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Bosch Induction Cooktop Question

by troukhad 3 years ago

My old Bosch cooktop broke and just to avoid any sizing problems and to keep it 30 amp i decide to go again with Bosch - at this time with induction cooktop. So i am contemplating 2 options Benc...

Induction cookware - Any light weight quality cookware?

by Ketaki 9 years ago

Hi, I'm new to the board and hope this is the right place to post. We are completing a new house and my kitchen is my ultimate dream! We've installed a Miele induction range top and I'm looking f...

Pots and pans for Induction cooking

by sueatmo 6 years ago

I fired up the new Bosch induction cook top this afternoon and played. Yesterday I moved all my old stainless out of the cabinets, and placed them in a bin for the new owners. So most of what I ha...

New Cookware For Induction - Please Critique

by JimboF 3 years ago

Hi all, I am going to be building a brand new retirement home and have decided to install an induction cooktop. Hence, most of my current cookware will need to be replaced. The only pieces I pla...

Experience with portable induction cooktop?

by redbeanbun 8 years ago

Greetings Chowhounders! I've been looking into a portable induction cooktop unit for a while but the picture isn't much clearer to me. There's a wide range of prices from $70 on amazon.com to $60...

Portable Induction Burners

by dcole 6 years ago

Does anyone have an iduction burner they really like? I have read a lot of reivews and hear a lot about small heating rings that create hot spots in the middle of pans, which to me is a problem. ...

Post your 2015 cookware finds and deals here

by sueatmo 5 years ago

I enjoyed participating in the Holiday 2014 ed. of this, so I thought I'd start a 2015 thread. As it happens I found a blue Chantal enamel over steel teakettle at Home Goods today. It was priced re...

induction cooktop

by JudyDenver 5 years ago

I went to look at gas 36" cook tops and came home wanting an induction. A chef who is employed by the appliance center, detailed why induction is preferable to gas. Sold. But which brand? The ...

Challenge: find me an induction capable griddle

by danna 8 years ago

The new induction cooktop is on order and of course I'm almost through with my "buying opportunity" spree, weeks in advance of actually going to induction. I have the new stockpot, nonstick omlett...

Is Induction the Right Fit for a Loaded Top

by chefwong 3 years ago

There are times where I've got a 8 or 12 qt full of liquid filled to the brim, maybe even another 6 qt of liquid. I'm generally dancing with 2 skillets of various sizes at the same time . Sometim...

Any experiences with Big Chill Induction Cooktops (or other non-pro induction cooktops)?

by nararabbit 3 years ago

The Kitchenaid gas cooktop in our home is nearing the end of its life after god knows how many years of dutiful service - 20 at least. While I like cooking with gas, I hate, hate, hate cleaning the...

Demeyere Ceraforce, Duraslide, ControlInduc and Grill Pans

by Libranflight 3 years ago

Anyone have an experience with any of these products/features? I am looking to place a final order sometime in August and am wondering if any of these products/features are most advantageous. D...

Induction dual burner

by tinpanalley 3 years ago

About 4 years ago, when I moved to Paris we bought a dual burner induction cooktop. All I had ever used was gas and I quickly adapted and loved using induction. Where necessary I used an induction ...

Cookware for New Induction cooktop

by Nav210west 8 years ago

I am in the process of completely remodeling my kitchen. My first migraine is from choosing between either Thermidor or Miele induction, builtin ovens, and dishwashers ... but that is another issu...

New cookware for induction cooktop - stainless steel advice

by BiancaPM 3 years ago

I'm replacing my old electric cooktop with induction. My pans failed the magnet test (as I expected), and now I need to get new cookware. Looking through the stainless steel options, there's so muc...

Has anyone tried the NuWave PIC?

by Big N Fat 7 years ago

I just watched one of those Infomercials, this time advertising the NuWave PIC (induction cooking/warming unit). Has anyone out there tried it and if so, offer any pros and cons? Thanks, -BnF

Latest Induction Cookware Recommendations

by allieboy 3 years ago

I know there have been posts about this, but nothing recent. We are getting an induction cooktop for the first time next week and we are looking for induction-ready cookware. I'm an avid home cook ...

2 burner Induction witout bridge element

by txag1994 3 years ago

We are unexpectedly having to replace our electric cooktop. The only one I have found that will fit the current hole in our counter top is an Electrolux model (EW36IC60LS), unfortunately there is n...

Slide-in induction ranges

by hernans 9 years ago

I'm looking for a 30" slide-in induction range with a convection oven. As far as I can see, I only have 3 options: --Kenmore Elite 4500 ($2879 from Sears) --Electrolux EW30IS65JS ($3099) --...

Induction Cooking: Is it really more energy efficient? (US Dept of Energy)

by Chemicalkinetics 4 years ago

Induction cooking has a lot of advantages. It is fast, high power, easy to clean up, and it is elegant. I have been to a couple Asian hotpot restaurants where all they have are induction stoves f...