Chowhound Gift Guide 2018: Housewarming Gifts That Go Beyond a Boring Candle

Putting some thought into a housewarming gift is essential. If you go with something generic (hello, Yankee Candle!), you’ll just be adding to the clutter your friend is already sifting through in those...

Stand Mixer Gift?

by zackly 8 months ago

Do you think a Kitchenaid stand mixer is a good housewarming gift for a young couple with two young children who are now "sustenance" cooks but I see the potential for them to evolve into more adve...

House Warming Party

by Jessica_Strickland1988 6 years ago

We recently bought a house, and are looking to have a house warming party so that our families can come over and check out the new place. Only problem NEVER hosted one and don't know what would be...

housewarming gift?rude

by shiggity14 7 years ago

Got a friend of mine some groceries for the week. I mean who doesn't like food? Im just curious if this would come off as offensive or rude?

Recommendations for housewarming party

by Jeserf 9 years ago

Fellow Chow-ers! We are planning our housewarming party and I'm trying to come up with a solid list of food items. I would expect maybe 30 people. So far, my list is: Homemade tzatziki ...

Planning a housewarming party - any great caterers or ideas?

by FrenchPeach 9 years ago

Hello - we just purchased a new home and plan on having a housewarming party. The guest list should be somewhere between 30 and 40 people and I would like to have the event catered so I can spend ...

Suggestions for a housewarming cookware gift in the the $150 range?

by arvi 10 years ago

Some good friends bought a house and I want to give them a housewarming gift for their kitchen. They love to cook and appreciate good quality goods, but I don't know what they have so I don't want ...

homemade housewarming gift idea?

by elnora 10 years ago

any suggestions? i usually make spiced nuts in a pretty jar... but im considering branching out, there is so much beautiful fruit and produce around - plums, peaches, etc. there's a recipe...

Best housewarming gift - food ideas?

by ann3cakes 10 years ago

One of my best friends is returning to the States with her husband for the first time since their wedding a year ago, and they are moving into a new apartment. I'd like to get them a small housewar...

House warming Invite

by lamaranthe 10 years ago

We just moved in nex doort to a charming older Italian couple. The first thing they did was to offer us rosemary and laurel from their garden. The wife is a sputendous cook, so it's out of the ques...

Wine Pairing help for a Pasta Tasting Housewarming/Meet-the-baby party

by cdagostino 11 years ago

So we just moved into a new house and had a baby. Thought combining the two parties would be fun but after sending out invitations promising a pasta tasting with paired wines I realized I am way o...

Favorite (relatively simple) Party or Housewarming Dish

by burgeoningfoodie 11 years ago

Hello Hounds, I lean more towards the baking side of things then the straight up cooking side when it comes to wowing from the kitchen. I'm hosting a house warming party and while I have plenty o...

Kosher foodie housewarming gift

by mamaleh 11 years ago

Any suggestions for a $40-50 gift? Couple has been renting forever, so they already have a well stocked kitchen with the basics, but they have recently purchased their first house. Also, is the s...

Housewarming gift for Foodies. EV or Union Square area

by CMG920 12 years ago

Looking for a housewarming gift for a foodie couple. Was thinking of going to Broadway Panhandler but I think I really want to give them some spices. Any suggestions where to go in the East Villa...

Housewarming Party ideas?

by boogiebaby 12 years ago

We are having a small informal housewarming party in a couple weeks, with 15-20 adults and 6-8 young kids (6yrs and under). I'm looking for easy food ideas that I can prep or prepare ahead of time....

CHEAP housewarming party nibbles...

by relizabeth 12 years ago

My husband and I have moved into a new flat. We are having a combined housewarming and belated 30th bday party for me. We are pretty poor but we want to serve impressive and delicious nibbles. We'v...

How do I respond to people who didn't attend my party?

by coastalconfessions 12 years ago

Here is my dilemma... one that I have never been in before. I sent invitations for an open house; kind of a housewarming party, but no gifts. The party had to be postponed due to funeral services...

Cocktail Party/Housewarming Menu for 30

by Rocknrope 14 years ago

Hi all, We had a housewarming party this past weekend for 30 people, and although I wanted to feed everybody adequately, I didn't want to be stuck in the kitchen or behind the grill the entire n...

Need a cheese platter for housewarming party in CC

by rvaccha 12 years ago

Hi friends, I hope everyone is doing well. I am looking for a Cheese platter to take to a house warming party with about ~20 guests this weekend. The party is in Center City, and I live in Ce...

housewarming food ideas. mid wilshire area

by samtron608 13 years ago

hello all! im throwing a little party for about 10 people at my place. i live near the larchmont, wilshire area. any ideas for some inexpensive food to buy to feed by guests? looking to set up a ...

housewarming menu - am I missing anything?

by CMizellT2 13 years ago

I'm having a housewarming party for around 50 people next Saturday from 3-7PM. I scheduled it in the middle of the day to avoiding having to feed people around meal time. But, I'm having a last min...