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Red Currants???

by GigiHart 10 months ago

I saw a beautiful winter cake that I want to make. It has a currant and raspberry filling, and on top it has fresh red currant and raspberry decorations. Why can't I find red currants anywhere? The...

Restaurants feeding Federal employees for free during shutdown

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

"I thought, we could probably do that here in Indianapolis," Brown said. "The beautiful thing about being a restaurateur, is that we're already positioned to help. We're in the business of hospital...

Authentic Chinese restaurant in Indianapolis

by NujraKayan 2 years ago

Are there any authentic Chinese restaurant in Indianapolis? I am new to Indiana and really love Chinese food. Not the Americanized Chinese... real Chinese.

Popular Food and Drinks in Indianapolis

by jpc8015 3 years ago

I'm a lifelong Seahawks fan. In my house we have a tradition of preparing a game day meal that is traditional for the opposing teams city (e.g. we had potstickers when we played San Francisco, fond...

First Watch: Best Brunch Dish Ever!

by rickyric 3 years ago

I have been to this locale at least 5 times before. I have always found it to be a great place for interesting breakfast/brunchy fare. The first time was the hook, and though it's not cheap, I have...

Rehearsal Dinner on West Side of Indy

by indychristine 3 years ago

Hello We are looking for suggestions for a rehearsal dinner venue. There will be about 30 people, in October. We want it somewhere on the West side. Any ideas? All suggestions are appreciated...

Rehearsal Dinner Location - last minute?

by Shuttercrzy17 3 years ago

Hi! Looking for some suggestions on a last minute rehearsal dinner location for February 10th, 2017. Woukd like a private/semi private room. Approx 20 - 25 ppl - not overly expensive. No...

Looking for some ethnic restaurants

by L2soon 4 years ago

Looking for restaurants in Chicagoland area or anywhere within a day trip (up to 6 hours by car(includes Milwaukee, Madison, Indianapolis, Detroit, Quad Cities, St Louis) to try some new cuisines. ...

Recommendations Needed for Indianapolis and Carmel

by salesgirl19 5 years ago

Headed to Carmel for business. Looking for two great lunch options, one great dinner and one great breakfast. Will have a car, no budget, can eat downtown for lunches since i will be coming from...

A Couple of Gems in Indianapolis

by Gonzo70 5 years ago

Just back from a weekend visiting Indianapolis and had some stellar dining experiences. Bluebeard: Had on a couple of occasions during a previous trips and loved it, but was even better this t...

indianapolis this august

by velkyn 6 years ago

will be in Indy for a week this august (GenCon). A few days before the con and a day or so after. Best places to go? Preferably downtown walkable. anything from dives to very high end suggestion...

Indianapolis 500 menu?

The Librarian
by The Librarian 5 years ago

Any suggestions on what to serve? Any foods especially loved for race day eating? I'm out here in San Francisco so I'm clueless...Thanks!

Indianapolis - Kaffeine Mobile Truck

by Jalle 6 years ago

Would anyone know how I can find out where the Kaffeine Mobile Truck in Indianapolis will be at a given time? I'm visiting in a few days, and I want to try their coffee.

good not-expensive eats in Indianapolis (not downtown)?

by BayAreaTeacher 6 years ago

I'm going on a business trip to Indianapolis next week... we'll be staying in NE Indianapolis (Castleton area?). We will have a car, but due to the locations of our meetings, I think we'll generall...

Lunch between Pittsburgh and Indianapolis - (Columbus / Dayton?)

by wynnemat 6 years ago

Hello, I will be driving leisurely across country - Philadelphia to San Francisco - and am currently researching stops along the way. Regarding this section of the trip, we will be staying in Pi...

Indianapolis & Bloomington on Easter Sunday

by ceekskat 6 years ago

First time in Indiana arriving approx. 1:30 at IND with two teens to visit IU Bloomington. Thought we could eat somewhere first, drive by Lucas Oil Stadium, look around the city a bit then head to...

upscale cocktail bars in Indianapolis

by Shanghailander 6 years ago

I'll be in Indy for a few days later this month and am looking for recommendations for upscale cocktail bars - places with good ambience and where the bartender knows what a sidecar is and where y...

Where to eat in Downtown Indianapolis

by RoKeIr 6 years ago

There are a few very dated threads about Indianapolis, but I'm wondering what's of interest in the downtown these days? I'll be there for a conference for 4 days, and would love a couple of good ch...


by pedalfaster 7 years ago

Wanted to give a Chowhound shout-out to this small, clean Bahn Mi joint in Indy. http://www.rookindy.com/ Just off the Interstate (65/70?) and worked ~very~ well for us as a quick tasty/filli...

Challah in Indianapolis?

by elustaz 7 years ago

The title says it all. Is there any good bakery in/around Indy that makes proper challah, or do I just have to master the recipe myself?