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10 Surprising McDonald's Menu Items from Around the World

For better or worse, McDonald's has conquered the world. With locations in 119 countries, there's something equal parts comforting and creepy about just how inescapable the golden arches are. Given...

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Claypot Rice - One of Hong Kong's iconic comfort food

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 5 years ago

10.00 pm in the evening and the long line outside Fourseasons Claypot Rice is a reflection of the popularity of this iconic homey, comfort food. With various assortment of toppings to choose from, ...

Hong Kong Five Years Later

by dlgc809 3 years ago

We will be visiting Hong Kong in October and are interested in finding the best cantonese restaurants available. It has ben five years since our last visit to this vibrant city and I'm sure ther...

Hong Kong First Time

by astroboychorong 3 years ago

Hi Im going to Hong Kong this weekend for 5 days. This our first time, just shopping and food. Could you please recommend us must eat restaurant in Hong Kong (just the typical hong kong food like d...

Solo Diner in Hong Kong

by debbie421 3 years ago

Hello hounds! I have an unexpected free night in Hong Kong tonight and would love to try an amazing tasting menu, but I'm traveling alone. I'm very interested in the usual list, Tasting Court, Ch...

'Ocean Seafood Hong Kong style Restaurant' - Turned the corner with the help of good, reasonably priced food!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 5 years ago

For years, I have been a huge fan of the Hong Kong Cafe style " Baked Ox-tongue with tomato sauce Spaghetti ". If done well, the fork tender ox-tongue morsels with a tangy, sweet, creamy sauce coul...

Roast squab in Hong Kong

by msely 3 years ago

Years ago. Great place for roast squab in Shatin called Suey Wah. Does it still exist? Any other recommendations for roast squab?

Ta Vie - inventive Asian-influenced French cuisine (or vice versa?)

by Bu Pun Su 3 years ago

Hideaki Sato’s name is no stranger to Hong Kong’s foodies. He was the former head chef of Tenku Ryugin. The Global Link group then invited /challenged Sato-san to open his own restaurant in which h...

“Congee Wong, Spadina & 16th, Richmond Hill” – A Positive Transformation! Now, a worthy place to go....depending on your order!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 3 years ago

Before the meteoric rise of the ever popular, chained ‘Hong Kong style food’ restaurant – ‘Congee Queen’, the pioneering “Congee Wong”, with its varied menu and reliable and consistently good food ...

Amazing find!! - "Eggette Hut" Hong Kong 'Gai Daan Jai' Eggette waffle...

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 3 years ago

A new Hong Kong egg waffle shop ( aka Gai Daan Jai eggette ) recently open up shop at FMP ( First Markham Place, Markham ) replacing one of the many bubble tea shops. It is located near one of the ...

Meal at Tasting Court HK March 7-9?

by kcayt 4 years ago

Hello! I will be traveling alone to Hong Kong March 7-9 and very much would like to dine at Tasting Court. I am not sure they will accept accept a solo diner, as it is a si fong choi tasting menu ...

Near Cordis?

by vinouspleasure 4 years ago

our first visit to hk, we'll be staying at the cordis, I'm sure we can figure out a couple of splash out meals and dim sum but hoping for recommendations for more humble meals near the hotel. We li...

"Kalok Express" - By GTA standard, a surprisingly good Hong Kong Style Noodles & Snacks stall inside First Markham Place food Court!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 4 years ago

In need of some natural health food supplements. This lunch time, I head over to First Markham Place (one of a few plazas that opens on this Thanks Giving Day ) to get them. Being told there are...

Sushi Tokami Hong Kong - an elite sushi-ya inside a mall

by Bu Pun Su 4 years ago

Like Singapore, Hong Kong has been blessed with numerous high quality Japanese restaurants. For the summer visit this year, I decided to have lunch at Sushi Tokami, tucked away inside an Ocean Cent...

"Mei Wei Cafe" - Hong Kong style cafe with a few surprisingly good, tasty dishes!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 4 years ago

Whilst most visitors to the strip plaza - ' Bayview Hill Centre ' at the corner of Spadina Road and 16th Avenue, usually pay focus to the few star tenants like Ming's Fine Chinese Cuisine or Congee...

Hong Kong

by chopraoh 4 years ago

Hi fellow gourmands. Going to H. Kong in 2 weeks. Any recommendations on local cuisine restaurants with great food but not Mich 3 star prices? Have to be vegetarian friendly. Thanks for your input.

Where to have a nice dinner for 8 in Hong Kong?

by Shumann 4 years ago

I will be hosting a dinner for 7 of my colleagues in Hong Kong at the end of October and would appreciate some suggestions. Four of them have never been to HK. It needs to be close to the Mandarin ...

A FIRST! - TURNED AWAY & DECLINED service and business at an empty restaurant! - Hai Tang Cafe & Take Out, 38 Buttonfield Road, Markham

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 4 years ago

Feeling too lazy to cook, I made a relatively short drive to the aforementioned Hong Kong style cafe/restaurant in the hope of taking-out a simple meal-in-one, ' Fry beef with Tomato on rice '. Arr...

Sweet 16 - WanChai late night desserts?

by MsPurple 4 years ago

Help please! Arriving HK after 9pm on daughter's 16th birthday. Staying in Wan Chai near Convention Centre. Seeking reco's for Instagrammable and fun late night dessert spots. Any and all locations...

5 days in HK - where to eat?

by thwysg 5 years ago

Hi! I'd be staying over at Cordis with my husband for 5 days during 2017 New Year's Day. As much as we would love to eat almost all the places which many of you had mentioned in many threads, there...

Kashiwaya - the latest edition of elite kaiseki restaurant in HK

by Bu Pun Su 4 years ago

This will be the last part of my HK short trip in Nov last year. I had a lunch (by having a dinner set menu) at Kashiwaya, a relatively new Japanese restaurant. Followers of Japan kaiseki should im...