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Ice Cream Makers

has anyone churned butter in an ice cream maker?

by CharlesKochel 3 years ago

I'd like to try and churn butter in my ice cream maker, but have never tried. Anyone? I'm guessing salt is optional, ...


theozzyway commented 6 months ago

KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker issues

by pastrymonster 7 years ago

Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem......I just bought the Kitchenaid Ice cream maker 2 days ago, foll...


AnnainAix commented 11 months ago

Problems with ice cream maker -- Cuisinart Ice-20

by Maggiethecat 6 years ago

I have this ice cream maker: This is...


alexrander commented 1 year ago

Frozen sorbet rock solid

by Bonniexx 1 year ago

I'm not well practiced in making sorbet. When I've made sorbet, it is only good right after making, when I place i...


sunnyskies12 commented 1 year ago

Help with ice cream base problem

by Brsboarder 1 year ago

I just made a mint ice cream base thats currently chilling in the refrigerator. I tasted it and think it needs more m...


sunnyskies12 commented 1 year ago

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Bailey's Ice Cream made with the Cuisinart Ice 30

by RockMountain 1 year ago

So I've had this machine for a while now. So far I've stuck to making vanilla ice cream - which definitely hasn't bee...

Cusinart 2qt ice cream maker problem

by rgenuine68 1 year ago

Follow all directions exactly. Mix for 25 minutes and longer doesn't seem to get to soft serve consistency. I could u...


MikeG commented 1 year ago

Sea Maid Ice Cream Maker--For Boats

by kaleokahu 1 year ago

Yes, that's right, when making way, why not also cream? The Sea Maid is an invention of a friend of mine w...

babette feasts commented 1 year ago

Making Ice Cream with new Cuisinart. I SUCK :( HELP PLZ!

by Evilbanana11 9 years ago

Bought a Cuisinart Ice-30 and David Lebowitz's Perfect scoop last weekend. This is an ice cream maker where you have ...


nrandell commented 1 year ago

Ice Cream Maker - Lemme Hear It

by chefwong 2 years ago

Alrighty gang. Who's got a ice cream maker ......and why.... Heh, the reality is, I don't really want it per se. I...

Libranflight commented 2 years ago

Which Compressor-Style Ice Cream/Gelato Maker is Best?

by skywalkerswartz 4 years ago

Chowhounds, I am looking to make some delicious homemade ice cream and gelato, and have decided to go for a compre...


Alroy commented 2 years ago

Can I salvage this batch of super chocolate-y ice cream?

by PeterA 2 years ago

Hi everyone. I just got a Cuisinart ice cream maker (ICE-30BC) and tried the "deep dark chocolate ice cream" recipe. ...


acgold7 commented 2 years ago

a great sorbet-Liquid Nitrogen-sorbet maker

by cielcvtcl 3 years ago

I am still looking for a good source for Liquid Nitrogen for a frozen...stiff, not soupy sorbet I'm preparing. the i...


mstavis commented 2 years ago

cuisinart ice cream maker doesn't thicken

by Stacy434 2 years ago

My husband and I are having an argument about how long to leave the ice cream mixture in the freezer. He says we nee...


sr44 commented 2 years ago

After I process ice cream in my cuisinart ice cream maker...

by IndyGirl 2 years ago

Should I freeze the ice cream in the machine's freezer bowl or transfer it to a new container? It seems to get melts ...

IndyGirl commented 2 years ago

Did Santa bring you any new cooking devices, gadgets, etc?

by Njchicaa 3 years ago

My husband finally caught the clue and bought me the 7 quart round Le Creuset French Oven. I am SOOOO excited about ...

Chemicalkinetics commented 3 years ago

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