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ISO: Hand cranked coconut grater

by maria 17 years ago

I am looking for a hand cranked rotating coconut grater that clamps onto a surface. I saw this featured in a FoodTV program called Cookworks during their Indian Vegetarian show. I live in Chatswort...

Moving to Burlington Area - In search of Asian markets

by JoJo 17 years ago

Help. Moving from D.C. to Boston area. Job in Burlington. House will be ??? possibly Arlington/Lexington area...who knows. More importantly (as you chowhounds will understand)....I am wonderi...

In Search of a Wine Bar

by C. Simon 18 years ago

I am aware of Les Zygomates, which I think does a fairly good job. Is there anywhere else in the area with the following key ingredients for a good wine bar? 1) A passion for wine. The perso...

In search of a great restaurant with local flavor

by Rubi 18 years ago

We're looking for a GREAT saturday night dinner for 6 that offers local flavor ( in cuisine, not necessarily decor.) We can get good trendy meals at home anytime! Do Peristyle, Stella, Bayona, Clan...

In Search of a Vietnamese Sandwich

by Katie 18 years ago

I have the hugest craving for a Vietnamese sandwich (darn pregnancy hormones). The Uwajimaya deli version is just not cutting it, so where can I find a good selection of Vietnamese sandwiches?

In Search of Romantic Restaurant for Birthday

by Elle 17 years ago

Hello Chowhounds, can someone recommend a restaurant that has amazing ambience and tasty food for someone who is not a chowhound and has simple taste in food. I have found that restaurants with ...

In search of tiny plates and prices, room for a crowd

by Rachel Weidinger 17 years ago

A crew of pals (the self-styled Team Tapas) and I gather semi-weekly for dining excursions. We regularly hit King of Thai Noodle 2 on Clement, Rohan on Geary and Esperpento in the Mission. All lo...

In Search of a Good Breakfast Sandwich in Loop

by Bacchus 17 years ago

As I head to and from work each weekday, I see what seems to be countless places offering cheap breakfast sandwiches. My favorite until it closed recently was a little place just off Clinton and M...

In search of a good lobster club..

by Athena 17 years ago

Today's craving is for a lobster club, made with brioche, proper mayo & crisp, salty bacon.. any ideas where to find this, preferably in the River North, Streeterville or Loop areas, but I'm willi...

in search of charming irish pubs. . .

by umi 17 years ago

we are in search of a traditional irish pub. ideally, we would love to frequent a place that offers food (such as yummy fish and chips) as well as irish music in the evenings. any suggestions?

In search of the perfect chocolate cookies ...

by Caitlin Wheeler 17 years ago

You know the ones. Almost like a truffle with rich, smooth chocolate intensity, but with that satisfying cookie-ness that requires at least some flour instead of the sickness from too much chocola...


by Alexis 17 years ago

I'm trying to find Zeke's BBQ. I'm not from the area, and one day I happened to have another errand in the general vicinity. I had been wanting to get to Zeke's after reading that article in the In...

In Search of File Powder

by Doreen 17 years ago

Dear Chowhounds: I am looking to purchase some gumbo file powder (dried pulverized sassafras leaves, for those who don't know) in order to make gumbo/shrimp creole. Years ago, I remember I could ...

In search of steak (for tonight...HELP!)

by Jen 17 years ago

I promise to come back today and puruse the site for other similar topics...but thought I would try my own post first. I am looking to get a steak tonight with my Mother-in-Law, and she is paying ...

In search of the best biscuits in LA or South Bay

by Elle 17 years ago

Chowhounds, where can I get some really good biscuits? Also, is there any restaurant anyone knows of that serves sweet potato biscuits? I know that claimjumpers used to serve them back in the da...

In Search of a Great Sandwich

by Sal 17 years ago

I asked a Chicagoan to recommend some must try eats in Chicago. Pot Bellies was one on her list. I ordered The Wreck and thought it was one of the best subs I'd had in a long time. Do any of ...

In search of Cheesecake.

by Ginger 17 years ago

Votes for best place to get a (whole) cheesecake. I usually go for good old dense ones, but am open to variations on the theme. Quality is top priority. Location could be Boston or Allston. I d...

LA Hound in search of SD No. Co. chow including 1 upscale meal

by Grog 17 years ago

I'll be staying with my folks at Aviara in Carlsbad. We've eaten at Delicias, Vivace, El Bizcocho, Mille Fleur, Pampelmouse & others in the past. I'd love to find out if there's something new in ...

In search of (good) Miso Ramen in Toronto

by Yermum 17 years ago

No problem in Vancouver. Ezogiku on Robson opened, then they popped up all over the place. In Toronto, however, the search is still on. You can take your Pho, your Udon, your Soba, your Chinese ...

In search of crispy Chile Rellenos

by Jessica 20 years ago

Last month my husband and I took a weekend trip to Santa Barbara and ate at a restaurant called east of Albuquerque. I had the most amazing Chile Rellenos there. They weren’t battered but instead...

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