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by kaleokahu 7 years ago

What should appear on late-nite infomercial TV last night, but a "feature" on the NuWavePIC (Precision Induction Cooker)? Twice as fast (1300W)! Uses "up to" 90% less electricity! Excites "inv...

Venting for an induction cooktop

by KLMJGM 7 years ago

We are going to be building a new house and have decided on a 36" induction cooktop. Do we need a range hood, or would an over-the-range-convection microwave be sufficient? Thanks for any advice ...

The Empire Strikes Back: All-Clad NS1

by drrayeye 4 years ago

It's just come out; it's made in China affordable, it's all nonstick, and it has the brand name All-Clad: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/shop/cookware/cookware-all-clad/all-clad-ns1/?bnrid=31017...

Cookware for Healthy Eating

by drrayeye 4 years ago

About two years ago, I set out to do most of my cooking at home, to improve my health through a more balanced diet--difficult when I ate out so much. Without formal dieting or exercise, I lost 45 ...

Chowhound promotes induction from "appliance" to "technique."

by randallhank 4 years ago

So this is one of many changes pertaining to cookware on the new and improved CH. Though I am sure that it was met with approval from some posters, I found this one annoying. Thoughts? Others? ...

De Buyer Induction Wok Stand

by kaleokahu 4 years ago

I found this for those who've been looking (Duffy?) http://www.debuyer.com/en/products/stainless-steel-stand-for-hemispherical-wok And *seven* different woks to fit: http://www.debuyer.com...

Resisting warp, sticking, and avoiding klutzy fry pans w/induction

by drrayeye 4 years ago

Before I started using my Vollrath induction unit, I relied on two Revereware fry pans: an 8" and a 10". My 10" copper bottom didn't work at all, and my 8" spun like a top on my ceramic surface. ...

Can I use a counter top single surface induction burner to bring the soy milk to a boil without using a hood?

by sw168 4 years ago

I'm looking to open a Bubble tea style beverage shop. Where I will sell fresh made soymilk,but the soy milk would need to be heated to 180+ degree before serving. My question is; can I use a counte...

Heavy Stockpots on Induction Ranges

by chefwong 4 years ago

Anyone happen to know what is the weight/isolated weight limitations on induction ranges per burner area. I'm thinking Heavy Stockers that may get loaded up --- 22-36qt rangish. Granted this is onl...

Big news for fans of induction cooktops

tanuki soup
by tanuki soup 9 years ago

I was just at my local electronics shop here in Japan and noticed that Panasonic is now selling "All Metal" induction cooktops. Not sure about the details because the catalog is in Japanese, but th...

Opinions on 3 Zone Portable Induction Cooktop?

by PutSomethingTogether 4 years ago

I thought this unit looked pretty cool by Caso. It has 3400 watts that are split on the hobs. I like the large cooking surface, in case you have big pots and pans. I think it is only available in E...

Copper on induction

by Sirrith 4 years ago

Hi all, I was wondering about using copper on induction. I know traditional copper won't work, but what would performance be like if I just went out and bought, say, a 2mm thick magnetic steel disc...

Great Induction Deep Fryer for $40.00!

by zackly 4 years ago

I bought this Tatung induction hot plate & covered pan combo awhile back from Newegg when it was on sale. It sat unopened in the box until last evening when I wanted to try a new recipe for Mochiko...

208/240v vs. 120v Portable Induction Range

by PutSomethingTogether 4 years ago

I know the Vollrath 59500 Mirage Pro comes well recommended, but when the price starts to approach $500, I think you really have to consider 208/240 volt units. Wattage is wattage and 120V applianc...

GE cafe induction cooktop: semi emergency decision

by mountaincachers 4 years ago

We have a 30 inch GE electric glass cooktop in our kitchen. Something got dropped on the corner and shattered it, so we're looking to replace. Induction seems appealing to me and we started look...

Induction cooktop

by maggielyn 10 years ago

Getting ready to finally do the remodel. Had been leaning toward high end gas cooktop like Wolf. Friend is urging that I consider induction instead . . . more efficient / easier to control / less p...

GE Profile Slide-In Induction Range

by DuffyH 6 years ago

My new range (model #PHS920SFSS) arrived just a few days ago, but I've already had the pleasure of doing quite a bit of cooking with it. These are my first impressions. The keypad controls are e...

Could use some advice

by BobB 4 years ago

About three years ago I bought a GE induction-top range with a five-year extended warranty. In general I love it, it's both subtle and powerful, incredibly responsive and has a huge oven. But I was...

explosion under induction stove plate?

by MaCousine 4 years ago

Hello! We have an induction stove top in an apartment we have rented out. The tenant contacted us today to say that this morning, after 30 seconds of use, there was an explosion and a flash of lig...

portable induction cooktop with 10° gradations and as low as 110°?

by enhF94 6 years ago

I'm looking for a portable, single-top, induction plate. My partner is a chocolatier, so we're looking for something that can hold at low temperatures without cycling, and I'm a chef, so we're lo...

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