Eating/parking in Inglewood

by susans 6 years ago

Two couples are meeting for dinner before seeing U2 at The Forum this Saturday. Parking at The Forum has gone up to $25 and ideally we would eat someplace they will let us leave one of the cars to ...

Orleans and York: Now with a second location in Inglewood

Mattapoisett in LA
by Mattapoisett in LA 7 years ago

I was heading down Florence to pick Dommy up at LAX when I saw it out of the corner of my eye. We went back to confirm. As of now the Yelp address is wrong. It's in a bigger and well kept shoppi...

Rusty Pot Cafe (Inglewood)

by ipsedixit 7 years ago

Chicken and waffles for breakfast. Damn good. Better than Roscoe's. Waffle is not dense (like Roscoe's), and the chicken (a wing) is seasoned just right. All the necessary accouterments are...

Mutiara in Inglewood: Deserves Chowhound love for good Burmese/Indonesian food

by SteveTimko 11 years ago

I love Burma Superstar in the Bay area and wanted to try some Burmese food down in the Los Angeles area. I found Mutiara Food & Marketin Inglewood listed on another Web site with a lot of positive ...

Cheese and Sour Cream Shrimp dishes at Mariscos Chentes, in Inglewood, Sergio's place

by kevin 10 years ago

Has anyone tried the cheese and sour cream shrimp dishes? How are they? What are your thoughts? And do you happen to know what cheese they use in it? For some reason, I just don't eat Mexican...

Mariscos Chentes on inglewood

by kevin 10 years ago

Simply awesome. Camarones checcos with chopped garlic with special sauce was great. And Sergio is definitely a whiz with shrimp, garlic, and butter. Also, the red salsa that comes with the the ...

Soul Burgers in Inglewood

by reality check 10 years ago

Turkey burgers topped with soul food, like greens and yams, and a fried egg. Or a fried chicken patty, topped with soul food and a fried egg. Anybody been here? ----- Soul Burgers 1035 S Prair...

Restaurant recs for a place between Long Beach and Inglewood -- Japanese, Mexican, American...

by Birdieyumyum 10 years ago

Going to the forum in Inglewood tonight but want to stop for a great dinner before. Looking for some suggestions for places between Long Beach and Inglewood. We love authentic Japanese places -- su...

Does anyone know of any Good Roasted Milk Tea places around Inglewood and LAX?

by BiggBootyBiches 11 years ago

when i visited Melbourne Australia over the holidays my cousin took me to this amazing Tea place call Cha Time. I had their signature rosted milk tea which was amazing. i took one of their business...

Serving Spoon – Inglewood

by Jase 11 years ago

Had breakfast their the other day, thanks to degustateur in this post http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/728562#5850434 for pointing it out. Wife got the Huge Hugo which is 3 pancakes, 2 eggs, ...

Jury duty in Inglewood

by handlertaper 11 years ago

Any recommendations re decent places to eat lunch near the Inglewood Superior Court???

Recs for good eats in Inglewood

by Faulkner99 14 years ago

Looks like we'll be moving to the 'hood within a month or two. We're currently in the Beverly-Grove area, so no shortage of places to dine. Right now we're so centrally located that it only takes a...

Sergio has moved again!! he is now located at the Mariscos Chente on Imperial Highway in Inglewood

by westsidegal 11 years ago

3544 west imperial highway inglewood, ca 90304 310 672 2339 he will be there seven days a week for a while. (a killer for him, but good for me). ----- Mariscos Chente 10020 Inglewood Ave, ...

Just moved to Inglewood and looking for food delivery.

by Tari 12 years ago

We are having a hard time finding restaurants that delivery to our new home. It's around Inglewood between Arbor Vitae and Century. Any recommendations?

Authentic Mexican Restaurants in Inglewood, CA?

by AnnieAmie 12 years ago

I've been driving up and down Inglewood Ave. in Inglewood for years as its part of a daily route I take to and from various other areas. There are so many new little restaurants on that one street....

Stuff I Eat: a great vegan spot in IngleWOOD

by PandanExpress 12 years ago

Who knew that such good vegan food would be at the heart of downtown Inglewood? Not me! Until now. The BF had jury duty this week and found out about a little vegan restaurant after some googling, ...