A house filled with pancakes? Can't be bad. Here's your guide to IHOP: openings, closings, news-worthy stories, 'Hounds' favorite dishes, and more.

IHOP Becomes IHOb and You'll Never Guess What the "b" Stands For

Last week on social media, IHOP teased that they were changing their name to IHOb, but the company wouldn't announce what the b would stand for. Most Twitter users, including yours truly, assumed they...

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The Restaurant across from Andonicos on Telegraph in Berkeley- the (very) old IHOP

by Oakland Barb 10 years ago

It appears to be open- agian. Does anyone know what it is or the name? I couldn't quite catch it as I drove by this evening. I think I remember seeing it was going to be MIddle Easterm.

IHOP in Ontario?

by callitasicit 13 years ago

I heard that IHOP is bringing their franchise to Ontario Canada. Is this true?? I would kill for an IHOP in Toronto or Markham Ontario!!

IHOP: Swedish pancakes fantastic

by glbtrtr 11 years ago

When in doubt when there is nothing but chain food to be found, you will not do better than the Swedish pancakes on the IHOP menu. Superb and reliable. The craving, gotta have it type food that put...

ihop in Franklin Park. I no hop to them

by MoxieBoy 11 years ago

Took the family to the new ihop on Route 27 in Franklin Park, NJ, by the Kendall Park border. Food was very good (when it finally came...and not all that was supposed to did...the garlic bread, bro...

New IHOP in Dedham!

by cheesehead in recovery 11 years ago

Went there this morning! It was great. Modern, cheap, good (enough) food. Pancakes were great. Clean, good service. They've been open a week, and it was packed at 9 am this morning, Very att...

All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes at IHOP

by ipsedixit 12 years ago

Going on now through end of October. Only 4.99. http://www.easyir.com/easyir/prssrel.do?easyirid=4004912BBDCCAE2C&version=live&prid=442208&releasejsp=release_93

downtown Brooklyn iHop?

by Larry Brooks 13 years ago

I heard a new one is opening on Livingston and Bond. Yes? Anyone seen it? I know, I know...there are better food options.

For the pancake gluttons out there ... IHOP AYCE

by ipsedixit 12 years ago

IHOP is currently having their AYCE pancake special through Feb. 22. I'm going to fuel up before my marathon this weekend ... http://www.easyir.com/easyir/prssrel.do?easyirid=4004912BBDCCAE2C...

Has anyone ever had a good experience at IHOP?

by Kajikit 13 years ago

I'm wondering if they ALL suck, or just our local one... we went there once and had incredibly slow service and even worse food, (our waitress was the only one in the place and she was run off her ...

IHOP Buys Applebee's

by hiddenboston 13 years ago

Just heard this morning that IHOP has purchased Applebee's for $2.2 billion. Definitely an interesting move, as family-style chains are hurting these days (at least two Applebee's have closed in th...

Country Griddle Pancakes at IHOP

by ziggylu 13 years ago

Was anyone else a fan of these? We stopped in for breakfast this past Saturday. Admittedly it had been a while since we'd last been in, sometime last year. But I did love these pancakes ...

IHOP pancake receipe wanted

by wcd911 14 years ago

Would anyone have the receipe for the Harvest Nut and Grain pancakes served at IHOP? Thanks

IHOP Potato Pancakes

by pikawicca 14 years ago

The only reason I ever went to an IHOP was to eat these crunchy treats. Does anyone have any idea why they discontinued this tasty offering?

Chocolate Chip Pancakes in OC -- NO IHOPs!

by yumyuminmytumtum 14 years ago

Know of any good places in Orange County that serve good chocolate chip pancakes? I don't like IHOP, and the only thing I can think of is The Original Pancake House, but is there anywhere else? I...

Brooklyn Heights: Chez Henry --> IHOP?

by Greg 14 years ago

I heard a rumor that the perpetually ill-fated space that most recently called itself home to Chez Henry (corner of Cranberry and Henry) will soon be home to what I can only hope will be a similarl...

gravy at diners like Denny's and IHOP

by WaterIsGood 15 years ago

Do chain restuarant/diners such as Denny's and IHOP put pork into their gravy for dishes like biscuits and gravy? And is this the right forum for this question? Thanks!

IHOP trivia needed

by Tracy L. 15 years ago

Has IHOP had other locations than US and Canada or are the pancakes the only part of IHOP that is 'international'?

IHOP'S....Resi's Bierstube and Hourglass

by JSM 17 years ago

Met a few old friends on Sat evening at Resi's.Over the course of a few beers and a plate of the worlds finest potatoe pancakes (note to GWiv,these are like Davis st.tater tots on steroids,truly ta...

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