How to Use Up

What to do with whole kaffir limes?

by vonshu 4 years ago

My kaffir limes from my tree are finally ripe and falling off. What should i do with all of these delicacies? I have ...


Grace73 commented 2 days ago

What to do with a boat load of peaches?

by ceponatia 4 days ago

Hi all, I have about 6 or 7 large peaches that my mother bought and she says they're too sweet for her to eat. She...

coll commented 3 days ago

Advice: other uses for a recipe

by defndnature 15 days ago

Hello, I'm not a great cook yet and usually need to follow recipes. I made a recipe called Roasted Drumsticks with Ch...


defndnature commented 13 days ago

What to do with an abundance of organic milk?

by ChervilGeorge 26 days ago

When my awesome corner store guy heard I was experimenting with beginner cheese making, he sent me home with a gigant...

NonnieMuss commented 25 days ago

What the heck do I do with smoked oysters?!

by punkgrrl25 3 years ago

My mother in law was staying with us over the holidays and after she left I discovered that I am now the proud owner ...


brentburner commented 27 days ago

Getting Rid of Bad Vanilla Whiskey

by EsotericWaffles 1 month ago

A friend brought by a bottle of Crown Royal vanilla-flavored whiskey and it's... off. It's cloying and both underwhel...

stevewi commented 1 month ago

What do I do with it?

by kahakai 1 month ago

Brought back some smoked reindeer from Norway, now what do I do with it?

paulj commented 1 month ago

Leftover Crystallized Ginger

by MrStayPuft 2 months ago

Hi there, Long time lurker here. I have some crystallized ginger left over from late winter that's still good but I'...


benbenberi commented 2 months ago

What in the world do I use premixed Bread Crumbs "Bulka Tarta" and lard for?

by Snickety_Shnoine 2 months ago

My GF's mom gave me a 32 oz deli container with a label on it that only says "Bread Crumbs Bulka Tarta". From Google,...


Snickety_Shnoine commented 2 months ago

Lots of fresh oregano

by AreBe 3 months ago

My little patch of oregano is off to a great start this spring. It and the rosemary seem to thrive on neglect which i...


kazhound commented 2 months ago

Morel Mushrooms

by tinkerbel9 3 months ago

Hello. My husband found about 1/2 a pound of morels behind the school where he teaches today. He is beyond excited....

hill food commented 3 months ago

Help me with Gorgonzola please!

by alikaprincess 3 months ago

This is going to sound like a stupid request but bear with me. I bought this gorgonzola for a recipe I made some tim...


MGParker commented 3 months ago

Too Much Dill-Help!

by monavano 9 years ago

Hi Chowhounders, Yesterday at my nearby farmers market in Washington DC, I bought some beautiful dill and when I got...

LaLa commented 3 months ago

Opened but Corked White Wine versus Rice Wine

by estyzesty 4 months ago

Hi all, I am very confused as to why people say opened bottles of wine that have been sitting in the fridge for month...


estyzesty commented 4 months ago

Help me use up 3 cups of buttermilk (no baking)

by nofunlatte 4 months ago

I've got about 2.5 - 3 cups of buttermilk and I'll use some of it in cereal. Any suggestions on what to do with the r...

Ttrockwood commented 4 months ago

Re-purpose ground lamb kebabs

by letsindulge 4 months ago

Seeking ideas to use up leftover ground lamb kebabs. They've been seasoned with chopped onions, mint, and parsley, cu...


MikeG commented 4 months ago

What to do with overwhipped cream & egg mixture

by haiku. 5 months ago

As per subject. DH was helping me in the kitchen yesterday. I gave him 200ml double cream and 2 eggs with instruction...


femmevox commented 5 months ago

What to do Mussel Broth ?

by Maximilien 9 years ago

I've got a couple of cups of left-over mussel and clams broth. It was prepared with onion, garlic and tomatoes while ...


Gerhardus commented 5 months ago