How to Hack Your Ice Cube Tray for Easy Ravioli, Perfect Cold Brew, Peanut Butter Cups & More

These easy ice cube tray hacks are perfect for fighting food waste, simplifying tricky tasks, and making coffee and drinks taste better. Whether or not you have an ice maker in your freezer, those classic...



SubZero Pro-48 water filter for ice maker

by OaklandGal 6 years ago

The 'replace water filter' just came on the subzero pro-48 I got last fall and I was not-so-shocked to discover the hefty price tag and instructions to replace the filter every 6 months, since the ...

Extra charge for rocks or neat

by Sinicle 13 years ago

Recently at a high-end restaurant we were charged $1.50 extra for each drink ordered "on the rocks." Explanation given: More liquor is needed for a "rocks" pour. Two days ago at another high en...

What's That Stuff In My Ice?

by DuffyH 8 years ago

We've got an LG French Door fridge. Our ice is cloudy at the center, clear near the edge. When it melts, it leaves little white particles floating in our glasses. Our water is poured from a Bri...

New fridge - I want better ice!

by kerns125 4 years ago

Anyone have a recommendation for a modern, reliable refrigerator/freezer combo that makes better ice? Of course we expect an in-line filter for the water being used to make ice. But in particular, ...

Can Food processor crush ice cubes?

by Monica 14 years ago

I need both a food processor and a blender but I don't want to clutter my kitchen with 2000 useless machines. Is it possible to make smoothies with food processor? Is it strong enough to crush ic...

How to keep ice cubes from sticking to the tray

by BobB 8 years ago

Being slightly OCD, I find it annoying when I'm trying to remove ice cubes from a tray and they stick and break. But I've discovered a technique that reliably gets me clean, easy-to-remove ice cube...

ISO cheap but effective ice crushing method

by 16crab 4 years ago

Looking for an economical and effective way to have crushed ice - have a good blender at home, but want something to keep at the cabin. Don't want to spend a lot, but don't want to trek the heavy b...

Looking for dry ice in Montreal

by dildadilatta 11 years ago

So, I want to try making ice cream with dry ice. Any ideas where I could be able to buy that in Montreal? I looked online and I am sure some obscure industrial plant would be willing to sell some b...

Calling All You Smart Chemists!

by opinionatedchef 6 years ago

This question is coming from a science-impaired brain. It's about Ice. Background: I have this passion for chewing on ice made from store-bought spring water. (Surprisingly, it is very diff from ic...

Ice Cube recipe reviews

by mcf 6 years ago

Just for some levity...Uh, DOH. http://www.food.com/recipe/ice-cubes-420398

Actually using an icebox?

by 33limes 13 years ago

I'm fascinated by the idea of actually using an icebox as it would have been at the turn of the 20th century. Does anyone know the specifics of the blocks of ice people used to buy? The bigger ques...

Science Questions About Ice Cubes

by opinionatedchef 6 years ago

I have had these questions for a very long time so I am finally posting them! I do appreciate your time in responding. The 2 questions concern same-size ice cubes made in a plastic ice tray in the ...

GE going hipster/indie with new residential nugget ice machine.

by ferret 6 years ago

Although GE's name is not featured, it's behind this Indiegogo countertop nugget ice machine. Intriguing. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/opal-nugget-ice-maker#/story

Where to buy Lotte Mochi Ice Cream?

by MorningLattes 6 years ago

I've been desperately trying to find Lotte Mochi ice cream, has anyone seen them sold anywhere? They used to have them at T&T, but I haven't been able to find them for the past couple months! Get...

Dry Ice?

by ekleiber 8 years ago

Where can I purchase dry ice in St. Paul? Thanks!

Supermarket to buy Dry Ice from? [Westchester]

by james79 6 years ago

Does anyone know of any supermarkets or grocery stores that sell Dry Ice? Preferably by White Plains, Yonkers or Hartsdale, but anywhere in Westchester will do. I have seen Dry Ice being sold a...

Crushed or snow ice on westside?

by junipero 6 years ago

I want to do some kind of slush / snow cone ice treat for a party at a park in Santa Monica. Any ideas where I can buy bags of crushed ice in Venice / MDR / SM or mar vista?

"Party" Ice Versus from the Home Refrigerator's Ice Machine

by steelydad 14 years ago

I was in Nantucket over the 3rd week of August, and bought 2 bottles of Triple 8 vodka, one unflavored, and the other orange. I had tasted the plain, traditional Triple 8 in the past, on the rock...

Too many restaurants withholding ice!

by Rptrane 6 years ago

So there are about a half dozen restaurants, some of the better ones in town, where they refuse to give you ice with your water. You'll get a decanter of chilled water but no ice. I know this is ...

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