Skyr Is the Icelandic Answer to Yogurt You Should Try ASAP

If skyr—(sounds like “skier”)—hasn’t crossed your radar yet, it’s probably because it’s hiding in plain sight. The Icelandic cultured dairy product, produced by several brands including siggi’s, Icelandic...

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Vinetarta- Icelandic Christmas Cake

by SaraASR 12 years ago

I've found a recipe on Allrecipes.com for Vinetarta, but was wondering if anyone has any first-hand experience making Vinetarta, or perhaps a family recipe? Thank you!

Siggi's icelandic style skyr

by gini 13 years ago

I just picked up a container of siggi's Icelandic style skyr strained non-fat yogurt - it's pretty great! Wonderful texture and not as sweet as other yogurts out there. Also less sweet than the s...

Icelandic pastry help!

by mountainmama 11 years ago

I am of Icelandic descent and was hoping to make some Icelandic pastries, a la Carberry's in Boston, for my Mom's 65th birthday in August. I have done so many google searches my head is spinning - ...

Icelandic chocolate bars

by deepcreek 13 years ago

OK – so it's a long shot, but: Anybody know of a store in the GTA that sells Icelandic chocolate bars, in particular my favourite, "Thristur"? It's basically chocolate covered black licorice, a...

Where to buy Icelandic Lamb in the USA ?

by Clipper7 16 years ago

I'm posting this on the international board since people here are no dount familiar with getting hard-to-find imported food items in the USA. The best lamb that I have ever tasted - and this is ...

Thorrablot 2004, The Icelandic Association of Chicago

by Cathy2 17 years ago

“Generally, there is a vague sense that Thorri was some kind of personification of winter, married to a womanly Wight named Goa (the first two months in the Icelandic calendar are supposed to be ca...

Where could I get Icelandic skyr in New York City?

by Martin Peck 13 years ago

Hello from a sunny, breezy and cool New York City! I'm wondering---where could I get Icelandic skyr in New York City please?

Skyr (Icelandic) anywhere in NYC?

by Lisabrelle 14 years ago

Since going to Iceland, I've been in love with skyr, the traditional Icelandic cheese that's similar to a thick yogurt. In late 2005, news broke that Whole Foods would begin to carry it, but I've y...

Vinetarte (Icelandic Prune torte) in Winnipeg? Please help!

by moh 14 years ago

I am in Winnipeg for the weekend and have a huge craving for Vinetarte, the icelandic multilayer prune torte with icing sugar icing on top. I have already checked at the Forks. They used to make it...

icelandic skyr cheese

by goodhealthgourmet 14 years ago

any sightings in the l.a. area? as far as i can tell, distribution right now is limited to the mid-atlantic region, but i'm hoping maybe one of my fefllow hounds knows something i don't...?

Icelandic Cool: Sjávarkjallarinn ("The Seafood Cellar") in Reykjavik, Iceland 12/06

by poncho 14 years ago

Not able to get a table at Perlan, the weekend before Christmas their Yule table being very popular), I decided to try one of the current "hot" restaurants, Sjávarkjallarinn. I assumed it had t...

Icelandic dining

by Bud 16 years ago

We're going to Iceland on a tour next month. Can anyone recommend any restaurants? I know the specialties are mutton and skyre. I would favor fish

Icelandic Cuisine

by naruda 18 years ago

Icelandic food will be served at the Icelandic Christmas Bazar at St. Paul Church, 228 S. Pitt St., Old Town Alexandria. Saturday 11 am- 3 pm. Also available sweaters, wool, frozen fish and other i...

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