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Proper etiquette?

by Lacey1958 7 months ago

I've been invited to a neighbour's house for a drink at 4:00 New Years Eve. Not for a party, just a drink. Should I b...


Foxeyblue commented 7 months ago

Holiday Treats 2016

by Caitlin McGrath 8 months ago

As we gear up for the winter holidays, let's talk treats! Whether it's cookies, candy, savory snacks, homemade condim...

Berheenia commented 7 months ago

Host Gifts; What Is The Etiquette?

by NovoCuisine 11 years ago

My parents held a party last night for 20+ people. I offered my cooking services for it, and as 'payment' I jokingly...

LaLa commented 9 months ago

Floral Frustration

by munchkin1 12 months ago

Merry widow here was invited to a dinner party. I took flowers for the hostess for her coffee table. They were perfec...


munchkin1 commented 11 months ago

Host gifts for challenging hosts

by cresyd 2 years ago

I recently visited some family in a situation where I knew that showing up with a gift would be challenging (they hav...


Querencia commented 1 year ago

Receiving expired food as a gift

by kdd452 3 years ago

My sister owns a food distributorship. For Christmas, she starting wrapping expired cookies and passing them out as ...

hotoynoodle commented 1 year ago

Warm homemade cookies

by Auspicious 1 year ago

Somewhere in this post you are likely to think "he wants to do what?" *grin* Bear with me. I am a technical speak...

hotoynoodle commented 1 year ago

Hostess gift?

by sweetpotato 1 year ago

For Christmas Eve a friend is hosting dinner. We are going to order in Chinese food and enjoy it together. I would lo...


nemo commented 1 year ago

Hostess gifts

by bubbyrebecka 2 years ago

I'm Looking for an unusual hostess gift appropriate for Passover. Any suggestions? Thanks.


zsero commented 2 years ago

What Kind of Shabbat Meal Host/ess Gifts Do You Like to Receive?

by almond tree 2 years ago

As someone who has been doing a lot of guest-ing recently, I'm looking for ideas for gifts that my Shabbat meal hosts...


MartyB commented 2 years ago

Ziploc/Glad Containers: Am I expected to return or toss?

by Kulfi 4 years ago

Had the flu recently, and friends dropped off some food. In the cheaper ziploc or glad plastic containers, not the m...


Puffin3 commented 2 years ago

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