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Hot Pot NYC Thoughts...

by chefdekoven 2 years ago

Hey, I am wondering what people think about hot pot in general, and what some of your favorites might be? I have tried a few, and while the concept is fun, I never feel super happy about it. The on...

So Hot, in Cary

by Rory 2 years ago

So Hot serves Chinese hotpot and I confess I haven't been there yet, but my students from the PRC rave about it and have been there 3 times and still are not sated. The place is crowded so you need...

Hot Pot Recipe and Dips Suggestions

by ad7yn 2 years ago

Hi guys, please share your favorite hot pot broths, dipping ingredients and dipping sauces. Even packaged hot pot broths recommendations please. I’ve fallen in love with hot pot eating at my fri...

Mongolian Hot Pot -- White Broth Recipe?

by lovelyladylumps 5 years ago

I'm looking for a recipe for the milky white, aromatic broth that's often served with Mongolian hot pot. I'm finding lots of recipes for the red, spicier broth but not much about the white kind (wh...

HOT POT Bowery?

by jumpingmonk 3 years ago

Hey all While busing past Congee Village Bowery last week I noticed the name had changed to Hot Pot Bowery. I assume this has something to do with the closing/renovation they did last April. ...

Hot Pot - DTW

by rainsux 3 years ago

I drove by Indo (Keego Harbor) this morning and noticed hat they offer Hot Pot on Monday’s. Also recall seeing on the menu at Oakland Tea House (Auburn Hills). Anyone tried them yet?

AYCE Hot Pot and BBQ Opens in Manhattan Chinatown

by Chandavkl 7 years ago

As unusual as a brand spanking new building in Chinatown is the tenant of the building at 285 Grand St., 99 Favor and Taste, the new branch of a Brooklyn based restaurant. It's like a sleek spaces...

What to serve along side Hot Pot?

by letsindulge 3 years ago

Hosting a small gathering for Chinese Hot Pot. Asides from the obvious rice, what other dishes go well with hot pot dinner? Dessert ideas also welcome. TIA

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

by wineloverdc 3 years ago

Had no inkling that I would like this place so much. A group of friends saw they had a birthday special and my birthday was in July so our entire group would get all you can eat for $22.99. You h...

Lemongrass Hot Pot In Boca

by erica 4 years ago

Four of us had dinner at this branch of a Taiwanese hotpot chain last Friday night. They take reservations. Although I did not take notes, the overall impression of each of us is that this is a...

Chili Pot in Cupertino: Next installment of "Find the Sichuan Chef"

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

For some years now, a few of us on Chowhound have tried to keep track of chef musical chairs as Sichuan restaurants open and close. Not that easy, as in many cases we do not know the chef's name, s...

Recipe for the sesame dipping sauce for Beijing style Hotpot?

by xiaolongbao 11 years ago

I tried asking this at the cooking community on Livejournal and was met with RESOUNDING silence, so I'm turning to Chowhounds for help. I've been craving huoguo for MONTHS now, and now that I've fo...

Sukiyaki cooked at the table

by jzc 4 years ago

My son fell in love with sukiyaki that was cooked table side in Tokyo by the staff and then served as each item was cooked. Is there any restaurant in SF that cooks it like that? I see that Kap...

Improvised Kosher Hot Pot / Steamboat ideas

by Rebel46 4 years ago

Recently acquired a Hot Pot and am feeling experimental enough to seek some inspiration to create an improvised Kosher (Sephardic / Mizrahi inspired) variation of the typical Hot Pot / Steamboat do...

Nabebugyo (Cambie Village)

by LotusRapper 5 years ago

NE corner of Cambie/16 Ave, where the thrift store Fabtabulous used to be. New signage up for NABEBUGYO ...... hot pot cuisine (Japanese). I was hoping for European tapas, or some other cuisine n...

Downtown Hotpot recommendation?

by Ender 5 years ago

Looking for recommendations for the best hotpot spot downtown. I know that quite a few have opened recently and I'm hoping to get some opinions. Thanks in advance.

Hot Pot at Thip Khao

by Steve 5 years ago

Three Chowhounds got together last night for an occasional special at Thip Khao, catfish hotpot. My previous attempts at hotpot have been Chinese, mostly Sichuanese. I had never been quite thrill...

Restaurants with Individual Hot Pots?

by goodeatsgal 5 years ago

I am aware of only one hot pot restaurant in the Bay Area where every diner gets their own hot - Little Fire Pot in Daly City. However, that place has gone downhill in terms of cleanliness in the ...

2227 Irving Seafood Market -- Hotpot specialist

by soupçon 5 years ago

Speaking of hotpot.... Notice this today on Irving: 2227 Irving Seafood Market, with a Grand Opening banner. On closer look, it appears to specialize in ingredients for hotpot. A sign in the fro...

One Boiling Pot Mixian Noodles -- New Yunnan Hot Pot Place?

by soupçon 5 years ago

On my way to catch an approaching L car after lunch at Shandong Deluxe, I noticed a sign in the window of what had been a dessert place at Taraval and 22nd announcing "One Boiling Pot Mixian Noodle...