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Large Diameter Induction

by summer78 4 days ago

So I bought my induction cooktops (Mr. Induction SR-343c) a while back with the intention of using them to brew beer ...


alexrander commented 3 days ago

The Cooking Tools of your dreams

by drrayeye 3 months ago

No matter what you have, there's always something more or something different to make your cooking just a little more...


SognSpatula commented 4 days ago

Standalone Induction Burner Recommendation

by chocoblanco 12 days ago

Hi everyone- I was hoping to get some recommendations for a plug in induction burner of good quality. Thank you...


am47 commented 7 days ago

Small, stainless steel, induction compatible roasting pans

by Geordieap 12 days ago

Hi, we are about to put a new kitchen in, which includes moving to an induction hob. I've been reading numerous thre...


randallhank commented 10 days ago

Induction stove hob/pot size importance

by Foodie564 18 days ago

Hey, im currently looking at a smeg induction stove, but i have some questions about hub size and the workability wit...

paulj commented 16 days ago

Prima Matera

by Libranflight 26 days ago

I bought a 28cm (not really, more like 26.5, right, Kaleo?) fry pan from Amazon in France, it was $212 delivered. ...


am47 commented 23 days ago

Cookware Be the first to comment

Holiday Cookware Challenges--and Cheer

by drrayeye 28 days ago

This is my first year since I went induction to have a complete "batterie" of cookware pots and pans--well, almost co...

Does deep frying chicken cause smoke?

by cgxy96 10 months ago

I live in a loft dorm with a fire alarm. I can cook as long as it does not trigger the alarm. My friend have smoke a ...

JayPFrancis commented 2 months ago

Silampos Stainless Steel for Induction

by Milbader 4 months ago

Hello, I have been lurking and finally signed up. A new induction cooktop was installed in my home this past week...


kittysmith35 commented 2 months ago

Rechauds--Plan A or Plan B? And why?

by kaleokahu 2 months ago

OK, so everyone here should by now be familiar with Plan A: Hound has gas or electric, has heard the drumbeat for in...


CaliforniaJoseph commented 2 months ago

Stockpot on Induction Challenge

by Libranflight 3 months ago

Here is where to put results of your tests for stockpots on induction units. Everybody, start your engines.....on ...

DuffyH commented 2 months ago

How long does cooked coconut milk last?

by cherylchua 2 months ago

Hi all! I understand that coconut milk in cartons (like Ayam brand) doesn’t need to be cooked for consumption. But if...


cherylchua commented 2 months ago

Induction and cast iron

by CACook 9 years ago

cast iron is supposed to work really great with induction, but what can one do to avoid scratching up the cooktop sur...


annazianna commented 5 months ago

Questions for Induction cooking experts re: Le Creuset Griddle/Grill

by Macladybug 4 years ago

My new Electrolux Induction stove arrives this week and I'm very excited. I've been studying everyones comments and ...

DuffyH commented 5 months ago

Induction Cooktop experience

by Nav210west 5 months ago

I grew up with a Miele Induction stove in the Netherlands 35 YEARS AGO in my parents' house. When I built a totally ...

drrayeye commented 5 months ago

Hestan Cue: a "Control Freak" for the rest of us

by drrayeye 12 months ago

If you are interested in making a seamless plunge into induction cooking, your ship just came in. Well, almost. The...

DuffyH commented 6 months ago

A Poor Man's "Control Freak", "Cue" and "Mirage Pro"

by kaleokahu 6 months ago

Here it is, a $150 smart induction hotplate. The only things missing are a knob and 300 watts... https://tastyone...


PSRaT commented 6 months ago

Control Freak Induction Cooking System

by westes 10 months ago

I am surprised that no one has authored a post to review the Breville Polyscience Control Freak single-plate commerci...

paulj commented 6 months ago

Portable Induction Cooktop with Wide Diameter

by Modoc 8 months ago

Hi all; newbie here. I'm looking to purchase a portable induction cooktop that can accommodate my 12' diameter stock...

kaleokahu commented 7 months ago

Shrimp purchased defrosted vs frozen saute different, need thawing tips for firmness?

by TheKnottyHooker 10 months ago

Hi. I buy shrimp at a few local grocery stores to *saute once in a while. The ones I buy defrosted seem to cook up wi...


PSRaT commented 7 months ago