Corn Boxes, Pig Races, and a Pumpkin-Eating Dinosaur: The Wonders of an Over-the-Top Fall Pumpkin Festival

Fall generally bums me out, but there are a few things that help me get over the end of summer. One of those things is a good ol’ pumpkin farm. This year, I got a head start on the post-summer blues...

Road trip: Chicago to the Dells

by twodales2 17 days ago

Any new suggestions for places to stop for meals from Chicago to the Wisconsin Dells? We will be going via Rockford and Madison. Anything from Cheap 'n Cheerful to Fancy pants will do. Thanks

Road Trip 2021

by turbowine 2 months ago

Thought I’d give a trip report since the Chowhound forum for restaurants seem to be kind of dead these days. (So did Yelp and Tripadvisor kill it?) It was a five-week trip, so I won’t discuss ev...

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Dinner in Quincy, IL?

by mpollmann 15 years ago

okay, i posted a couple days ago trying to find places to eat in Hannibal, MO. i'm finding that may not have many options...how about Quincy, IL? i've heard there are a few places, namely Busy Bi...

'Ice Cider'

by surayabay 2 years ago

Hi, does anyone know a retailer who sells 'Ice Cider', (in Lake County, Illinois?) It's a dessert wine, (10-11% alcohol by volume), made from frozen apples left to freeze on the tree and then pick...

BG's, and other long-gone eats of the Quad-Cities...

by Ketteract 3 years ago

I grew up in Davenport, Iowa, in the '80s. At the corner of Division Street and Kimberly Road was a local burger joint called BG's Charbroiled Burgers. I haven't had them since I was in grad...

Friend needs meal delivery after surgery, any suggestions for a service or chef?

by ninrn 5 years ago

Hello, My dear friend lives in Lincoln Park and she is going to have hip surgery next week. She will be more or less bed-bound for six weeks after that. She'll have some help from friends, but ...

Wichita, KS to Detroit, MI

by tdombrow 4 years ago

Driving from Wichita to Detroit and plan to take my sweet time. Suggestions on where to eat in the way?

Champaign IL restaurant recommendation for tonight!

by UKGIRL48 5 years ago

Heading to Champaign Illinois tonight from Chicago and wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a fun, buzzy restaurant with great food. Husband very into craft beer & I'm into seafood/vegetarian ...

Lunch Stop in Joliet Near I-80?

by LondonMike 5 years ago

Hi Folks, Just looking to see if anybody has any recommendations for a place to stop for lunch in the Joliet area, preferably not too far off I-80? We are not picky eaters, but hoping fo...

Davenport restaurant recommendations?

by vmarkus 5 years ago

Hi. I am picking up my mom in rural Illinois and spending the weekend in the big city of Davenport. Any new(ish) spots any of you local foodies can suggest for us to have a nice dinner, lunch, b...

(Eastern Iowa/Western Illinois) Eclectic and Reasonable

by vitus979 5 years ago

I've restarted a Dinner Club for friends and we've decided to alternate between upscale and reasonably priced locations. We tend to focus on the Quad Cities (Davenport and Bettendorf Iowa and Rock...

Food off I-64 in Indiana/Illinois/Kentucky/West Virginia

by mosis16 5 years ago

Going cross country in April, and while I've found a TON of fantastic recommendations for other parts of the trip, there's a real dearth of options off of I-64 in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and W...

Salami with whole peppercorns

by SARTP 6 years ago

Looking for salami with whole peppercorns in the Chicago or south suburban area.

[Quad Cities] Le Figaro to close

by vitus979 6 years ago

http://qctimes.com/news/local/le-figaro-to-close-rock-island-eatery/article_4d13a4a0-026b-5800-9fe3-3e500e033507.html The owner is retiring and the buyer for the place fell through. Last day is...

Any Illinois travellers know of great local food in the Quad Cities area?

by New Havener 17 years ago

I know it's not part of Chicago metro, but I'm hoping some of you Chicago folk make it out to the River now and then. I'm a descendant of Rock Islanders but haven't been there in awhile and am a...

Any good dining ideas for Dekalb or Geneva?? - moved from Chicago board

by crystalrae 11 years ago

I am going to be moving to the Dekalb area this summer and I was wondering if anyone could suggest some good restaurants to try in the Dekalb or Geneva area. Any kind of food is welcome. I love i...

Excellent Chinese near Champaign

by badseed 12 years ago

The Wok in Mahomet, IL has excellent chinese food. Unfortunately, many of the dishes offered on their menu wall are not translated into english. Attached is photo of their menu wall and a link to...

Kankakee/Bradley/Bourbonnais, IL

Mid Michigan Dining
by Mid Michigan Dining 13 years ago

This is a little stupid. I grew up in the area and my family all stills lives in the area, but whenever I go home and ask for a place to eat, I get the same five or six places recommended. So, I'...

Northern Illinois University/Dekalb, IL ?

Mid Michigan Dining
by Mid Michigan Dining 13 years ago

I'm going to be in Dekalb next week for work....I'm only going to be in town for a day. I need recommendations of something close to campus...I'll be at the Convocation Center...probably get lunch...