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Simulating an Oven With Double-Walled Stainless?

by westes 3 years ago

Kuhn Rikon has an interesting product line named Duotherm that uses double wall stainless on the sidewall to create an insulator and allow the food to continue cooking after you remove it from heat...

Thermodynamics with Copper cookware

by Bluecroc 3 years ago

I have been avidly reading the posts on copper cookware that were for me a source of great information and endless inspiration. A topic that fascinates me is the interaction at play - especially...

Cooking Clarified Butter / Indian Ghee on Induction?

by westes 3 years ago

I have run into my first cooking problem on an induction stove with stainless cookware. I want to make Indian Ghee / Clarified Butter. I have made it many times on electric stoves. The problem i...

Clarified Butter / Indian Ghee on Induction Stoves

by westes 3 years ago

I started a thread in the Cookware section on this topic, and I think it came up with some useful ideas. I welcome people to participate in that thread if this topic interests you: https://www.ch...

Empty Nester Kitchen Remodel #2: Melissa’s Kitchen

by drrayeye 3 years ago

A bit more than 2 years ago, I posted my first empty nester concept remodel. Here was my challenge: How does an empty nester restore and restyle his kitchen for culinary happiness and health? I...

Any Berghoff Cookware Users?

by drrayeye 3 years ago

Here's the home site: https://berghoffworldwide.com/bgh_en_int/?___from_store=bgh_en_int They're obviously huge in Europe! Here's the only Chowhound post I could find (2007): http://www...

Trouble with Viking Induction Range, Again!

by KRSWV 3 years ago

Five years ago, I renovated my kitchen. I needed a new stove, fell in LOVE with a Viking range. I really wanted induction, needed a slide-in, and 30 inches worked best with my island and modest siz...

Oliso Smart Hub

by drrayeye 3 years ago

Here's an induction based device that goes a step beyond the commercial Breville/Polyscience "Control Freak" and affordably into the home kitchen at a list price of $499: https://www.oliso.com/s...

The Hestan Cue: Introductory launch

by drrayeye 3 years ago

If you wish an emailed invitation, sign up at the web site: http://www.hestancue.com/ Background article on "guided cooking systems" http://www.smartkitchensummit.com/smartkitchenblog/2016...

White induction ranges?

by LaureltQ 8 years ago

I am looking to upgrade our smoothtop ceramic slide-in range to induction (running gas to our house will cost several thousands of dollars plus the cost of a gas range!). The issue that I'm runnin...

Agnelli Copper: Possible challenger to Prima Matera?

by Chazzz 3 years ago

Saw these a year ago on a trip back to NY, and seriously considered grabbing one, but life got in the way. Home this year, and I made it a point to stop in to Chef City in White Plains to pick one ...

Is silicone safe for a hot plate?

by glify 3 years ago

I'm planning on getting an induction plate (no fire) and using it with a silicone cake tray. Is this a safe combination, or should I stick to metal trays with the induction plate?

Bosch Induction Cooktop Question

by troukhad 3 years ago

My old Bosch cooktop broke and just to avoid any sizing problems and to keep it 30 amp i decide to go again with Bosch - at this time with induction cooktop. So i am contemplating 2 options Benc...

Induction cookware - Any light weight quality cookware?

by Ketaki 9 years ago

Hi, I'm new to the board and hope this is the right place to post. We are completing a new house and my kitchen is my ultimate dream! We've installed a Miele induction range top and I'm looking f...

Pots and pans for Induction cooking

by sueatmo 6 years ago

I fired up the new Bosch induction cook top this afternoon and played. Yesterday I moved all my old stainless out of the cabinets, and placed them in a bin for the new owners. So most of what I ha...

New Cookware For Induction - Please Critique

by JimboF 3 years ago

Hi all, I am going to be building a brand new retirement home and have decided to install an induction cooktop. Hence, most of my current cookware will need to be replaced. The only pieces I pla...

Experience with portable induction cooktop?

by redbeanbun 9 years ago

Greetings Chowhounders! I've been looking into a portable induction cooktop unit for a while but the picture isn't much clearer to me. There's a wide range of prices from $70 on amazon.com to $60...

Portable Induction Burners

by dcole 7 years ago

Does anyone have an iduction burner they really like? I have read a lot of reivews and hear a lot about small heating rings that create hot spots in the middle of pans, which to me is a problem. ...

Post your 2015 cookware finds and deals here

by sueatmo 5 years ago

I enjoyed participating in the Holiday 2014 ed. of this, so I thought I'd start a 2015 thread. As it happens I found a blue Chantal enamel over steel teakettle at Home Goods today. It was priced re...

induction cooktop

by JudyDenver 5 years ago

I went to look at gas 36" cook tops and came home wanting an induction. A chef who is employed by the appliance center, detailed why induction is preferable to gas. Sold. But which brand? The ...