How Do You Pronounce?

Food terms can be tricky, especially foreign ones. Turn to the Chowhound community for hard-to-pronounce words so you can speak fluent foodese.


Is it OK when David Rocco pronounces Italian words correctly but not when Giada does it?

by Midlife 11 years ago

Giada de Laurentiis (whose grandfather Dino just passed away, by the way) takes a lot of heat here for the way she pronounces Italian food items very 'Italian' and very specifically. While watchin...

"Leon Jaeggi" How is "Jaeggi" Pronounced?

by Newlyn_Tinning 4 years ago

Hello All. As the title, how is the "Jaeggi" of "Leon Jaeggi & Sons Ltd" pronounced? I have in the past heard it said as, Jay-gie, Jag-ie & Yay-gie. No doubt several other ways??? Would like t...

Petrus...how to pronounce?

by erica 14 years ago

There is no accent on the bottle label, but I often see the word written with an accent over the "e" which makes me believe the emphasis is on the first syllable. A friend in the wine business tel...

OK folks... It's capocollo, not all the other misspellings and pronounciations

by ChiliDude 8 years ago

I'm an old curmudgeon who hates to see a beautiful language tortured. Altho I am not of Italian descent, my wife is of that ethnicity, and all my descendents at this time have Italian genes. For th...

How do you pronounce "praline"?

by racer x 10 years ago

Are there regional variations in how people pronounce this word?

It's about that time -- Chef Name Pronunciation Guide Update

by Baber 14 years ago

Some of you may be familiar with my "world-famous" chef pronunciation guide over at gentlemangourmand.com. I just got back from the BU food stylists and photographers conference, and have decided ...

Banh Mi Pronunciation

by ReelMike84 12 years ago

Ok everyone, I need some pronunciation clarity for the Vietnamese ban mi. I've always said "b-ah-n me," but when I was watching a PBS show called "Sandwiches That You Will Like" the shop they went ...

How to pronounce "tastevin"?

by orezscu 15 years ago

How does one pronounce "tastevin," if one wants to speak as though one is regularly coming across the sort of professional who might have one around his neck?

How Do You Pronounce "Gyro?"

by foodmonk 14 years ago

Help me out, folks ... How do you -- or people where you live -- pronounce "gyro?" You know, the Greek sandwich thing. I imagine that, in Greece, it's pronounced something like (h)year-oh. In...

How do you pronounce SUNDAE ( ice cream sundae)?

by Captain Asparagus 19 years ago

How do you pronounce the work sundae? As in ice cream sundae. Pronounce it like the day of the week? Like Sunday? Or like sundah? Sun-dah. Im curious. Off topic a little. Fired up my smoker last...

Pronunciation of Doisy Daene?

by SmartCookie 6 years ago

I'm of the understanding that Doisy is pronounced "Dwa Zee". Clarification anyone please?

how do you pronounce "Garrotxa"?

by DanM 18 years ago

It's a Catalan goat cheese that I had as part of an after dinner cheese platter at a restaurant the other night. I loved it and want to ask for it in a cheese shop without embarrasing myself. ...

Pronunciation-checked at Penzey’s

by EM23 6 years ago

I asked where the “que-min” was and the sales person directed me to the “coo-min”. I found it, regardless of the pronunciation, but it made me giggle. What’s the pronunciation consensus here on C-...

How do you pronounce "OYSTER"?

by alkapal 10 years ago

Watching the adorable John Besh, who was born in Meridian, Mississippi, and raised in south Louisiana, I heard him pronouncing "oyster" as "oyshter." (He was making this fried oyster salad: http:/...

How do you pronounce your foreign food phrases?

by chowser 7 years ago

I thought this was funny in a Giada-esque kind of way (hoping this doesn't become a Giada bashing thread). Don't we all know people like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKGoVefhtMQ#t=78

Let's pronounce the word Mozza.

by SaltCod 13 years ago

I've had several friends pronounce this word three different ways. I'll write them out as simply as I can. There's the popular MAH-za. Then there's MOH-za. And I just heard MOTE-za. I ...

Silly question, how do you pronounce Momofuku?

by Jerseygirl111 10 years ago

Is it Mo mo foo koo? That's how I have been saying it and I don't want to be embarassed like broo she ta or sher bert... Thanks!