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In search of whole milk hazelnut yogurt in NYC

by brooklynmonkey 16 years ago

Does anyone know of a source in NYC for whole-milk hazelnut yogurt? I'd be especially pleased to find a Swiss-made brand called "Cristallina" (I think it is a sister company to, or owned by, or so...

In search of a tasty pa jun (korean seafood pancake)

by Saraskim 16 years ago

A few weeks ago I had my first taste of a korean seafood pancake at a restaurant called Woojeon located somewhere in New Jersey. The pancake was amazing.. It had huge pieces of shrimp, green onions...

In Search of New Year's Eve Meal

by marzipan 16 years ago

Last year 6 of us went to Via Vai on Union and were treated to a lovely meal plus tango dancers and opera singers. We've heard Mecca is doing a fixed price meal on NYE, but are also looking for o...

SF Chowhounder being hounded by partner in search of perfect shrimp diavolo

by Siege 16 years ago

My partner is a former NY'er (we are talking 30 years ago) with fond memories of Italian food. He wants to know where to go to get a delicious diavolo. He's taking me to Chez Panisse for our annual...

In Search of Excellent Fried Chicken

by Joyce Goldstein 16 years ago

I've been dieting long and hard and working out and the hard work has paid off. In this time period though I have obsessed on fried chicken. I love it. Before dieting/changing my eating habits, ...

In search of... (Chocolate in Houston)

by Grimnebulin 16 years ago

I've been in search of a source in Houston for Lindt's Cinnamon and Coriander Christmas chocolate for a long time. A family member found some at a Target of all places a couple of years ago but I'...

help!!! in search of a casual sunday brunch in oc...

by barbie 16 years ago

i'm looking for a casual and yummy sunday brunch location in orange county (preferably south of costa mesa area) for about 15 adults and 10 kids (ages ranging from babies to pre-teens). any sugges...

in search of Harissa in Cambridge/Watertown, MA

by cw 16 years ago

I am looking for a store that sells Harissa for home cooking. Any suggestions for ethnic/speciality stores that carry harissa in the Cambridge/Watertown, MA area are much appreciated. Thanks! cw

In Search of the ultimate buttery pound cake recipe

by Elle 16 years ago

Can anyone share a good poundcake recipe?

In Search of Best Upscale Peninsula....

by RWCFoodie 16 years ago

I've searched the board and not really found anyplace on the peninsula for a special holiday dinner for 8-10. We usually go into the city but some of group want to stay closer to home this year. I...

in search of a grass-fed, organic FRESH HAM for Tgiving

by brian j 16 years ago

anyone know anyplace in the city to buy organic Fresh Hams? me and my cohort were hoping to bake a nice ham for our friend's thanksgiving dinner, but we're having trouble finding anywhere. whole ...

In Search of: restaurants specializing in food from Jiangsu

by jenn 16 years ago

So, we'll be taking a little trip to China soon and may be in Jiangsu province. We'd like to familiarize ourself with food typical of the region before the trip--We are most familiar with Northern...

In search of restaurants with food from Jiangxi province

by jenn 16 years ago

Me again. There's also a chance we will be in Jiangxi province. Are there any restaurants in SGV serving food from Jiangxi province in SGV? And what the heck is food from Jiangxi province like an...

in search of good mid-priced italian

by sourpatch 16 years ago

looking basically anwhere below 34th street. preferably west village, chelsea and the east village is doable to...thanks in advance. This is for friday night...

In Search of Best Chocolate Dessert for Thanksgiving Dinner

by LawyerDude 16 years ago

What is it? Can I find it in Manhattan? How much is it going to cost? Do I have to order ahead of time?

8 people in search of a good, small spot for a quiet and memorable meal

by sonoma-mona 16 years ago

The Problem: We are eight adults (4 couples all married with young children) and we're going out for dinner on a Sunday evening. We are looking for something cheap or low priced, but with good to...

Leonard Nimoy's In Search of...Great Wonton Soup

by malcarne 16 years ago

Outside of questioning those inscrutable Easter Island heads so beloved of Mssr. Nimoy, I proffer this humble entreaty to the Chicago chowhounds; where to find GREAT wonton soup? No matter my culin...

In search of a moist yellow cake recipe that does not taste like cornbread

by Elle 16 years ago

I am not a huge fan of white cake because for the most part, it tastes bland and dry. I prefer moist buttery yellow cakes (not cake mix). Does someone have a recipe for a good yellow cake that can...

In search of best clams and oysters in Boston

by Leanora 16 years ago

Visiting Boston for the first time. Arriving in October. Suggestions for where to find the best clams and oysters (and other suggestions for eateries, including pubs with good beer) Thanks so much!

In search of rye, pastrami & corned beef...

by LBerman 16 years ago

I grew up in New Haven with accessibility to great deli, pizza (I love Piece) and Chinese food, lived in NYC for years and recently relocated to Chicago. I've yet to find the quality of rye bread, ...

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