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Ideas for Brazilian Football Fans in Search of Grub, Grog & Goooooals Tonite!!

by Miss Kerin 17 years ago

While looking for the most festive way to celebrate Brazil's participation in the World Cup Finals, I ended up compiling a list I thought Chowhounds could find useful if viewing the game out this e...

Portland - In Search of Po'Boy Sandwich

by Jen Lehr 17 years ago

I checked the Acadia website, hoping they offered one, but it doesn't appear that they do. We were in New Orleans last October and fell in love with po'boys - especially seafood po' boys - shrimp,...

In Search of the Tart and the Fizzy

by V. Mukhija 17 years ago

Can anyone advise me on where to find raspberry lime rickeys in either Manhattan or Queens? I'm desperate for this treat, which I only seem to find in New England with any regularity. I did hear of...

In search of 'real' Chinese cooking...(long)

by Gareth Williams 17 years ago

I love Chinese food. But I have also always suffered from an inferiority complex that what I eat here in London is not the real McCoy. Two nights stopover in Hong Kong (my first visit) gave me an...

In Search of Pudding Pop Recipe

by Lindsay B. 17 years ago

Summer's coming and I'm looking for a homemade version of the Jello Chocolate Pudding Pops I loved as a kid. I scarcely ever see them at the grocery store these days. I wonder why? I haven't b...

In Search of "romantic setting" in Crystal/Pentagon City

by Jenni Vee 17 years ago

I have been working in the Rosslyn/Pentagon City/Crystal City area for the past few weeks, and my husband wants to come visit me for a day or so during the week so we can have some "romance". We a...

Coming to LA in search of great Mexican food

by Rachel 18 years ago

I will be in LA at the end of May and am desperately in search of great Mexican food. I am a vegetarian (dairy-friendly), so I am looking for some vegetarian options. I would really appreciate yo...

In Search of Wonderful Annapolis Restaurants

by Karen 18 years ago

My husband and I are living in Annapolis for a few months, here from Cal., and want to try as many interesting restaurants as possible. Have already been to: Lewnes'and Aqua Terra (exceptional d...

NYer in search of real Chicago Pizza

by sushisasha 18 years ago

I am a New Yorker on my way to Chicago for the first time. I have spent my life defending the NY pizza (i.e. thin crust) to the rest of the country. So now it is my turn; in my week in Chicago I...

In Search of...Yemenite Food

by Lauren 18 years ago

Looking for yemenite (sp?) in NYC - preferably Brooklyn. Know of any?

In search of the MOST authentic Russian pickles in SF...

by Maya 18 years ago

Anyone know where I can find the best, most authentic Russial pickles?? The variety I'm looking for is not the Malossol, but the Salyonie (the extra salty, vinegary variety). This is a highly subj...

in search of liver mush, too....

by Will Grey 18 years ago

yes, there is an actual product called "liver mush". It used to be quite popular in North Carolina, but is now even getting difficult to find there. Anyone ever heard of it or know where to find ...

In Search of Quality Home-Delivered Pizza

by Steven E. Levy 18 years ago

I live in the Kalorama Triangle area and would like to locate a source for good home-delivered pizza(as close to New York-style as possible). Any suggestions?

CHALLENGE - SF Chowhound in search of LA family restaurants (longish)

by Schnackers 18 years ago

Hello LA chowhounds! I'll be in your neck of the woods next Saturday and Monday, and I'm looking for suggestions for great restaurants I shouldn't miss for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I've got so...

In search of Korean/Chinese "Jah Jahng Min"

by Jackal 18 years ago

Greetings fellow chowhounds, Just moved here and am looking for place to get "Jah Jahng min" (sp?). It's a Korean/Chinese noodle dish with a hearty brown sauce of beans, pork and vegetables. (i t...

In search of Queso Dip

by SusanB 18 years ago

I'm not sure that's the right name for it . . . but I have fond memories of a dip made from just cheese (and flavoring of various sorts). It had the consistency of, oh, about like hershey's chocol...

in search of a special cake

by sugar high 18 years ago

its my aunt's 60th birthday and i am in charge of getting the dessert. any recommendations? i was thinking cupcakes from magnolia bakery might be cute, but does anyone have any better suggestions?...

back from pakistan, in search of recipe for something I ate there

by ellerbee 18 years ago

I've just returned from Afganistan by way of Islamabad, where at a local restaurant I ate a dish cooked in a small clay pot. It was pieces of mutton flavored with ginger, garlic, scallions, chiles-...

In search of all you-can-eat-sushi

by Ryan 18 years ago

Usualy sushi is one of those things that just doesnt work on a buffet table. It is a waste of my and your time to go into why. Every city has one or two exceptions that offer good fresh all you c...

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