Don't spoil the honeymoon with bad food. Ask Chowhounds for advice and plan a perfectly romantic set of meals, wherever you're traveling.

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honeymoon spot for dinner: Big Island, Maui, or Kuaui

by adam 16 years ago

Hey all - I need one restaurant -- on either the Big Island, Maui, or Kuaui -- to get a nice dinner for my brother and his soon-to-be wife at on their honeymoon. Price not really a factor. Wha...


by john 16 years ago

my fiance and i are taking our honeymoon soon. two days in seattle and six in the san juan islands. we're eating at the herbfarm one night in seattle, and the other is open (though i've eaten at th...

Honeymooners in Paris- please help

by Kimberly 16 years ago

Hi, We are getting married in Brittany and spending the first night of our honeymoon in Paris and are looking for romantic (yet reasonable restaurants- preferably no more than 40 EUR a person witho...

honeymooning in Montreal - suggestions?

by Jori 16 years ago

My fiancee and I will be honeymooning in Montreal in late April/early May - I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the guidebooks! Am seeking your recommendations for great places to eat - a mix of form...

honeymooning in Quebec City - suggestions?

by Jori 16 years ago

My fiancee and I will be spending a few days of our honeymoon in Quebec City - late April/early May - I'm feeling overwhelmed by the guidebooks! Would appreciate any suggestions - we're really hop...

Hawaii Honeymoon!!!

by Stan 17 years ago

Seven weeks away!!! We're spending six days each in Kaanapali (Maui) and Waikiki (Oahu). Should we be making dinner reservations yet? Haven't had time to do much research because the wedding pla...

Maui Honeymoon Recap!!!

by Stan 17 years ago

Four and a half days...and lots of chow. Kaanapali: Leilani's on the Beach. Yep, you nearly dine on the beach. Beautiful sunset view. Fish and chips OK, really good fries. We split a hula pie...

Oahu and Honeymoon Recap!

by Stan 17 years ago

Lots more chow... We ate a couple of quick meals on the run at the hotel (Outrigger Reef in Waikiki). Food was OK, but affordable---which allowed for a few splurges. Singha Thai (Waikiki). R...

Mumbai/Bombay Honeymoon Recommendations Needed...

by Chili 17 years ago

I will be getting married in Mumbai in late December. Although I spent the first few years of my life their, I have been living in Canada since age 4. My last visit to India was 10 years ago! Al...

honeymoon help -- B&B recommendations

by foodnut 17 years ago

Anyone have good B&B recommendations for me -- starting to plan for my March 2003 honeymoon. What I'm thinking is staying 2 nights or so at an upscale B&B ($200/night?) and then moving over to a M...

Sacrilege! Honeymoon sacrilege! Booo!

by PRSMDave 17 years ago

Well, as some of you know, I went to Paris for my honeymoon after marriage to the esteemed Jrafgirl who has never posted here because I do enough Chowhounding for the two of us, but that's a tangen...

Should we honeymoon at the Abbey in Miami? We need HELP!

by mindy 17 years ago

Hey everyone! I am so glad I found this site....I really need some affirmation before booking this hotel. We are planning our honeymoon (with not much $$...poor graduate students), and we found the...

Paris Hotels -- Feedback requested

by Fidelixi 17 years ago

I am arranging the honeymoon that my fiancé and I will be taking beginning at the end of June. We're going to go to Paris for 3 days and then head to Provence where we have a house to stay in for ...

Honeymoon in Italy Report - LONG (And not all about food)

by Tom G 18 years ago

I just got back from 2 weeks in Italy for my honeymoon. Since I had some food assistance from this board, I wanted to return the favor. This is some highlights (and not so highlights). Some of i...

Honeymoon in WI

by Aaron 18 years ago

Hi there... just found the site... cool! I'm going on my honeymoon in May 2002 in WI... please _email_ me places in the Platteville - Madinson - Oshkosh - Green Bay areas that you dig... we like pr...

honeymooning in spain - where's a chowhound to go?

by wonki 18 years ago

after much debating over where to go, from africa to south america to central america to southeast asia to europe (actually, pretty much everywhere except cincinatti), eunice and i have decided on ...

Honeymoon - Venice, Florence, Rome, Positano ???

by Tom G 18 years ago

Well folks, i've got a little more than a month left until my wedding day...and then we're off to Italy. We will be in Venice, Florence, Rome and Positano. We've got our hotels, we've got our tra...

honeymoon in st. augustine

by stacey 19 years ago

Honeymooning in st. augustine in October and would like any recommendations on dining, all meals and Sunday brunch. Thank you.

Honeymoon reviewed: Jean Georges

by Zach 19 years ago

Last week my wife and I flew from San Francisco, where we're law students, to St. Louis for our wedding, followed by a five night honeymoon in Manhattan. We're definitely foodies, and have probabl...

s.f honeymoon need help

by stephen kaye 19 years ago

howdy, I've got close friends on a honeymoon, a 1 nite layover in s.f. where should they go for the best food/hippest place, they only have 1 nite in s.f. money no object., they are very experie...

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