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Is there a $100 induction burner that can adcomodate a 10" base frying pan?

by PhotoMike 1 year ago

I'm searching for a ~$100 induction burner that can evenly heat a 12.5" frying pan with an approximately 10" base. Most of the options I've found have ~8" coils, so they would produce a hotspot in...

Help! Crockpot or Hotplate Meals

by maeday007 2 years ago

Hey y'all, first time posting and was wondering what simple, healthy meals you know of that can be cooked solely in a crockpot or take less than 30 minutes to cook on a small hotplate? I'm a trucke...

Looking for a UL Listed Shabbos Hot Plate/Warming Tray

by alskgh 6 years ago

In light of the horrific tragedy that the Jewish community suffered this week, I am looking to replace my "plata" (Shabbos Hot Plate/Warming Tray) with one that is UL approved. Can anyone recom...

Portable Induction Burners

by dcole 9 years ago

Does anyone have an iduction burner they really like? I have read a lot of reivews and hear a lot about small heating rings that create hot spots in the middle of pans, which to me is a problem. ...

HELP! How do I cook chicken breasts with just a hot plate and Stainless Steel pan?

by jamiemadrox 5 years ago

Im working with limited gear here. I've got a ton of chicken breasts and no oven which I how I'd usually cook them. Ive got the aforementioned hot plate and an all clad Stainless Steel pan. I don't...

Hotplate / "single burner" recommendations?

Steve Green
by Steve Green 10 years ago

We're looking for an electric hotplate to use on our porch, as we have one of those ranges with a fan hood that doesn't vent to the outside (wonder who came up with that brilliant idea?). We'd lik...

Portable Gas Burner

by femmevox 10 years ago

I saw these in Chinatown. The label specified these were for cooking outside or in restaurant kitchens only. Has anyone used one of these? Do they get hotter than the gas burner on an ordinary g...

Heavy Duty Portable Burner/Range ?

by Sigurd 6 years ago

I am starting to can with the 41qt All American Pressure Canner. The thing is a beast and I need to buy a burner to use it. My stove isn't set up right and I am nervous about the weight of thing wi...

208/240v vs. 120v Portable Induction Range

by PutSomethingTogether 6 years ago

I know the Vollrath 59500 Mirage Pro comes well recommended, but when the price starts to approach $500, I think you really have to consider 208/240 volt units. Wattage is wattage and 120V applianc...

portable induction cooktop with 10° gradations and as low as 110°?

by enhF94 8 years ago

I'm looking for a portable, single-top, induction plate. My partner is a chocolatier, so we're looking for something that can hold at low temperatures without cycling, and I'm a chef, so we're lo...

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