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What are the best sit-down, inexpensive restaurants in Boston?

by Maura 20 years ago

Hi Everyone, I read a post from Julie in the Casa Mia thread and she mentioned that she was looking for inexpensive places to eat since several of her friends are unemployed. I think there are p...


by Dollar Bill 20 years ago

I work near Grand Central and just received a call that I can purchase Yankee tickets for tonight and tomorrow nights games. Being as though the tickets will cost me $350.00 I think I will opt for ...

Delicato-- a great (and inexpensive!) lunch place

by blandina 20 years ago

I have been a loyal Delicato customer for a few eyars now, so I figured I would share my secret. It's a small little lunch place located on the corner of Old City Hall and Pi Alley here in Boston....

Inexpensive Bistro or Belgian.

by iron frank 20 years ago

Does anyone know of any bistros around town ala L'Express without the steep prices? Great food without the trendiness would be cool. Also any great Belgian places in town? Thanks, Frank

Good Inexpensive Japanese food

by Maryann 20 years ago

I love Japanese - but I am amazed at how expensive it can be - anone know of good places in the city or suburbs that has a good deal but doesn't compromize quality

Three good casual, inexpensive restaurants in Ottawa

by Sam 20 years ago

There are three restaurants in Ottawa I really really like. A quick warning is that my parents (who live in Ottawa) go to the first two very regularly, so have regular status... so my experience m...

Report: Sapphire Indian Cuisine - Good Inexpensive Lunch Buffet

by Lynn 20 years ago

Inexpensive buffets often leave out the restaurant's best efforts, but my four or so lunches at Sapphire (Indian cuisine at 1845 Broadway, between 60th and 61st Street, West side of street) have he...

anniversary dinner....nice but inexpensive

by jenny 20 years ago

My husband and I are coming to NYC from Ohio to celebrate both our 15th anniversary and my 40th birthday in August. Whew! Anyway, I'd like suggestions on something nice with a bit of atmosphere bu...

Need inexpensive middle east restaurant

by NS 20 years ago

Some relatives are coming into Manhattan that I have to entertain. They are all big fans of good Middle Eastern cuisine. Unfortunately, up to this point, I haven't found many good, affordable pla...

Inexpensive fish & chips (with ambiance) needed

by Brit 20 years ago

A good friend of mine and I are interning here in Manhattan for the summer, both originally from London. We're looking for a good place to get some good quality, authentic fish and chips (ideally ...

Inexpensive good place to eat near Union Square?

by Ellen K 20 years ago

I have my family coming in to SF and staying in Union Square. I am looking for a good place to eat (there will be a dozen of us) that won't break the bank. Any suggestions? Something other than ...

Inexpensive source for pine nuts

by Caitlin Wheeler 20 years ago

Now that summer is upon us I have a yen to make pesto. Does anyone know where I can get pine nuts for a reasonable price? My usual source for nuts is Healthy Pleasures, and they are a bit dear th...

Inexpensive Vietnamese Food in Philly (and Ba Le as well)

by Doug Weller 20 years ago

Our last of two nights there I shall either want rural American food (and hence Jack's Down Home Diner), which I can't get in the UK, or Vietnamese (very hard to get in the UK). Any recommendatio...

Looking for tasty and inexpensive around 26th

by Liz Dreyer 20 years ago

My office is on 26th and 5th - the middle of the wholesale district. My office mates are getting sick of Madras Mahal (though I could eat there every day). I'd love suggestions on places near ther...

Good and relatively inexpensive - does it exist in east fifties?

by Judith Hancock 20 years ago

taking friend out for birthday dinner but would prefer not to break the bank - any suggestions?

inexpensive restaurants

by stephen 20 years ago

no ambiance please,just good chinese,italian,american& the best hamburger and french fries + hot dog around.

inexpensive eateries

by Parish 20 years ago

Anyone? I seem to eat out fairly often due to work. I am mostly in Alhambra, South Pasadena, and Pasadena. I did find the chicken at Costco. And have found some Chinese places in Alhambra. Whe...

The inexpensive sushi source: Rice Chef on Kearny.

by Jay Martin 20 years ago

All around the Financial District of San Francisco you see little packages of wrapped sushi, such as nine California Rolls. Don't pick them up at Lee's Deli. Go to the source: Rice Chef at 329 Ke...

Inexpensive European/American walking distance to Spring/6th

by Michael L. 20 years ago

I and a friend are going to an 8:30 P.M. theatrical production at Here tomorrow. My friend likes Italian, French, and similar cuisines (he is not a very adventurous eater, doesn't like very spicy f...

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