Induction Cooking


What Happened to GE Cafe Induction Cooktops?

by westes 5 days ago

I have more or less decided on getting the GE Cafe 36 inch induction cooktop, part number CHP9536SJSS. When I went to look for pricing I am noticing that GE is saying the product is discontinued?...

The even induction cooktop, if there is one

by Pertti 9 months ago

I'm not looking for a new cooktop right now, but had the idea that it would be nice to know what would be the most even heating induction cooktop or tech in general. I believe most here know by now...

Highest Quality Induction Adapter/Plate for Non-Induction Cookware

by 7nkWAR9lAPnmzKRlhYAD 1 month ago

I'm looking for an induction adapter/plate of the highest quality (e.g. clad/3+-ply), price is no object. If this is the only way to use my existing French copper pans, so be it. It seems most p...

Induction vs copper/gas

by dcole 3 months ago

I have long been in need of new skillets/fry pans. I have a great Demeyere “searing pan” which seems as thick as the Proline skillets, just very short sides. The rest are cast iron, carbon steel ...

Portable induction plate recommendations

by JohnLearnsToCook 3 months ago

After many happy years with my Bosch induction hob, I have moved countries and until my wife and I find a place to buy (which may be a few years, as it depends on how well kids settle at school), I...

Trouble with Viking Induction Range, Again!

by KRSWV 4 years ago

Five years ago, I renovated my kitchen. I needed a new stove, fell in LOVE with a Viking range. I really wanted induction, needed a slide-in, and 30 inches worked best with my island and modest siz...

Tiny chip in induction cooktop--safe?

by twocoasts 5 months ago

For others who use induction cooktops: I put a tiny chip in the glass of my Thermador induction cooktop (dropped the metal range hood filter on it). I'm wondering if it's safe to use the cooktop. T...

Portable induction help?

by Sear101 6 months ago

Very perplexed. I’m about to lose my gas range and have to replace it with portable electric burners. I’m leaning towards induction but have never used it before. I’m mostly worried about my ...

Induction Cooking Tips With a Flat Bottom Wok?

by jankdc 11 months ago

We are switching over to an induction range. Currently we cook several times a week with a wok on an electric burner. I usually get the wok as hot as possible and then start cooking. I know that wi...

Best Stainless 4 to 6 Quart Stockpots With Thick Base and Thin Sidewalls

by westes 8 months ago

Demeyere has a philosophy for stockpots that they should have a thick multi-layer base, but the sidewalls can remain just stainless steel because in their view the heat is transmitted throughout th...

Cast iron on induction

by natalyk 7 months ago

I am thinking about replacing my gas cook top with induction. I am big cast iron lover and was super happy it would work on induction, but I found on this site apparently induction gives cast iron ...

Gas stove vs Induction cooktop

by boran 8 months ago

Is there any reasons why most American households still use gas stove? I am thinking of switching to induction cooktop. Also, what induction cooktop brand would you recommend?

Is there a $100 induction burner that can adcomodate a 10" base frying pan?

by PhotoMike 8 months ago

I'm searching for a ~$100 induction burner that can evenly heat a 12.5" frying pan with an approximately 10" base. Most of the options I've found have ~8" coils, so they would produce a hotspot in...

Any recommendations for set of cookware? I heard about All-clad, green pan, etc. but not sure which one to pick?

by boran 8 months ago

I am looking for a new set of cookware and have heard about all-clad, green pan, le creuset, etc. Which one should I buy? I am thinking all-clad now but they are so expensive. I hope to buy somethi...

Scorchprints--A Suggested Method

by kaleokahu 3 years ago

We have many, many discussions here about pan evenness, but short of FLIR thermographic imagery, how do we *really* assess and compare evenness? Using IR and contact thermometers will drive you c...

Induction Wok Ring from Gaggenau?

by babyraccoon 9 months ago

Hello all, Does anyone have any idea if the Gaggenau induction wok ring does anything more than just hold a round-bottomed wok above the induction zone? As in, does it somehow trigger the induc...

Great Induction Deep Fryer for $40.00!

by zackly 6 years ago

I bought this Tatung induction hot plate & covered pan combo awhile back from Newegg when it was on sale. It sat unopened in the box until last evening when I wanted to try a new recipe for Mochiko...

Falk CopperCore -- An Initial Review

by kaleokahu 1 year ago

We cookware geeks have been hearing rumblings for some time that the copper wizards of Wespelar were entering the premium induction-compatible market with a new line called CopperCore. It pro...

My first impression of induction/PIC

by Tristor 9 months ago

On the recommendation of some folks here I bought a PIC (Max Burton 18XL) to try out induction before committing to a range during my upcoming kitchen renovations. I'm glad I did, because I'm now ...

Do You Cover Your Induction Cooker’s Glass?

by kaleokahu 9 months ago

As part of my ongoing induction testing of 32cm frypans (deBuyer Prima Matera, Demeyere Proline, and Fissler OP Serving Pan), I decided to frolic off into the realm of assessing the effect of placi...