Whether you're exploring a new city, rediscovering your own, or serving guests in your home, good eats can get pricey. Peruse below for some tips and tricks to eat better for less.

These Cheap & Easy Meals Have 5 Ingredients or Less

The only thing we like more than delicious is effortless and these easy five-ingredient (or less) meals prove you don't have to choose. Please believe me when I say I understand how tempting and easy...

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Best moderately expensive middle eastern sit-down in NYC?

by ReneeParadis 2 years ago

My sister's in town from New Mexico and is craving Middle Eastern food. What are some good places to go for lunch or dinner that are (1) not too expensive; (2) sit-down; and (3) authentic? looks li...

Paris in August and $-$$

by jefpen2 1 year ago

I am going to be in paris for three days next week Sun-tues. Looking for classic and more modern and the cheapies. Neither of us drink so a 40-50 euro dinner would be about $90-120 total. I would l...

Looking for Cheap but Good! Eats near Wash. Convention Center

by kiki_kay 1 year ago

I'm visiting D.C. over Labor Day weekend to staff the National Book Festival at the Wash. Convention Center. I love, love a good breakfast/brunch, and don't mind paying for a great lunch or dinner...

Tomato Passata- No Food Mill

by naunabear3 1 year ago

Hey! I’m a young homecook and I’m trying to make tomato passata, however I don’t have a food mill. Is there any other method that I could try that would give me the same or close to the same results?

Near Musee Rodin

by maya1 1 year ago

I just rented an apartment for ten days in this area. It's small but we have a small kitchen. I still want to eat in a few good restaurants nearby as I am mobility challenged. I think Café Constant...

INEXPENSIVE (!!!) shower location

by luvgrub 10 years ago

Looking for a cool, yummy place for a small non-traditional bridal shower. It will be on a Sunday in November. Can be brunch, lunch or dinner. About 15-20 people. Can be in the Valley, Eastside...

New Orleans (Spring Break) with 4 Teenagers

by rubkra 2 years ago

Looking for restaurant ideas for a week long trip to New Orleans with 4 teenage girls (15-17 year olds). Would love some restaurant recommendations that are cheap eats and mid-range. Thanks in ad...

Anda Lari | Fremont

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

In October I stopped in Fremont at a roadside dhaba, Anda Lari, for a quick bite.

Branching out in the East Village

by Pan 4 years ago

I eat out and do takeout and delivery a lot. It’s easy to get into a rut, and I’d like your help to branch out. I’ll give you all a rundown of my standby places in the area. My price categories:...

Reception very cheap

by richmondfoodie 3 years ago

I am in charge of a reception for a speaker at my parish. About 150 people each night next Tuesday and Wednesday. We have donations from restaurants of bite size quesadillas, chips and salsa, drink...

Grocery Cafe | Burmese in Jack London Square - Oakland

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Our beloved Grocery Cafe re-opens tonight at 5pm, Monday 7/31, for dinner at its new location in Jack London Square. Lunch service starts tomorrow. https://www.facebook.com/grocerycafe/posts/82307...

Thuận Phát Vietnamese Sandwiches | Santa Rosa - Sonoma County

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

When I pulled into Happy Hen Diner yesterday, I noticed a new shop, Thuận Phát Vietnamese Sandwiches across the parking lot. Googling for info on it while I ate breakfast, I found BiteClub's piece ...

Newport Beach cheap & cheerful

by KarenDW 2 years ago

I'm heading to Newport Beach next week, for a conference, and would love recs for a super casual dinner mid-week. We already have reservations for Farmhouse at Roger's Gardens, and most other meals...


by ccziv 2 years ago

Looking for good and inexpensive places to eat in Chelsea. Recs for good diners and delis welcome. Also curious about who you think has the best bagels in Chelsea. Planning to do a detailed, hyper ...

Inexpensive and near (Independent) bookstore in Durham?

by LulusMom 4 years ago

This is sort of an odd, 2 part question. At her school's auction Lulu got a chance to go book shopping with her teacher and a friend, and then dinner out with the teacher afterwards. So I'm looking...

Yan Yan Seafood Restaurant @ Judah and 28th Avenue [San Francisco]

by Cynsa 7 years ago

Yan Yan Seafood Restaurant 2241 Judah Street (between 27th Ave & 28th Ave) San Francisco, CA 94122 Neighborhood: Outer Sunset Mon-Sat 11 am - 9:30 pm Sun 5 pm - 9:30 pm Friends of a fell...

Good "cheap"/ inexpensive eats in the Monterey area.

by thechez5 5 years ago

I will be going on a road trip from Los Angeles to Monterey next weekend. I'll be stopping at Big Sur Bakery for lunch and grabbing some drinks at Nepenthe (only because I love the view there). Sho...

Thoughts on Delarosa on Yerba Buena Ln.

free sample addict aka Tracy L
by free sample addict aka Tracy L 2 years ago

Most of the posts I've read are several years old. How is Delarosa? Would it be impossible to get a table at 7:00 pm on a Saturday? Are there any other affordable Italian restaurants that are very...

Where to go in the French Quarter on a budget trip

by rlcole4346 2 years ago

My brother and sister-in-law are going to New Orleans this September. My brother has not been in years, and his wife has never been. Unlike MC and I, the two of them are definitely not foodies. The...

Cheap and Cheerful in Downtown Vancouver - Chinese or?

by islandgirl 2 years ago

My family is coming to visit from Toronto and I'm looking for some cheap and cheerful dining options in downtown Vancouver. They have expressed interest in Chinese (dim sum?) but other suggestion...