Hong Kong

10 Surprising McDonald's Menu Items from Around the World

For better or worse, McDonald's has conquered the world. With locations in 119 countries, there's something equal parts comforting and creepy about just how inescapable the golden arches are. Given...

Roasted Pork Belly Help for Crispy Skin

by day963 1 month ago

In the process of making an HK style roasted pork belly but whenever I have done it in the past I've had some problems. My process usually goes with poking holes on the pork skin, adding a bed of s...

3 Michelin Starred restaurant in Hong Kong

by ilohilo 3 months ago

One meal at a three Michelin starred restaurant in Hong Kong this January. Where would it be? I've been to LJR and LKH. So its between T'Ang Court, Bo, Caprice, 8 1/2 Otto and Sushi Shikon.

Heading for Hong Kong in February: Attn. Charles Yu

PH Rodgers
by PH Rodgers 3 months ago

My wife and I will be in Hong Kong for four nights, returning for the first time in many years. We will have the opportunity to enjoy perhaps three dinners and five lunches. I have been reading t...

Ming's Noodle Cafe, 3447 Kennedy Road, Scarborough " - House made Chili-oil better than eat-in food!!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 year ago

This long running, hence run down, pseudo hole-in-the-wall, Hong Kong style cafe caters for patrons who don't mind lousy service and seeking passable one-plate comfort food meal or discounted price...

Cantonese in Manhattan Chinatown

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 9 months ago

Any fans out there of the late lamented Shing Kee/Kam Chueh who'd like to offer their current Chinatown favorites for Cantonese soul food?

Why have so many Cantonese restaurants lost their Michelin Stars from 2018?

by scherz0 10 months ago

2018 and 2019 both appear net losses of Stars. These restaurants lost all their stars, according to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Michelin_starred_restaurants_in_Hong_Kong_and_Macau - 2...

Hong Kong's Best?

by steverap 11 months ago

I will be in Hong Kong for a week (last week of March). What should I not miss? Thanks!

So, what was your best restaurant meal of 2018?

by damiano 1 year ago

As the year draws to a close, my mind wanders off to some of my best restaurant experiences in 2018. What was your best restaurant meal of 2018? It doesn't matter whether is was in your home to...

Alain Ducasse Macau

by Bu Pun Su 12 months ago

The name of Alain Ducasse has been synonymous with luxurious French fine dining producing excellent service, having opulent dining room and using high-quality ingredients. The presence of his “flag...

What's new in Hong Kong? (non-high end Cantonese, HK cafes, Japanese, Sake Bars)

by K K 1 year ago

Mulling on a trip next year, been going to Tokyo last 3 years so HK was always on the backburner. Open to trying new things, rather than keep going back to the same old good reliable places. ...

HK Trip Report December 2018

by Kurtis 1 year ago

A few things to report back from recent trip. Thanks Charles and many of you who regularly contribute to this area. In general, we had a great eating all around, from street snacks to high-end...

Amber [Hong Kong]

by PhilD 8 years ago

Amber in the Mandarin Hotels Landmark site deservedly holds 2 Michelin stars. A few months ago I debated with Charles Yu whether HK starred restaurants are as good as their European counterparts: I...

WARNING! " Ho Garden, Markham ( 16th Avenue/Woodbine ) - Decent food but SCAM ARTISTS at work! Check bill carefully or avoid!!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 year ago

Located in the same plaza as T&T, this Hong Kong cafe style eatery is constantly packed, especially during their afternoon-tea hours. Looking for a place to eat prior to doing our grocery shopping...

Claypot Rice - One of Hong Kong's iconic comfort food

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 4 years ago

10.00 pm in the evening and the long line outside Fourseasons Claypot Rice is a reflection of the popularity of this iconic homey, comfort food. With various assortment of toppings to choose from, ...

Hong Kong Five Years Later

by dlgc809 1 year ago

We will be visiting Hong Kong in October and are interested in finding the best cantonese restaurants available. It has ben five years since our last visit to this vibrant city and I'm sure ther...

Hong Kong First Time

by astroboychorong 2 years ago

Hi Im going to Hong Kong this weekend for 5 days. This our first time, just shopping and food. Could you please recommend us must eat restaurant in Hong Kong (just the typical hong kong food like d...

Solo Diner in Hong Kong

by debbie421 1 year ago

Hello hounds! I have an unexpected free night in Hong Kong tonight and would love to try an amazing tasting menu, but I'm traveling alone. I'm very interested in the usual list, Tasting Court, Ch...

'Ocean Seafood Hong Kong style Restaurant' - Turned the corner with the help of good, reasonably priced food!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 3 years ago

For years, I have been a huge fan of the Hong Kong Cafe style " Baked Ox-tongue with tomato sauce Spaghetti ". If done well, the fork tender ox-tongue morsels with a tangy, sweet, creamy sauce coul...

Roast squab in Hong Kong

by msely 1 year ago

Years ago. Great place for roast squab in Shatin called Suey Wah. Does it still exist? Any other recommendations for roast squab?

Otto e Mezzo @ Alexandra House

by kosmose7 10 years ago

'Otto e Mezzo', a new Italian restaurant by former Toscana's chef Umberto Bombana has opened finally. It is not a fine dining restaurant and it's more casual than Toscana, but I was so happy to see...