Don't spoil the honeymoon with bad food. Ask Chowhounds for advice and plan a perfectly romantic set of meals, wherever you're traveling.

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Suggestions for our Honeymoon (Tokyo/Kyoto)

by therunningman 8 months ago

My fiance and I will be going to Japan in December for our honeymoon. I'm really looking to book a couple of special ...


suzette82 commented 3 months ago

Honeymoon diner June 2011 - In London

by Dapuma 7 years ago

Hello, AZ USA CH'r and was hoping to get some advice here. Going to be going to London - Paris - Amsterdam for the h...

culinarynomad commented 3 months ago

Another Honeymoon in NYC poster!

by mobrien87 4 months ago

My fiance and I will be having a mini-honeymoon in New York City immediately following our wedding in January. We wil...


saregama commented 4 months ago

Super Foodie Japan Trip - Advice On Cities to Include?

by Belkisw 4 months ago

My husband and I are doing a foodie trip to Japan in the spring for our belated honeymoon for three weeks. I have bee...

Robb S commented 4 months ago

Positano Honeymoon

by BSR84 1 year ago

Spending 4 nights in Positano for my honeymoon this upcoming May. Some preliminary research converges around the foll...


BSR84 commented 7 months ago

Sundays in Barcelona

by supslut 8 months ago

My wife and i are going on our honeymoon in portugal and spain in september, the last few days of which we're spendin...

Monica commented 7 months ago

Japan November Restaurant Suggestions

by sstout87 1 year ago

Hi Chowhounders! I am in desperate need of your expertise :) My husband and I are headed on our honeymoon in mid ...


sstout87 commented 1 year ago

Fun/sexy dining in Rome for honeymoon

by Elise1285 1 year ago

I will be in Rome for my honeymoon September 23-26, 2016 with my future husband. While we don't mind pampering ourse...

Multifoiled commented 1 year ago

Lunch Recs in Barcelona

by kickerconspiracy 1 year ago

We are traveling through Spain on our honeymoon this September. I have our dinners buttoned up. Any can't miss places...


kickerconspiracy commented 1 year ago

Honeymoon in Italy (Genoa, Cinque Terre, Bologna, Modena, Parma, Venice, Tuscany, and Florence)

by FoodDude2 3 years ago

Hi all, My wife and I will be celebrating our honeymoon in Italy (and 5 days in Barcelona) in October. I've resea...


collioure commented 1 year ago

Honeymoon in Tokyo & Hong Kong (Help needed - ball dropped)

by ariben12 1 year ago

Hi All! I am getting married July 9th and the morning of July 11th set out to Tokyo. I land Tuesday July 12 and will ...


edozanmai commented 1 year ago

Naples Honeymoon Questions

by socks4dobby 2 years ago

I am planning our honeymoon in Italy for late May, and I'm looking for feedback/answers to questions regarding Naples...


itryalot commented 2 years ago

Honeymoon in Tokyo/Kyoto for foodies!

by orenshapiro 3 years ago

Hi Everyone, Thanks for taking the time to read this. Really appreciate any and all help. My fiance and I will...


lalalyon commented 2 years ago

Non-urban honeymoon for kosher hounds - not a cruise or beach destination

by SimonF 2 years ago

My wife and I are planning our honeymoon. She's skeptical about cruises and isn't much of a beach person. We are bo...


AdinaA commented 2 years ago

Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Railay Beach Report (Long)

by sarahbeths 2 years ago

Hi Chows, These Thailand boards don’t get as much as action as the American and European boards but I did gleam some...

sarahbeths commented 2 years ago

Up-to-date Barcelona advice please (little sister's honeymoon!)

by MylesF 2 years ago

Ignore the slightly odd title: I'm not planning her honeymoon for her but she has asked me for advice about where to ...


MylesF commented 2 years ago

Charleston Mini-Moon for Foodies

by Jodigoldin 2 years ago

Looking for confirmation that we've selected the right culinary journey for our weekend mini-moon to Charleston, SC (...

danna commented 2 years ago

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Best food in Negril cliffside?

by zballin 2 years ago

Hi, I'm going to Negril for my honeymoon this Christmas break through New Years Day. We're staying at xtabi on the c...

Honeymoon in Healdsburg - Where to Eat?

by giantsfan1010 2 years ago

My fiance and I will be traveling to Healdsburg for 3 nights in November before we head to Hawaii. In researching th...


giantsfan1010 commented 2 years ago

Venice - Input on Restaurant Itinerary Requested

by JohnTalbotWannabe 2 years ago

We are planning a honeymoon in late October, a few days of which will be in Venice. After the very helpful posts on ...


jangita commented 2 years ago