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In search of the Perfect Holiday Dessert

by Exrunner 17 years ago

Hi. Just wondering if anyone can recommend a fantastic dessert for the holidays - bakery or elsewere. Thanks.

I'm in search of a Molinillo

by jenb 17 years ago

I would love to get my hands on one. It is a mexican hot chocolate stirrer - a long wooden stick with little carved discs coming off of it. Stick it in a bowl/mug of chocolate, whir it around and ...

in search of great Morrocan fish tajine recipe

by carol 17 years ago

I'm looking for a recipe for Morrocan fish stew and am finding only lamb and beef. Also, does anybody know if there is a good grocery store for North African products in the Bay Area?

In search of a good donut...

by Melissa 17 years ago

I'm originally from Los Angeles, and now I'm a student at Stanford. There's a donut shop back home that has phenomenal glazed old-fashioned donuts. They're light and fluffy, not too cakey. I've ...

In search of Barnacles in Sevilla

by Julie R 17 years ago

I tried barnacles in Barcelona and now I am hooked! I plan on going to Sevilla in 2002 and would appreciate any help in finding barnacles at a restaurant there. The restaurant need not be fancy, ju...

in search of a non-alcoholic hot spot near Delancy/Grand

by mavric 18 years ago

anyone have a good tip on a nice spot for a late-evening, tea bar/non-alcoholic atmoshpere to have conversation with friends?

In search of Frech Toast Casserole in Decatur,GA

by Gary Rolin 18 years ago

We have recently moved back to Atlanta and have resumed our usual eating tour. Recently, my wife read an article in Jezebel Magazine about a place in Decatur, GA that serves something called Fren...

In Search of Queens's tastiest empanadas!

by Norma 18 years ago

I am an empanada lover. I thought that by moving to Queens I'd be more likely to run into some delicious ones. Unfortunately, I haven't had much luck. Does anyone have any suggestions? I prefer...

In Search of Authentic Vietnamese Spring Rolls

by Cristi 18 years ago

I would love a recommendation of a restaurant that serves the above the authentic way - not fried! I can't tell you how frustrated I get when something advertised as a spring roll arrives drippin...

In search of a few good BREAKFAST JOINTS in the Valley...

by Dee 18 years ago

I'd appreciate a few solid recommendations for great coffee shops in the East Valley. The food at Jinky's isn't bad at all, but the wait is long and the service can be nonexistent. Haven't been to ...

A New Yorker in search of traditional Upper Midwest food

by richard 18 years ago

my wife and I will be flying Minneapolis next week for a week around Minnessota and Iowa. Does anyone have any suggestions on places to buy traditional foods in the two states? We live in New York ...

In search of great dim sum

by Rich 18 years ago

I will be in New York just long enough to enjoy Dim Sum this Sunday & Monday 5/20-21. Any suggestions on where I can get great Dim Sum would be appreciated. Thanks!

In search of good fresh mozzarella

by dc in los feliz 18 years ago

Help! I am in search of a good fresh mozzarella. I have not had great fresh mozzarella since I lived in NYC. If possible, I would prefer a cheese that is prepared on the premises, so I can get ...

In Search Of: English tea house

by Lisa Bee 18 years ago

Trying to find a place for proper afternoon tea, complete with finger sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, etc. I know some of the swank local hotels offer tea (Bel Air, Bev Hills), but I'm hoping t...

Foodie Grandparents in search of perfect meal

by Rachelk 18 years ago

For my grandfather's 83rd B-day we want to treat him and my grandmother to 3 or 4 really good New York meals. They have lived on Park avenue forever and the were have certainly been foodies through...

In Search of Piroski

by Macnut 19 years ago

Anyone know of a good Russian fast food/restaurant in Los Angeles that serves good Piroski? West side preferred but will travel on a high recommendation =9 Thanks!!

In search of pumpkin chow (both sweet & savory)

by Mark 18 years ago

So far I've had an excellent pumpkin shake from Earwax Cafe and some tasty soup at Le Bouchon... what else is out there? Also- any favorite pumpkin beers and where to get them? Happy Halloween, Mark

in search of......good fresh margaritas........

by joea 19 years ago

I admit it, I'm a marg snob. I regularly make nice fresh ones at home w/ top shelf tequila. I belong to a tequila club in SF/bay area. I have lived in l.a. four years now and still have not fou...

In search of Sweetapple (Anon) Ice Cream...

by Rafael Bracero 19 years ago

Does anyone know where to find either sweet apple fruit or ice cream in LA?

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