Apple Cores: Not Just for the Compost Bin

What’s not to love about an orchard-fresh apple on a crisp autumn day? For many people, it’s the core, which often finds itself on the fast track to the trash. But did you know that you can use apple...

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How-to...Vacumn-packed foie gras storage

by letsindulge 9 years ago

Was excited to bring 2 separately wrapped lobes from Philly back to CA. Am going to open, and use half of one lobe tonight. Recommendations on how to store the other half, and also the unopened pac...

How-to: Black Pepper infused olive oil

by Silverjay 15 years ago

Recently, I've been going through a black pepper boom of sorts. For some of my recipes, I"m interested in infusing olive oil with black pepper. Does anyone have any recipes or know-how toward doing...

Chemistry of Cast Iron Seasoning: A Science-Based How-To

by permutations 11 years ago

The best oil to use when seasoning cast iron, and why (I haven't seen this info anywhere else): http://sherylcanter.com/wordpress/2010/01/a-science-based-technique-for-seasoning-cast-iron/

How-to Select Leafy Greens

by Search4goodfood 12 years ago

High quality greens will ensure that your salad is fresh and full of flavor. When selecting your greens reference the following guide for assistance; it has information on how to choose the right p...

The How-To's of Matzo Balls

by KingsKetz 14 years ago

Got a great matzo ball recipe you'd like to share? I'm always on the lookout for a good one. Are yours hard? Soft? Small? Large? How do you prepare and serve them? I'm always in a quandary about c...

Storage Carrots - Give me your two cents on How-To

by cayjohan 14 years ago

(hope this is the right board for this...) I have a lovely bag of carrots from what is the next-to-last hurrah of my farmers' market. But the bag is 30 pounds (yikes), and I'd love to store the...

Indian Spinach(Saag)dish - How-to?

by Mike R. 18 years ago

What's the secret to preparing a classic Indian saag (spinach) dish?...must do a tray for New Year's Eve (vegetarian preferred, either with potato or chana/chickpeas)...any recipe help appreciated.

Steamed Pudding how-to?

by Missy P. 18 years ago

I'm obsessed with trying Caitlin Wheeler's persimmon pudding recipe which Caitlin McGrath posted a link to recently. I want to purchase a proper pudding mold/steamer to make it in (and hopefully...

thinnish yet tender pork chops how-to?

by john clark 18 years ago

I have some lean porkchops, almost 3/4" thick, that I would like to sautee or panbroil. I have had difficulty keeping them from becoming tough b/c I am afraid of undercooking them -- trichinosis &...

Berkeley Bowl how-to/Elmwood eats

by heidipie 18 years ago

We're buying a house in Berkeley's Elmwood district! Very exciting. Can't wait to make the Berkeley Bowl our regular food shopping location, but I'm a little intimidated as well. I've only been the...

Mountain View Chef: How-to-Hotpot

by David C. Hammond 19 years ago

The Wife and I were walking through the Chinatown mall last Saturday night, scoping out dinner possibilities. Spring World and Lao Sze Chuan were both full, so we decided to go somewhere we hadn’t...

how-to grow a steak

by sooth 19 years ago

if anyone is interested in how a cow becomes a supermarket steak (from insemination to slaughter), might want to read the next issue of the nytimes magazine. http://www.nytimes.com/library/magazine...

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