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Help! Gary's Hot Pot in Harlem?

by richard 17 years ago

Has anyone eaten at Gary's Jamaican Hot Pot restaurant in Harlem? It has been suggested to me as a great place for Southern/Soul food as well. Any opinions would be great. Thanks

Gary's Hot Pot/Southern Food

by Richard 17 years ago

Has anybody eaten at Gary's Hot Pot up on 133rd St. I know it has Caribbean and Southern food, but have not read anything about it on Chowhound. I would like to go New Year's Day, so if anyone has ...

chinese hot pot

by jabberjaw 17 years ago

Does anyone know a place to get really tasty chinese hot pot (also known as mongolian fire pot)? My family has always had hot pot for a traditional holiday celebration. This year, we're all in diff...

chinese hot pot

by jabberjaw 17 years ago

Does anyone know a place to get really tasty chinese hot pot (also known as mongolian fire pot)? My family has always had hot pot for a traditional holiday celebration. This year, we're all in diff...

I want to try hot pot! (Don't I?)

by Dave 17 years ago

It sounds fun and possible delicious, especially drinking the yummy broth at the end. I've never had hot pot before, so I'm looking for a restaurant that does it really well, but is very laid back...

Hot Pot?

by David 17 years ago

What is it called when you have boiling broth and you cook different things in the broth? Is it hot pot? It is a "cool, fun, yummy" new thing to try??? Is it something served at restaurants or ...

Hot Pot

by Maxine 17 years ago

We had our first hot pot on a recent trip, of all places, to Dar es Salaam. (Am I referring to it correctly?) We loved it and are excited about finding it back in San Francisco. I did a chowhound...

Best Hot Potting

by Tofumaster 17 years ago

OK. So the weather is nice and chilly so Hot Potting season is well upon us. I've had Lu Gi, Little Sheep, and some other memorable Hot Pot restaurants in the SGV, but I want to know from those Cho...

Anyone know a good place for Chinese hot pot?

by db girl 17 years ago

I've tried the places where they bring a portable burner to you table and big plates of stuff to put in the pot. But I know there are places where the burner is built into the table. Does anyone ...

A Good Hot Pot place in the Los Angeles area..Where can I find one???

by Amy 17 years ago

I'm desperately looking for a delicious HOt Pot place in the Los Angeles area (including MOnterey Park, San Gabriel, etc). I don't care about asthetics, just good food!! Anybody know anything?

koi palace hot pot

by felice 17 years ago

has anyone tried it? i was curious the other night but it turned out they only serve it after 8pm.

SEA - hot pot restaurants in Seattle or Puget Sound?

by JulieR 18 years ago

I've been to the hot pot place in the Great Wall Mall in Renton, and it was excellent (although a bit pricey for my wallet at $13.95 per person for the amounts we received). But I'm wanting to sh...

Chinese shabu shabu / hot pot in NYC

by JUNGIRL 18 years ago

My friends and I would like to try a new Chinese shabu shabu / hot pot restaurant in NYC. Any suggestions? We have already been to Bingo and Happy.

Cambodian cuisine and hot pots

by eric 18 years ago

Visiting Vancouver for the firdt time next week and in search for Cambodian food and spicy Asian hot pot dishes. I will have a bike and can walk long distances from downtown when great food is to b...

Hot Pot City (PDX)

by RachaelLK 18 years ago

A while back I'd read about "Hot Pot City" on this board. We decided to take some of adventure-seeking friends with us and try it out. Glad we did. Hot Pot cooking is similar to a Japanese cook...

-- Best Shabu-Shabu/Hot Pot in NYC --

by Pei-Yi Kim 18 years ago

Dear fellow chowhounds, I am in search of the BEST shabu-shabu or hot pot in the New York area. There was a previous post about inexpensive, affordable shabu-shabu but I'm searching for QUALITY m...

Full Kee- what is difference bet. casserole and hot pot?

by ironchef1125 18 years ago

Chowhound in the making here! Just wanted to know specifically the difference between the casseroles and hot pot? I've beaten casseroles in NYC's Chinatown, and they usually are presented as a clay...

PDX - Hot Pot City Restaurant

by Zebra 18 years ago

Hi all, With all the recent discussion/rants of having more than just Cantonese Chinese restaurants in the Seattle area, I was glad to see an ad for this restaurant in downtown Portland (near PSU...

Seasonal winter dish: Sichuan hot pot ( huo guo , nabe ) discovery

by Minna 18 years ago

I did a search and found that there have been a few posts about places that serve Sichuan huo guo in Manhattan and Queens, but none of them have mentioned that Grand Sichuan on Lexington btwn 33 an...

Hot Pot for New Years

by Sean Whittier 18 years ago

My wife has a hankering (family tradition) for Hotpot on Chinese New Years eve. We usually go to Hot Pot City in Milipitas Square, but I was curious if there is any place out there that you guys l...

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