Find the best Honolulu restaurants for celebrations and birthdays, Chinese food, authentic hole-in-the-wall eats, and more with can't-miss advice from fellow 'Hounds.

The Best Spring Break Food Destinations

Going on spring break is an American right of passage, and even though drunken debauchery is often part of the equation, a huge part of the excitement for these early spring travelers is getting to...

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Team Dinner near HHV

by adi 5 years ago

HI A group of us will be traveling to a conference in Honolulu in February. I am looking fro recommendations for a group meal (12 people total). Ideally it would be moderate in price(entrees less ...

A week in Waikiki

by adi 5 years ago

Hi we will be attending a conference and staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in February. It will be my first time anywhere in Hawaii so I am looking for recommendations for all meals and also...

Need rec for niece b day party-turning 13 years old!

by UES Mayor 5 years ago

I always throw a "surprise" birthday dinner for about 10 guest and b day girl. Last year we did Azure, and the year before we did Ruth Chris on Lewers. I want somewhere fancy in the Waikiki area so...

Where the locals eat

by mchelle34 6 years ago

Hey all, I am planning a upcoming trip to Honolulu and Kauai (specifically Lihue and Wailua areas) and want to finds some amazing places to eat. I am familiar with the more touristy places, but I ...

What kind-specifically the food- do you think Hawaii needs more of

by UES Mayor 6 years ago

and narrowing it down to Honolulu. Question arises because my nephew contemplating opening a business there-local born and raised but now working in higher end NYC venues for past 4 years. Your tho...

Lunch near National Cemetery of the Pacific?

by Christina D 6 years ago

We'll be staying at the Embassy Suites in Waikiki and will visit the cemetery as our first excursion (my grandfather is memorialized there). It will be four of us, including our two teenagers. They...

Where to find a cafe in Honolulu that serves 100% Kona coffee?

by michaelnrdx 6 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find a cafe in Honolulu or elsewhere on Oahu that serves 100% Kona coffee--the real deal and brewed properly. I am not interested in buying beans. I just want to drink ...

Mr. Kim Chee Lee

by curiousgeo 6 years ago

Love this shop at S. King and Kaheka. Lots of choices, but both their won bok and cucumber kim chee are excellent (looks hot but isn't). Freshly prepared, delicious and reasonably priced, try it an...


by roro808 6 years ago

I like this place very much and surprise no one talked about it in this forum. Located at the corner of Hotel/Fort Streets, this udon place made fresh udon in the store and the udon garlic chicken...

Toong Mai by Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery in Honolulu

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

A couple months ago, my cousin's wife introduced me to toong mai brought back from a recent trip to HNL. Her family was from Oahu and she grew up eating this snack. She said that Sing Cheong Yuan s...

Los Chaparros Restaurant [Honolulu]

by roro808 6 years ago

A friend of mine swears that this restaurant serves the best Mexican food in town.... any comments? If it is that good, I certainly am willing to try it.

Suggestions for Honolulu dining gift certificate

by macaraca 6 years ago

A friend on the Mainland wants me to get a gift certificate for a restaurant to give to a businessman who has done my friend an important service but refused payment. Don't know the tastes of this...

Honolulu (mostly Waikiki) trip report March 2015- oh, Sasabune :(

by elizabells 6 years ago

Just returned from a week in Waikiki with our toddler - any missing meals were in our condo - breakfast out is so frequently disappointing and husband caught some fish Dinner #1 - Tonkatsu Ginza...

Honolulu - Saturday night dinner

by EssexHound 6 years ago

We will be in Honolulu on April 17 & 18, and wanted to eat at MW but it will be closed that week. Is there anything similar in the Waikiki general area? We will eat at Gazen Izakaya on Friday nig...

Foodland vs Safeway in Honolulu

by elizabells 6 years ago

Hi again We're going to be staying with our toddler in a condo in Waikiki and hoping to cook around half or more of our meals in. We're going to do one big shop when we first arrive, on our way ...

Chinese restaurants in and near Honolulu?

by poot 6 years ago

I'll be in Honolulu for a few days and would like to have a good Chinese meal. What are your favorite spots? Give me more or less authentic food, please.

Christmas dinner in Honolulu?

by dancinggirl 6 years ago

We're flying into Honolulu on Christmas day. I'm looking for suggestions for somewhere to go for Christmas dinner - it does not need to be fancy, just open that night with interesting food, not too...

Honolulu Airport Vicinity

by Eat_Nopal 13 years ago

If you are ever "stuck" in the vicinity of the Honolulu Airport... or on a long layover.... you can do MUCH better in the surrounding neighborhood than having Airport grub. The area is industrial ...

Honolulu report (and a footnote about Maui)

cookie monster
by cookie monster 6 years ago

Reporting back following my inquiry here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/988616#9177218 Was in Waikiki for 5 days with two friends and we ended up having meals at a mix of touristy spots (h...

Romantic Christmas dinner 2014- Honolulu oceanfront

by katiep 6 years ago

Hi all, my partner and I will be in Honolulu for Christmas and are seeking places to eat for dinner. It will be the first time we've seen each other in a few months as we are now doing long distanc...