IKEA Swedish Market

Meatballs vs Swedish Meatballs: The Differences Are More Than Sauce-Deep

If you think the answer to What is the difference between meatballs and Swedish meatballs? is all in the sauce, think again! The Blend If you’re trying to trace the branches in the family tree between...

Swedish Meatballs from IKEA...

by gutreactions 3 years ago

I have been addicted to them for years. What's with IKEA Swedish Meatballs? At a recent dinner party on the CT. shore, the hostess served bowls of them along with her buffet. I hogged one bowl and ...

Cheap Places to Eat in Vaughan

by JenetteC 5 years ago

Sometimes you're rolling on a budget and a $20 meal does not seem reasonable. If this is the case then I have some places to offer in Vaughan for those students on a budget. Take it from someone wh...

Kalles Kaviar in Montreal?

by JohnnyGe 5 years ago

Before heading out to IKEA in VSL, anyone recently seen Kalles kaviar in store? Had a craving for some......

Choklad Mork

by jmfloam 5 years ago

Someone gave us a bar of Choklad Mork (dark chocolate) from Ikea. It does not appear to have a hecksher. Does anyone know if it is kosher? Baltimore

IKEA, a recent visit to their marketplace

by HillJ 8 years ago

It's been some time since I've stopped by an IKEA. The last few CH threads focused on the IKEA Swedish market were less than favorable and some downright disappointing. But since I was there to p...

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