Believe the Hype: An Instant Pot Is Worth Getting

Welcome to Cookware Week! We're sharing our favorite cookware sets, accessories, and kitchen appliances, plus intel on how to care for all of it, the best recipes to make with every piece, and exclusive...

The Unruly Burger: where do you draw the line?

by gutreactions 17 days ago

I like a good burger like the next person, sometimes piled high with layers of toppings. The other day, I ordered an 'award winning' towering burger at a friendly local tavern. When it was brought ...

Please - ask a How To question(!)

by Foody4life 4 years ago

(previously posted within another Site Feedback thread) If you're confused with how to navigate, search, post etc ... ask a 'How To' question. Most how to's are answered quickly and what was...

Cooking With Your Kids

by alitria 2 years ago

I thought I would ask here about cooking with my kids instead of a parenting board because I find many parents are not confident cooks themselves and give MUCH different answers to cooking question...

Fat Separator How To

by eenie1 2 years ago

Hi all: I'm going to be using my OXO Good Grips 4 Cup Fat Separator for the first time this week. Am I supposed to add my chicken broth as soon as it is done, after it has cooled a bit, after it c...

What is meant by a salmon scallop (cut from a fillet)?

by khewitt1960 3 years ago

In Cucina Fresca cookbook, there are 2 recipes for oven-poached salmon. The fillets are to be cut into "scallops". What is meant by that?

What is the secret to perfect pancakes?

by racer x 3 years ago

How do you get pancakes to have surfaces that are perfectly uniform in appearance? Home-cooked pancakes I have seen often have irregular surfaces. In most cases, there is a rim of heavier browning ...

Roasting a whole chicken for Thanksgiving

by jennywithan_ie 4 years ago

I'm planning on cooking a roast chicken for a small Thanksgiving gathering instead of the traditional turkey. I was wondering if I could dry brine the chicken and then use Alton Brown's method of r...

Profile Edits: How?

by mamachef 4 years ago

Like this new format, much about my life has changed drastically. I'd like my profile to reflect it.

How do I make my own ghee?

by KathleenMP 4 years ago

I went to buy ghee yesterday and discovered that no stores sell it where I live. Ridiculous, I know. Can I make my own ghee? My friend from Bangladesh said that our butter is too impure and won'...

How to make farm fresh cheese at home

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

"...While it’s true that most cheeses, especially fancy ones like camembert and gouda, have rightfully earned that reputation, professional cheesemakers don’t typically concern themselves with the ...

How to reduce the geography for Restaurants & Bars in my main page?

by Midlife 4 years ago

One thing that I'm finding frustrating now is that my following of the Restaurants & Bars community means that I have to scroll through hundreds of posts about places in cities/areas I'm not intere...

Good Humor Ice Cream Bar How-To

by rockycat 6 years ago

Anyone remember Good Humor's Chip Candy Crunch Ice Cream Bar? That was the one that had the misshapen lump of chocolate-like candy at its center. It was always my first choice when the truck came...

How-to...Vacumn-packed foie gras storage

by letsindulge 7 years ago

Was excited to bring 2 separately wrapped lobes from Philly back to CA. Am going to open, and use half of one lobe tonight. Recommendations on how to store the other half, and also the unopened pac...

How-to: Black Pepper infused olive oil

by Silverjay 13 years ago

Recently, I've been going through a black pepper boom of sorts. For some of my recipes, I"m interested in infusing olive oil with black pepper. Does anyone have any recipes or know-how toward doing...

Chemistry of Cast Iron Seasoning: A Science-Based How-To

by permutations 9 years ago

The best oil to use when seasoning cast iron, and why (I haven't seen this info anywhere else): http://sherylcanter.com/wordpress/2010/01/a-science-based-technique-for-seasoning-cast-iron/

How-to Select Leafy Greens

by Search4goodfood 10 years ago

High quality greens will ensure that your salad is fresh and full of flavor. When selecting your greens reference the following guide for assistance; it has information on how to choose the right p...

The How-To's of Matzo Balls

by KingsKetz 12 years ago

Got a great matzo ball recipe you'd like to share? I'm always on the lookout for a good one. Are yours hard? Soft? Small? Large? How do you prepare and serve them? I'm always in a quandary about c...

Storage Carrots - Give me your two cents on How-To

by cayjohan 12 years ago

(hope this is the right board for this...) I have a lovely bag of carrots from what is the next-to-last hurrah of my farmers' market. But the bag is 30 pounds (yikes), and I'd love to store the...

Indian Spinach(Saag)dish - How-to?

by Mike R. 16 years ago

What's the secret to preparing a classic Indian saag (spinach) dish?...must do a tray for New Year's Eve (vegetarian preferred, either with potato or chana/chickpeas)...any recipe help appreciated.