How to Use Up


What to do with a pound of pea shoots?

by Arlo48 14 days ago

I was given a large bag of hydroponic pea shoots. Eating them raw is not an option, although I’m sure that’s what’s most healthy. Can they be used in a soup, much like spinach? Any other ideas how ...

Whole Deli Corned Beef

by andrea1691 23 days ago

So I just bought a 8lb whole deli corned beef. This is what the deli would slice for lunchmeat. I got the whole thi g for $5 and really don't know what to do with all of it. It expires soon, so obv...

Recipes for mustard seeds or mustard seed uses?

by mushroomaffairs 1 month ago

I was given a giant jar of whitish yellow mustard seeds, so far I've just treated them like any other nut or seed and sprinkled them over dishes. They look very pretty on salads but unless I'm bit...

Sprouts - How do you use them?

by tcamp 2 months ago

Spouse brought home a seed sprouter and now there are lots of sprouts in my kitchen needing to be used up. Aside from adding to salads, I'm at a loss as to what to do with them. I prefer bigger see...

Bought too much food and groceries, need help on how to deal with it

by cgxy96 2 months ago

Hi, its summer here in Sydney and I have way too much food in my fridge. The weather is getting too hot so I do my cooking at night but forget about it only to end up eating out all the time after ...

What to do with arctic surf clams?

by LookingBusy 2 months ago

I have a box of frozen arctic surf clams in the freezer that I don't want to go to waste. I used them in place of conch in a recipe once but found them too chewy. Does anyone have any ideas on wh...

Too much of a good thing (standing rib roast)

by CookingChemicalEngineer 3 months ago

Hi All - I bought a whole rib roast (think it was 19 pounds). After making an ~ 8 pound roast, I had several large bone-in steaks (+ 2 pounds each) and some non-bone meat. We've eaten the roast...

Cooked squash questions....

by DonnaMarieNJ 2 months ago

I have several pounds of cut up squash (sugar pumpkin and carnival squash) that has been roasted with oil, salt and pepper. What should I do with it BESIDES make a pie? I was thinking savory to s...

Pork stew meat, what to do with it?

iL Divo
by iL Divo 3 months ago

TIA - I bought a pkg of ‘like’ beef stew meat only pork & smaller cuts. Took it out of freezer this morning to thaw for dinner. What to do with this I have no clue, any help appreciated. Guess I co...

S-ton of Elk

by mdp5 3 months ago

Ok y’all I searched and a lot of the discussions are rather old. Has anything done anything interesting with it lately? This was shot on my bf’s ranch and at the meat market straightaway. We have b...

What would you do with 4 pounds ground lamb with a use by date 2 days away?

by Shrinkrap 5 months ago

Or maybe it was a sell-by date. Anyway, I was looking for a deal at my local Albertson’s, as there is usually something I am happy to experiment with. And sure enough! Also got some boneless ski...

What do you do with "Hot Dog Water"?

by ipsedixit 8 years ago

You know, the water that you use to boil hot dogs (assuming you boil them)? Seems like such a waste to just dump it. I'm thinking Hot Dog Water might be good for making oatmeal, grits, or eve...

Ideas for cranberries?

by nuraman00 1 year ago

I bought 2 lbs. of cranberries from Costco. Other than making cranberry sauce, what are some other simple things I can do with them? I saw a recipe on the back of the bag for macaroons. Wh...

What the heck do I do with smoked oysters?!

by punkgrrl25 5 years ago

My mother in law was staying with us over the holidays and after she left I discovered that I am now the proud owner of a can of smoked oysters. For Christmas Eve she put them out in a bowl with cr...


by farthing 6 months ago

I just bought some small yellow guavas without knowing anything about them. I find them blah tasting. Any recommendations?

Indian blood peaches

by EllenCooks 6 months ago

I have two Indian blood peach trees. I believe they’re also called Cherokee peaches. The flesh is red. The flavor is a bit tart but really good! If any SF Bay Area Chowhounds want some starts I usu...

what to do w/ salted sardines?

by neda 16 years ago

I bought some salted sardines at the Arthur Avenue market in Bronx, NY. They come in large cans and are covered with coarse sea salt and appear to have been cured/dried in the salt although they ar...

Using up a tin of anchovies

by luckiestduck 7 months ago

I love a good puttanesca, which requires a few anchovies. Then I'm left with the rest of the tin and they always go bad. I might have an egg and anchovy sandwich the next morning, but that's the ex...

Pre "broiled" packaged Tofu - What do I do with it?

by sarahbeths 7 months ago

Last time I was at the Japanese Supermarket I somehow bought this "broiled" packaged tofu. It's got black markings on it as to show how "broiled" it is. I'm not sure what I bought it for.... It loo...

Eggs galore

by sosayi 8 months ago

Let's say your CSA keeps giving you eggs. And you're drowning in them.... ideas? Favorite ways to use up lots of eggs? Baking or savory ideas... anything would be much appreciated! I'm feeling...