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6 Tricks to Make Frozen Pizza Taste Like You Made It from Scratch

Better frozen pizza can be a matter of sourcing the right brand, or simply employing clever upgrades and hacks. To that end, here are six easy tips to make any freezer pizza taste homemade. It’s Friday...

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Greek yogurt with Greek honey AMBROSIA !

by BBK 17 years ago

While on vacation I purchased FAGE AUTHENTIC GREEK YOGURT which had a side serving of Greek honey to spoon over it. Now I am told it is no longer available in this country (could be purchased at ...

Kosher honey

by Elliot 17 years ago

Does honey need to have kosher certification in order to be acceptable in a kosher home? If so, any reccomendations?

Korean Citron Honey Tea

by Pat Hammond 17 years ago

A friend gave me a really large jar of this unusual product. It looks and smells just like a good marmalade. The directions say to take 3-4 teaspoons full and mix into 80 cc of hot or cold water ...

Cranberry honey?

by heidi_g 17 years ago

I'm looking for a good source for cranberry honey. I bought a jar many years ago in Chicago at the Best of the Midwest festival but have never been able to find it since. I've found several places ...

Can we talk about honey?

by Fidelixi 17 years ago

I went to the market today and spent a good 10 minutes looking at honey before I finally surrendered to the fact that this is a subject that I just don't know enough about. On the one hand, it se...

Milk and Honey cheese

by elana 17 years ago

It's sold in several stores in Brooklyn and has a hecksher I do not recognise. Does anyone know whose supervision it is under? Thank you Elana

Honey Comb

by Kimberly 17 years ago

How do you use it? Is the comb edible? Thanks! Kimberly

vegemite + australian honey

by soodysoo 17 years ago

Posted earlier on the 'hazelnut' thread someone mentioned vegemite, the australian concentrated yeast extract that they eat on toast for breakfast ("one of the world's richest known sources of vita...

Chinese Honeysuckle gel cap?????

by sailorbuoy 17 years ago

A long time ago I worked at a restaurant in NYC that was near Chinatown. One day my chef came in with a package that he said he bought because it looked interesting. Inside were what looked to be v...

North Korean Wild Honey

by Chewy 17 years ago

(I posted this on the International Board...no luck. So I thought I'd try the General Topics Board.) I received some North Korean "Sanggul" or natural/wild honey as a gift. I was wondering if an...

Rothschild's Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip

by Chowderhead 18 years ago

Got some of this stuff in a holiday goodie basket. I love it for dipping pretzels, but the label suggests using it in meat and vegetable dishes (without being specific). Has anyone toyed around w...

honey roasted peanuts wholesalers?

by Wendy Lai 18 years ago

I'm asking this for someone else who is not familiar with web or chowhound. He is looking to import honey roasted peanuts to his native country. He seems to think they are the best thing since s...

Bitter honey

by LisaPizza 18 years ago

I bought some bitter honey out of curiosity, and because I'm a huge honey fan. I'm pretty open to new flavors, but I just can't stand it! Any suggestions on how to use it/temper the bitterness? I'd...

flavoring of honey cake from israel

by epicure-us 18 years ago

i bought an osem holiday honey cake the other day at Kalustyan (the international foods store in manhattan's curry hill). i knew it would probably be old, but i like stale honey cake. well, the c...

Leftover HoneyCake-What Can I Do With It!!

by Parrot Mom 18 years ago

Have a large honey cake in my freezer, I'd like to utilize it for Thanksgiving. does anybody got any ideas...whipped cream (maybe cinnamon in it) and something... I cancut it up and put it in...

Honey roasted peanut butter and other serendipities

by Kevin 18 years ago

So, I'm sitting here eating my lunch of a peanut butter sandwich. It's a little light on the PB, and I'm not really enjoying it. I have some honey roasted nuts in my desk, so I decide to suppleme...

honey and broccoli raab success!

by Redbone 18 years ago

Used the honey in the same amount as corn syrup for my choc. glaze and worked fine--my cake isn't that sweet anyway. And blanched the raab for my soup and must say it's delectable--used the recipe...

Substitute honey for corn syrup in choc. glaze recipe?

by Redbone 18 years ago

I am full of questions today. Here's the scene--rural area, very small children, making a grocery run not an option. My recipe is Maida Heatter's--basically, chocolate chips, corn syrup, milk, bu...

Egyptian Honey Wine

by Elle 18 years ago

I recently dined at an Ethiopian restaurant and saw honey wine on the menu. Has anyone ever tried it? Is it good?

Fireweed honey?

by Dave 18 years ago

While travelling in the Canadian Rockies, I had an ice cream made from fireweed honey. It was superb, and I want to try making some of the same ice cream at home. Does anyone know of a source in...

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