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Hungry for Something New? The 10 Best New Restaurants in America

Tired of the same ol' same ol'? You're in luck. Food & Wine just announced its 2019 list of Best New Restaurants and chances are, at least one of them is within striking distance. The list, which...

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[Houston] Sichuan Cuisine, the real deal--long

by sambamaster 14 years ago

Ok, I have 3000 words on this place which obviously flipped my switch in a good way. I have three parts. Here is Part One. Shoud I post the others as replies to this, or should I start a new topic...

Wine delivery in Houston?

by cheezy1 13 years ago

I've posted this on this on the generic wine board but thought this board might be able to help out. I'm from Toronto and am looking to have a bottle of wine (approx $50) delivered to a friend in H...

Sushi Houston / Sugarland

by bigballoon 14 years ago

Looking for great sushi in Houston / Sugarland. Will be taking a client out. Client is in Sugarland, but not limited to stayiong in Sugarland if the best is in Houston. Any recommendations?

old place cafe (Sugar Land)

by John Scar 14 years ago

Anybody been to this place? It was mentioned as a place one of the chefs in the article in last weeks dining section says he likes to go with his wife? Authentic chinese dumplings.

Fried Turkey in Sugar Land/Missouri City or beyond?

by dan 15 years ago

hello hounds, i'm new to texas and i've always wanted to try fried turkey for thanksgiving. any suggestions of where i can get one in the sugar land/missouri city area? i am willing to travel f...

Sugarland, Houston TX

by bbit 15 years ago

Company is moving my spouse to Sugarland. Could people kindly let us know the chow strengths of Houston in general (and Sugarland in particular). Also any communities to the SW of Houston metro as ...

Green Papaya in Sugarland

by JC 16 years ago

If you are in the Sugarland area go to this Thai place on highway 6 and Settlers Way. I have been three times and have had enjoyed the food each time. Try the green papaya salad and the curries. ...


by Spencer 16 years ago

Can anyone tell me about some exceptional places in Sugarland? Mexican, seafood, and BBQ are the main things I'm looking for, but anything exceptional would be appreciaetd. Thanks, Spencer

Arabic,Jamaican & Texas BBQ in Houston/Sugarland

by sq 17 years ago

Visiting Houston next week, looking for recommendations Thanks in advance


by chessqueen 17 years ago

I'll be visiting the area (from Boston) and I'm looking for good restaurants that are NOT tex-mex or Bar-B-Q. I've been to this area a number of times, but time restrictions have prevented me from ...

Sugar Land

by John Scar 17 years ago

I have been thinking about buying a house in sugar creek now as a rental to move into in a couple years and decided to make it fun by gathering my dad and his wife so we could go eat and check out ...

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