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KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker issues

by pastrymonster 7 years ago

Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem......I just bought the Kitchenaid Ice cream maker 2 days ago, foll...


mitegserk commented 3 days ago

Problems with ice cream maker -- Cuisinart Ice-20

by Maggiethecat 6 years ago

I have this ice cream maker: http://www.amazon.com/Cuisinart-ICE-20-Automatic-2-Quart-Cream/dp/B00000JGRT This is...


CindyLu100 commented 3 months ago

has anyone churned butter in an ice cream maker?

by CharlesKochel 3 years ago

I'd like to try and churn butter in my ice cream maker, but have never tried. Anyone? I'm guessing salt is optional, ...


theozzyway commented 11 months ago

Frozen sorbet rock solid

by Bonniexx 2 years ago

I'm not well practiced in making sorbet. When I've made sorbet, it is only good right after making, when I place i...


sunnyskies12 commented 1 year ago

Help with ice cream base problem

by Brsboarder 2 years ago

I just made a mint ice cream base thats currently chilling in the refrigerator. I tasted it and think it needs more m...


sunnyskies12 commented 1 year ago

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Bailey's Ice Cream made with the Cuisinart Ice 30

by RockMountain 2 years ago

So I've had this machine for a while now. So far I've stuck to making vanilla ice cream - which definitely hasn't bee...

Cusinart 2qt ice cream maker problem

by rgenuine68 2 years ago

Follow all directions exactly. Mix for 25 minutes and longer doesn't seem to get to soft serve consistency. I could u...


MikeG commented 2 years ago

Sea Maid Ice Cream Maker--For Boats

by kaleokahu 2 years ago

Yes, that's right, when making way, why not also make...ice cream? The Sea Maid is an invention of a friend of mine w...

babette feasts

babette feasts commented 2 years ago

Making Ice Cream with new Cuisinart. I SUCK :( HELP PLZ!

by Evilbanana11 10 years ago

Bought a Cuisinart Ice-30 and David Lebowitz's Perfect scoop last weekend. This is an ice cream maker where you have ...


nrandell commented 2 years ago

Ice Cream Maker - Lemme Hear It

by chefwong 2 years ago

Alrighty gang. Who's got a ice cream maker ......and why.... Heh, the reality is, I don't really want it per se. I...


Libranflight commented 2 years ago

Which Compressor-Style Ice Cream/Gelato Maker is Best?

by skywalkerswartz 4 years ago

Chowhounds, I am looking to make some delicious homemade ice cream and gelato, and have decided to go for a compre...


Alroy commented 2 years ago

Can I salvage this batch of super chocolate-y ice cream?

by PeterA 2 years ago

Hi everyone. I just got a Cuisinart ice cream maker (ICE-30BC) and tried the "deep dark chocolate ice cream" recipe. ...


acgold7 commented 2 years ago

a great sorbet-Liquid Nitrogen-sorbet maker

by cielcvtcl 4 years ago

I am still looking for a good source for Liquid Nitrogen for a frozen...stiff, not soupy sorbet I'm preparing. the i...


mstavis commented 3 years ago

cuisinart ice cream maker doesn't thicken

by Stacy434 3 years ago

My husband and I are having an argument about how long to leave the ice cream mixture in the freezer. He says we nee...


sr44 commented 3 years ago

After I process ice cream in my cuisinart ice cream maker...

by IndyGirl 3 years ago

Should I freeze the ice cream in the machine's freezer bowl or transfer it to a new container? It seems to get melts ...


IndyGirl commented 3 years ago

Did Santa bring you any new cooking devices, gadgets, etc?

by Njchicaa 3 years ago

My husband finally caught the clue and bought me the 7 quart round Le Creuset French Oven. I am SOOOO excited about ...


Chemicalkinetics commented 3 years ago

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