Homemade Bitters Are the Best Thing to Happen to Your Bar Cart

Why would you make your own bitters? Well, why not? We live in an age of DIY everything, from kombucha to jerky. We also live in an age when finding artisanal, small-batch, craft versions of everything...

Cocktail Safety

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

" . . . There are a surprising number of cocktail components and procedures to be worried about. The website’s index lists more than 60, including fat-washing, in which a spirit is mixed with the o...

Weird vanilla floaties

by baileybakes 3 years ago

Hi everyone! I know this isn’t exactly a cocktail question, but I think you cocktail makers and rum dealers may be more likely to know the answer to this. So here goes! I have been maki...

Trying to recreate Zahav Z&T cocktail

by doodlenoodle600 3 years ago

I had the Z&T at Zahav earlier this week and would love to recreate it at home. The menu describes the drink as “gin, zaatar, Byrrh” The drink didn’t have any spices visible so I think it mus...

Lemon Infused Olive Oil

by janniecooks 4 years ago

Suddenly lemon olive oil has disappeared from store shelves in my area; my sister reports the same happened in her area (1500 miles away). So I'm going to have to make my own. In searching fo...

Viceroy Old Fashioned (Kind of...) - Spoiled?

by OccamsRazor 4 years ago

Hi All, Here in the UK (for everyone outside) they have a TV show with a drinks/cocktail segment. I saw a cocktail that I wanted to make for Christmas. The Viceroy Old Fashioned - Here is the re...

OK to throw wrinkly grapes in booze?

by blissed 4 years ago

A friend just begged me to harvest and use her Concord grapes. About half are plump and fresh, the rest are wrinkling up. Any reason I shouldn't toss those in some booze? I figure if they could hav...

Best vodka for infusing?

by QueenBeez 6 years ago

I am making limoncello and possibly one or two infused vodkas. I don't want to break the bank but I don't want to use rot gut either. Something on the less expensive end but with a smooth and neutr...

Bitter orange...cello?

by ixshelle 6 years ago

I just happened upon a ton of trifoliate (bitter) oranges, and I'm wondering how they'd do in a limoncello application. I know they work in marmalade because of all the added sugar, so I'm thinking...

Favorite neutral, relatively inexpensive vodka for infusing/infusing suggestions?

by Dax 13 years ago

Any favorite vodkas to use? Something like Skyy maybe, or even cheaper? Also, do you use organic fruits/vegetables when infusing spirits? I am thinking a simple blueberry to start, using ...

Any familiarity with "eau de thé "/maidenhair fern?

by Icantread 6 years ago

Hi All, I popped open a cocktail book which has a variety of recipes that require "eau de thé", which translates (recipe-wise, not literally), into a concoction made with maidenhair fern. Has a...

Drunken Prunes

by Enso 6 years ago

I don't know a lot about making infusions, or about the different types of alcohol. Yet for some reason I've got a hankering to try creating some kind of drunken prune dessert-ish dish. (I do make ...

Alkymists: palo alto: worth a try

by bbulkow 7 years ago

A new place moved in to the old Miyaki / Palo Alto Grill space in Palo Alto (High and University). It's a strong addition to Palo Alto and I recommend giving it a shot. Alkymists (an unfortun...

Should my already filtered alcohol infusion be getting cloudy?

by Dimspoon 7 years ago

I love infusing alcohols, but I keep having this problem. My already filtered (coffee filters) bourbon/vodka infusions look and taste lovely for a time, and then they start to develop this cloud in...

Gin infusion suggestions for a G&T lover?

by garlicman 7 years ago

Hi, I want to infuse a gin as a gift to a very good friend whose favorite drink is the gin and tonic. So I'd want her to be able to use it for those. Any suggestions? I have about 2 weeks, so hopef...

Aguardiente Cristal for infusion

by tinnywatty 9 years ago

So I'm trying my first infusion with orange and minneola peel. We went into the liquor store intending to get vodka, but our friend at the store, who happens to be the manager, recommended that we...

Cajun / Pepper Vodka Infusion

by e_bone 8 years ago

There was a cajun themed place in JAX we used to go to when we traveled. Their cajun martini was so delicious and memorable. It was half "pepper" vodka (house infused) and half Absolut Citron. Once...

Best method for straining ginger infusions?

by buzzardbreath 8 years ago

I recently made a batch of ginger liqueur using sliced ginger. It tastes fantastic but even after being strained multiple times through coffee filters, there is still some sediment-type stuff in i...

blackberry rye whiskey infusion

by charles_sills 8 years ago

i just two minutes ago put some black berries into rye whiskey for an infusion. there were three or 4 berries that had mold on them, so i threw them out, inspected and cleaned the remaining. droppe...

Best brands and ingredients for spirit infusions

by macksington 8 years ago

Ive seen this discussed quite a bit, but I was just curious what everyone's favorite type of spirit is for infusing and what they infuse it with. I want to start doing this again and have my heart ...

Mezcal infusion

by Nocturnalbill 8 years ago

I've been considering infusing a bottle of Sombra with coffee or cocoa powder. Any thoughts between the two? And in what ratios? I've played with other things, but the spirit is new to me and th...