfully to find Porky's the first time, I may be in LA for a while: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/495932 World's greatest granddaughter has...

Harriets Cheesecakes in Inglewood....Question

by MrsD 14 years ago

Harriets Cheesecakes in Inglewood has a praline cheesecake that is to die for. I have never been able to figure out what kind of caramel they use or what they do to the graham cracker crust to giv...

Soul Food Kitchen - Inglewood?

by WLA 18 years ago

I noticed this place mentioned in a story in today's LA Times Business section on the diminishing business at Reign in Beverly Hills. If anyone has tried it I would love to hear their comments....

Nice lunch - redondo // inglewood'ish area ???

CZ 101
by CZ 101 14 years ago

Going to the Cirque de Solei saturday and need a nice early afternoon lunch -dropping our child with my parents in Redondo, any suggestions for a nicer meal around this area Redondo -Inglewood ??? ...

Inglewood Forum Vicinity?

by Densible 14 years ago

I have an event there tomorrow night and want to meet a friend before for an early dinner around 6PM. Anything nearby that might work? Money/type of cuisine not an issue. Thanks

Tumby's Pizza in Inglewood

by Wes 14 years ago

I tried the delivery pizza from the new Tumby's Pizza. Since I have been searching for an edible near me in Westchester. The pepperoni pizza was very good. Good quality and reasonable price, $...

Harriet's Cheesecakes in Inglewood

by kevin 15 years ago

anyone have anymore info on this joint? Is it right next door to a Phillip's bbq location. I never got around to trying Harriet's C, but I thought they had closed in the past. Is the sweet pot...

My new Fast Food Obsession: Chopsticks & Grill in Inglewood

by Dommy 15 years ago

Like many chowhounds, I’m sure... I wish I could completely embrace the slow food moment... Sadly with my life, I’m constantly going from here to there and back again... And sometimes I need some...

Jumbo burger on Inglewood?

by WileysHungryAgain 15 years ago

Saw it on FoodTV a while back. Not sure what program. Maybe the Hungry Detective. Some guy driving around with a Cop in LA, near LAX eating "Cop Food". They were eating some monster burger about th...

Brolly Hot on Crenshaw in Inglewood

by kevin 15 years ago

anyone been here? it looks like an old fashioned architecturely kooky joint (shaped like an umbrella) but very interesting looking, anyways is the food worth a lick? i nominate it for historical ...

indian restaurant on la brea in/around inglewood?

by westsidegal 15 years ago

vaguely remember a place like this being mentioned, but can't find it using the search feature.

Porky's - Golden Bird Chicken in Inglewood

mochi mochi
by mochi mochi 15 years ago

It's GB chicken ! Love Porky's sauce, although husband thought it was too sweet. He's a Leo's BBQ lover. Porky's Menu http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a232/808donna_of_taj/PorkysMenu.jpg http:/...

Porky's BBQ in Inglewood.

by Wes 16 years ago

I happened to drive by yesterday after lunch so I gave it a try today. My S.O. and I have been looking for a pulled pork sandwich similar to ones we had on a Florida Vacation for several years. ...

Mel-o's Burgers on Century and Inglewood

by Tari 16 years ago

Has anyone tried this burger stand? It has been there for such a long time and I have never given it a try. I thought I would check in here and see what you all have to say about the place.

Crisp Chinese Dumplings in Inglewood

by Chandavkl 16 years ago

I don't know of any place in the San Gabriel Valley or Chinatown that serves chicken dumplings, since that's not a traditional Chinese dish. Consequently I'm forced to resort to other geographic a...

More compliments for Pann's - Inglewood

by Lipps 16 years ago

Had breakfast there this morning. Waffles and Wings breakfast special. Side of 2 eggs over easy. Heaven. Might be the best waffle EVER. Light and crispy on the outside. Served with melted butt...