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Using the temperature mode with portable single hob induction units

by drrayeye 7 months ago

There are many single hob induction units for sale, priced from below $50 to $1800. I have so far purchased 4 units: two Max Burtons, and two Vollraths. All of them are 1800 watts and have both t...

Panasonic KY-MK3500 Induction Hob that accepts aluminum and copper Pots and Pans

by drrayeye 7 months ago

high energy--IR temperature control--takes all metals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQjP3E8aB4A Buy one at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Commercial-KY-MK3500-Met-All-Induction-Cooktop/...

Hestan Cue: a "Control Freak" for the rest of us

by drrayeye 2 years ago

If you are interested in making a seamless plunge into induction cooking, your ship just came in. Well, almost. The Hestan Cue is almost here: http://www.hestancue.com/ Feel free to watch t...

Induction Vs. Budget

by rev0lving_d0or 1 year ago

Hi CH! I've learned a lot on these forums over the past year or so but haven't posted before - but now I have a question that's been bugging me: My wife and I will move soon to our first house t...

Zwilling Prime

by am47 1 year ago

I'm curious whether anyone here has experience with Zwilling Prime cookware. All the pieces apart from skillets appear to have some of the best features of the Fissler Original Profi and Demeyere A...

Scorchprints--A Suggested Method

by kaleokahu 1 year ago

We have many, many discussions here about pan evenness, but short of FLIR thermographic imagery, how do we *really* assess and compare evenness? Using IR and contact thermometers will drive you c...

Disk or clad for flatbread in fry pan on induction?

by pulse 8 months ago

I'm debating whether to go with a disk based Sitram Collectivite Pro 11" fry pan, or a clad Demeyere 5-Plus 11" fry pan, for cooking flatbread on my Vollrath Mirage Cadet induction burner. I know f...

Induction cook top advice

by CHSeifert 8 months ago

I need an induction cook top as an extra for my gas cooktop. I like to be able to put a pan that just needs to simmer at low heat away from where I cook my food. It’s get too crowded with 4...

Prima Matera

by Libranflight 1 year ago

I bought a 28cm (not really, more like 26.5, right, Kaleo?) fry pan from Amazon in France, it was $212 delivered. It has a lyonnaise shape and I have not used it enough yet, but I did caramelize...

Realistic to Brew Beer with Portable Induction Cooktop?

by dougpipersr 10 months ago

I'm training BJCP Beer Judges and Cicerones on brewing beer styles. I'm looking for a consumer grade, large, 1800 watt induction cooktop to brew 5-gallon batches of beer. Generally, this requires a...

Trying to Understand Demeyere Saucepan

by Robenco15 10 months ago

I got a 2.3qt Demeyere Atlantis saucepan yesterday and have been using it on my GE Cafe Induction range. Alone it works great, normal minimal humming like all my other pots do, but absolutely perfe...

Large induction burner for paella?

by sugarcanejane 11 months ago

I recently made paella for the first time. It was very difficult to get the rice crispy on the bottom of the pan using my gas stovetop. The pan is also huge. 18 in across. There are paella burn...

Induction for tiny cookware

by sliverstorm 12 months ago

I picked up an inexpensive induction burner to use with my tiny 1 cup GSI Espresso Maker, which is meant for backpacking but I have grown surprisingly fond of. When I use it on my regular stove, th...

Cristel Casteline Fixed vs. Demeyere 5-Plus 11" Skillet (Induction)

by Politiceaux 1 year ago

All, I'm considering the two skillets above for use on induction. I have a 12" All-Clad D7 at home and a 12.6" Proline on order. What I'm now seeking is an 11" (28 cm) that is more responsiv...

Ekco Flint Ware vs. Modern Cookware

by TonyaDRR 1 year ago

New induction stove - my cast iron and carbon steel fry pans work fine, but I have to get new sauce pans/stock pots. Have tried Cuisinart Multiclad, Calphalon Tri Ply, & Demeyere. All buzz on induc...

PolyScience/Breville Induction Burner

by ferret 3 years ago

Ridiculously expensive but precise induction unit: http://polyscienceculinary.com/products/the-control-freak

Does anyone know if its possible to convert electric range elements/hobs to induction?

by PTomi 3 years ago

I was considering induction, but would like to keep some of the electric hobs on my smoothtop range. I know I can buy replacement hobs for both electric elements and induction. Does anyone know if ...

Induction with baking pans

by StripesWaterkat 1 year ago

I'm planning a buffet meal for friends and testing my first induction burner. I'm getting used to it, but of course aluminum pans won't works with it and I can't afford expensive 100 dollar steel p...

Staub Basix and other OEM's

by drrayeye 3 years ago

If you've been looking for Dutch Ovens from the Le Creuset search on EBAY, you will come upon vintage looking ECI pieces made in France that lack any manufacturer's ID. There's a good chance those...

Induction Ranges - Any recommendations?

by Politiceaux 1 year ago

I'm going to soon be replacing the radiant electric range in my new home with induction. Unfortunately gas is not an option at my new place. I'm considering the following slide-in induction ranges:...