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Get 'Cherried' Away: 9 Creative Ways to Use Your Cherry Haul

Wondering what to do with your extra cherries? These sweet and savory cherry recipes should help. When I was a kid I loved cherries so much I made a song up about them and sang it during cherry season...

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Fresh tomato ideas

by Bada Bing 6 years ago

I have now the annual event of gobs of heirloom tomatoes, but I don't have as many ideas as I'd like about what to do with them. There are 14 big tomatoes (Brandywine, a sweet, low-acid heirloom...

groats? kamut? help me clean out my cabinets!

rose water
by rose water 6 years ago

I'm on a big cabinet purge and have all sorts of things I am never going to use unless you inspire me. What on earth do I do with buckwheat groats? Oat groats? Kasha? We also seem to have a lifet...

What to do with leftover gazpacho pulp?

by jlarsen 6 years ago

I never used to strain my gazpacho. Too lazy, and I figured the gazpacho wouldn't be thick enough if I did it. I finally crossed the threshold into the world of strained gazpacho this summer (an...

Too Much Mint

by Euonymous 14 years ago

As the result of a serious gardening mistake, which I really should have known better than to have made, I now have an entire raised bed, about 5 ft. by 3 ft., of flourishing mint. I need to get r...

Using old fruits?

by missi14 6 years ago

I thought I asked this already, but there's no sign of the same. Anyway, I'm wondering what to do with old oranges or old citrus in general. I think Mark Bittman suggests macerating? (info ...

Stuck with 3 Tubes of Grands Biscuit dough - what to do with them?

by Lotus7 11 years ago

Any ideas how I can use these up? Only so many mediocre biscuits we can eat : ) Please send me your ideas/recipes! Thank you!!

Leftover Asparagus Stalks - What should I do with them?

by Beaver Street 13 years ago

I have been obsessively saving the pieces of asparagus that I snap off the end of the stalks and sticking them in my freezer. Now my freezer is overflowing with them and I don't know what to make....

Ideas for 1 cup of leftover grated orange zest?

by Myrrh 6 years ago

I have around a cup of leftover grated orange zest in my fridge. (I had a bunch of oranges getting a bit old and zested them all before juicing them for another recipe--but I only used up about ...

help me use up my ajvar

by prima 7 years ago

Bought a bottle, and it's ok, but I want to find other uses besides a condiment/spread/dip. Anyone have any ideas?

Help me use up my parsnips!

by happybellynh 11 years ago

I have a winter CSA share for the first time, which is a delight in every way, but I'm starting to fall behind in using my parsnips. I've made curried carrot and parsnip soup, parsnip and celeriac ...

Help! Too many ripe avocados! Need recipes fast!

by charliemyboy 11 years ago

I am in possession of several ripe avocados and have already done tortilla soup and guacamole. Any creative recipes that use lots of the green fruit will be appreciated!

What to do with 4 cans of evaporated milk?

by thursday 10 years ago

I always sub in evaporated nonfat milk when a recipe calls for anything milk - half n half, cream, whatever - so I always pick up a can or two when they're on sale. I just noticed, however, that I...

use for trimmings from baby back ribs?

by cristina3611 6 years ago

My husband smokes baby back ribs and he ends up trimming a lot of the meat off (I guess for more even cooking). In the past, we've thrown these trimmings out, but its so wasteful. The last couple...

Lots of lemon juice!

by janeh 8 years ago

I'd welcome any ideas for what to do with lots of lemon juice. I zested +3 dozen very large lemons to make limoncello, thus the remaining juice. I've already frozen plenty for summertime lemonade ...

Cherry Tomato Recipes?

In The Pink
by In The Pink 14 years ago

My husband and I are drowning in cherry tomatoes (you can only give away so much!). Other than the obvious salad, what are other good ways to use them? Anything freezable would be appreciated, sin...

Please, need ideas to use up LOTS of broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi, kale, cabbage, etc.

by meerastvargo 8 years ago

Hi everyone, We eat tons of veggies (no red meat but poultry and seafood, yes). Right now we just have a whole bunch of: *Cauliflower (6 heads) *Broccoli (8 heads) *Kale (about 8 bunches wo...

A surfeit of jalapenos. What to do!?

by GarlicandGinger 14 years ago

Hello, folks. My summer garden is cranking out jalapenos like they're going out of style, and I want to make sure that I use them up instead of watching them slowly rot on my kitchen counter. S...

inundated by near-pornographic sized zucchini... help!

by withalonge 15 years ago

the greater question is why I am compelled to plant zucchini every year... but that is not a discussion for this board. as I stare out in to my garden, I think if I watch closely I can see the...

What to do with stew meat?

by jennykay 12 years ago

Hey Chow, Any ideas on what to do with 1 12lb of stew beef? I do not want a stew or soup. Thanks!

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