Huntsville, Alabama recommendations?

by debclark 4 years ago

We are going to be in Huntsville for a few days and I was checking the boards for restaurant recommendations, but the latest ones are two years old. Can anyone help with some current recommendation...

ALLLLLL this barbecue! Huntsville

by Kelbish1 7 years ago

So i recently moved up from birmingham and I see sooooooo many barbecue places here and want the best! Can people give me a top 3 of the best BBQ in huntsville? If its not any trouble maybe you cou...

Best Ribs In Or Around Huntsville, Al.

by Davwud 14 years ago

Hey Hounds Okay, after reading stuff over the last many months, I've noticed that many native Alabamians aren't that fond of Dreamland. I'm Canadian and think it's the greatest thing ever. My wi...

Huntsville! I need some GOOD hot and sour soup!

by Kelbish1 7 years ago

I need recommendations! Hot and sour soup is by far my favorite thing to eat! I tried Ding How 2 and was not satisfied at all... Anyone got anything?

Great Indian food in Huntsville area: Saffron in Madison

by nashnative 7 years ago

I had my third dinner here this weekend. Best Indian food I've had since London. Huge, wonderful dosa, lots of bright fresh sauces, everything home cooked and delicious. My table enjoyed all the ap...

Sitar in Huntsville--worth a visit?

by NotSoHot 8 years ago

The Sitar in Birmingham started out well but has become a huge disappointment--as seems to be the case with all the Indian restaurants here. But I notice that Trip Advisor reviews for Sitar in Hunt...

What's up in Huntsville?

by yummyummeatemup 9 years ago

I'm travelling here a lot lately, and need some help with finding good eats. I've been here a few times in the last year, and have done some exploring. I've eaten at Cotton Row (my favorite so far)...

My Huntsville, Alabama Chow Log

by Bomberman760 13 years ago

Hi all. I just got a new job and a new house in Huntsville, and went through the boards yesterday to figure out where to eat today. I'll be moving December 1st (from Pittsburgh, PA), and wanted t...

Huntsville's 20 Most Distinctive Dishes.

by Davwud 11 years ago

http://blog.al.com/entertainment-times/2010/07/huntsvilles_20_most_distinctiv.html I had the chicken with white sauce at Big Bobs. I've had their coconut cream pie which I imagine is the same as...

Best dinner eats in Huntsville?

by misochipotle 9 years ago

I'm traveling to Huntsville, Alabama for a multi-day business trip and would love suggestions for good places for dinner. (Lunch-only places are out, unfortunately, as I'll have little choice for ...

Traveling from Huntsville AL to Metairie LA

by chasbuilds 9 years ago

Part of a month long road trip is from Huntsville AL to Metairie LA. I am not that familiar with this stretch. Does anyone have any lunch suggestions along the way? Thank you.

Vietnamese Sub (food truck) in Huntsville, AL?

by autiger94 9 years ago

I've stumbled across several online references recently to a food truck operation in Huntsville called "Vietnamese Sub." Apparently, it's operated out of a kitchen trailer near the Chevron gas sta...

Huntsville, AL

by savdoug 12 years ago

Some friends and I are going to Huntsville for a photo expedition in mid-February. We're looking for some recommendations please. We'd like to hit some well-established local spots. Not fine dining...

Best in Huntsville, AL...........

by Littleman 12 years ago

My wife and I will be visiting in Hunsville soon. We would like to try the very best restaurants in the city for lunch and dinner several days. Good atmosphere, service, food and wine is desired....

Decatur/Huntsville, AL

by klebb 11 years ago

I'm driving to Chattanooga tomorrow from Memphis and will be passing through Decatur and Huntsville, AL around lunchtime on the ways there and back. I'm looking for a couple of lunch options for ei...

Thanksgiving In Huntsville,Al

by basketwoman 11 years ago

We will be traveling to Huntsville for Thanksgiving, and need suggestions for a restaurant that serves Thanksgiving dinner after 3:00 PM. We do not like places like Ryans or other cheap buffets. ...

Saturday Lunch in Huntsville or Vicinity

by TLF 11 years ago

Any recs for a nice place for lunch between I-65 and I-24? Planning a Saturday road trip to the Unclaimed Baggage Center from Nashville, can go the I-65 route through Huntsville or I-24 via Signal ...

Alabama Crawfish Company and Restaurant (Huntsville)

by Davwud 11 years ago

Hey Hounds The other day one of the local stations ran a spot on their news for this place. Mrs. Sippi loving crawfish decided we needed to go. Pronto. So yesterday we went for lunch. Much to...