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In search of great dim sum

by Rich 20 years ago

I will be in New York just long enough to enjoy Dim Sum this Sunday & Monday 5/20-21. Any suggestions on where I can get great Dim Sum would be appreciated. Thanks!

In search of good fresh mozzarella

by dc in los feliz 21 years ago

Help! I am in search of a good fresh mozzarella. I have not had great fresh mozzarella since I lived in NYC. If possible, I would prefer a cheese that is prepared on the premises, so I can get ...

In Search Of: English tea house

by Lisa Bee 21 years ago

Trying to find a place for proper afternoon tea, complete with finger sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, etc. I know some of the swank local hotels offer tea (Bel Air, Bev Hills), but I'm hoping t...

Foodie Grandparents in search of perfect meal

by Rachelk 21 years ago

For my grandfather's 83rd B-day we want to treat him and my grandmother to 3 or 4 really good New York meals. They have lived on Park avenue forever and the were have certainly been foodies through...

In Search of Piroski

by Macnut 21 years ago

Anyone know of a good Russian fast food/restaurant in Los Angeles that serves good Piroski? West side preferred but will travel on a high recommendation =9 Thanks!!

In search of pumpkin chow (both sweet & savory)

by Mark 21 years ago

So far I've had an excellent pumpkin shake from Earwax Cafe and some tasty soup at Le Bouchon... what else is out there? Also- any favorite pumpkin beers and where to get them? Happy Halloween, Mark

in search of......good fresh margaritas........

by joea 21 years ago

I admit it, I'm a marg snob. I regularly make nice fresh ones at home w/ top shelf tequila. I belong to a tequila club in SF/bay area. I have lived in l.a. four years now and still have not fou...

In search of Sweetapple (Anon) Ice Cream...

by Rafael Bracero 21 years ago

Does anyone know where to find either sweet apple fruit or ice cream in LA?

In search of Bertolotti's Gelato

by Roger Rubin 21 years ago

Recently cruised up to Cliffside Park from Manhattan only to discover our favorite Gelato scoop shop had closed. It was this little Italian cafe that served Bertolotti's Gelato on Andersen Street. ...

In search of...THE Diner waitress

by J. C. 21 years ago

I'm looking for suggestions. I've been entrusted to produce a half-hour show for the Food TV Network that goes inside the life of waiters/waitreses (at least as deep as I can go in two days of sho...

In search of...... the French Alps Recommendation

by Little Miss 22 years ago

Help me! I'm going on snowboarding extravaganza to Megeve near Chamonix in France. As you may know snowboarding and skiing are the best foodie sports because they revolve around food: Eat heavy mo...

In search of peanut oil

by Chuck Zoeller 22 years ago

Anyone know of a restaurant supply place that will sell to the public, or any other source for large quantities of peanut oil in the NY metro area? I'm doing the deep fried turkey again this year...

In search of desserts of the past 10 decades

by Martine 22 years ago

I am looking for desserts that are specificly representative of each of the past 10 decades. For example, Baked alaska - definitely popular from the 1950's any ideas for say the 1920's, 30' & ...

In search of REAL food!

by Deborah 22 years ago

Can anyone recommend someplace in central NJ where I can find great, old-fashioned, gramma food? Like meatloaf with brown gravy and smashed potatoes or Lamb stew or Sauerbraten or Chicken & dumpli...

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