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New York style deli in the Huntsville area?

by CDjockey 12 years ago

I'll be spending a week in north Alabama soon, with visits to Huntsville, Arab and other locations. I'm wondering if anyone can suggest an authentic New York style deli in that general area? We ...

Good food near the Four Points Huntsville Airport location?

Sid Post
by Sid Post 12 years ago

I won't have a rental car so, I'm looking for places close to the Four Points hotel. I don't have a problem walking two miles or more if easy public transport isn't available. Where are the goo...

Slider buns in Memphis or Huntsville?

by VStallworth 12 years ago

Hi, Does anyone know where you can buy slider buns in Memphis or Huntsville? Thanks. Virginia

Huntsville, Al - Sushi

by dhack 12 years ago

Visiting the Rocket City soon. Can anyone point me in the right direction for good sushi?

Greenbrier, Huntsville, AL -- good choice?

Allan Jenkins
by Allan Jenkins 13 years ago

We are going to be passing through Huntsville, AL, next month -- around lunch time. The Old Greenbrier seems to have been a board favorite, but just wanted to check if that is still true. An...

Huntsville, AL for one day

by wendolen 13 years ago

Okay, we're actually arriving around 9:30pm Saturday and leaving very early Monday. Pair of Seattle natives, in town for a day for a family funeral. Where should we eat to avoid chain restaurants?

Thanksgiving in Huntsville, AL

by wendileigh 14 years ago

I am looking for a good place to have Turkey day dinner in Huntsville. I want good food and a nice place eat. We'll have at least 6 people. I am trying to pick a place, whiler in Texas and only ...

Huntsville AL - no/low corkage?

by Steve Y 14 years ago

Any restaurants that have a low or now corkage fee?

Huntsville, Ala.--where to eat?

by geonurse 14 years ago

We are spending one night on the road in Huntsville. Where should we eat? All suggestions welcome....we like all kinds of food, but would particularly like good local or typically regional food. T...

Suggestions for Huntsville, AL ?

by orchidarts 14 years ago

I'll be vising family in Huntsville for a week in August, and I'd love some tips on finding some local places to eat. After visiting off and on for the last decade, I've only seen the same few loc...

Help.. going to Huntsville with a picky eaters

by Lightsuprooms 14 years ago

My GF, son and I are headed to the Space Museum in route to picking up my GF's mom's new golden puppy.. we probably have a day or so in Huntsville to explore, the problem is... my son is a Pescoveg...

Nashville - Huntsville where to stop?

by kbehrmann 14 years ago

Hi, I'm going to be driving from Nashville airport - a friend's house in Huntsville, AL. We want to make a mini-roadtrip out of the drive. Our flight gets into Nashville early so we'd like to do ...

Huntsville, AL

by mistermike 19 years ago

I will be visiting Huntsville Memorial day weekend. Can anyone recommend a place for down-home southern cooking, or any other type of a restaurant that is well regarded or a favorite? Thanks

Huntsville, Al.

by Davwud 15 years ago

Hey. Looking for a really good catfish place in Huntsville, Alabama. Thanks Dave

What's new in Huntsville, AL?

by lambretta76 15 years ago

Haven't been down since early April - anything new open up over the summer? Any hidden gems uncovered?

Thanksgiving Dinner Huntsville/Montgomery or Mobile

by AlabamaFireAnt 15 years ago

I am traveling home for the first time in many years with my Northern spouse and am seeking a good Southern Thanksgiving dinner in one of the following cities: Huntsville, Montgomery or Mobile. ...

Breakfast in Huntsville

by jpw 15 years ago

Sat. morning I find myself in town. Any good recommendations--I'm open to almost anything, although nothing too pricey. Thanks

Huntsville, Alabama Restaurants.

by Davwud 15 years ago

Howdy folks. Just got back from the in-laws in Meridianville (Huntsville) and thought I'd pass along my food thoughts and experiences. First of all, we made the trip to Mecca. Dreamland. Ain'...

Good Fishmonger in Huntsville, Al.

by Davwud 15 years ago

Hey I'm trying to find out if anyone knows of a good fishmonger in Huntsville or somewhere around there. Thanks DT

fresh produce/seafood Huntsville, AL

by aim high 15 years ago

Anyone know where to get fresh seafood and fresh local produce in Huntsville AL?