What Is the Difference Between Pozole and Menudo?

What is the difference between pozole and menudo? One has a stomach-churning past, the other is actually made with stomach. But they're both a pair of soul-satisfying soups that also happen to be two...

Dried hominy weight

by JeroenSteinfort 1 year ago

I bought some dried hominy but for the recipe I need to soak and drain it overnight. I have found that the hominy increases in volume when soaked (about 3 times) but I can't find anything about how...

Tocabe: American Indian restaurants in Denver

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 months ago

After reading this piece about Tocabe leaning toward becoming a national retail brand for Native American food products, I'm curious about its pair of restaurants in Denver. Anyone tried them? htt...

can I use hominy to make nixtamal?

by foodfirst 16 years ago

I live in a country barren of corn tortillas. A possible sop for my craving: one of the Bayless books has a recipe for a large banana leaf-baked tamal, dough made from nixtamal. I have New Mexica...

Can you freeze uncooked hominy?

by michaeljc70 2 years ago

I made posole and only had an almost 7lb can of hominy so I used a little less than half of it. When I searched online I saw you can freeze cooked hominy, but this isn't cooked. The can was cheap ...

How do you eat your grits?

by PotatoHouse 8 years ago

my ex wife, the know it all, always made fun of me and claimed I was not a true Southerner because my favorite way to eat my grits was with butter and sugar. my mom eats hers with salt, pepper, an...

Pozole question

by vanessa7 3 years ago

I was planning on making pozole today and started soaking the dried hominy this morning. Something came up so I am wondering if I can put the hominy in the fridge and use it later this week. We are...

Where to buy hominy in Guelph, ON?

by CindyLu100 3 years ago

I'm trying to find canned hominy in Guelph. I used to be able to buy it years ago near the canned corn, but can't find it now. Online searches advise me that it is available at Walmart and Lobla...

Canned hominy - you drain and rinse it, don't you?

c oliver
by c oliver 10 years ago

I was making posole/pozole yesterday and did a little googling since I hadn't fixed it in a while. I found a blog where the person made a point of saying not to drain it before using. When using ...

Hominy in Vancouver?

by schraminvan 8 years ago

I'm always amazed by how hard it is to find canned hominy in Vancouver. Every supermarket will have a Mexican section full of can goods, but no hominy. I've found a couple sources, like the store a...

Dry posole in slow cooker

by Natividad 5 years ago

I looked around in internet for dry posole in slow cooker and did not find anything. Last night around 7pm i put a cup of completely dry posole (not pre soaked or anything) in my large Hamilton Be...

What to do with a can of hominy?

by shellymck 13 years ago

I bought this a while ago for a recipe I never made and have since forgotten. What can I do with it? I"m pretty sure I have never eaten hominy in any form. Meatless suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

Storage advice after soaking dried hominy overnight

by Chowemooshi 6 years ago

One of my favorite things to make is red posole. Don't ask me why. I'm Jewish, I grew up in New Jersey and I never had it in my life until a few years ago. Anyhow, I do use a lot of canned homin...


by Buckskin2 13 years ago

The Hoe Cake post got me thinking about Hominey, not Hominey grits, the stuff that is kind like pop corn made with lye. I know the native Americans use it in soup. My mother used to frie it, sort o...


by MissDior 6 years ago

I bought a box of hominy. Not the kind that Goya foods puts out in the bag, which is cooked like beans. I bought a box of Quaker oats hominy, which cooks up like cream of wheat. I like it as a cere...

Red Mule Grits?

Will Owen
by Will Owen 14 years ago

We have a friend who loves these, and is begging us to find out if they're available anywhere in Nashville or the Nashville area. We are headed that way for a few days, coming from L.A., and if we ...

How do you clean stone ground grits?

by onrushpam 6 years ago

I made cheese grits today, using some stone ground grits from a mill in North Georgia. They had a LOT of chaf. I put the grits in a bowl, filled with water, let them sit, skimmed the chaff, stirr...

Hominy: where can I get some on the west side of Vancouver?

by grayelf 11 years ago

I had a sudden urge to try making pozole at home. Checked several local greengrocers, Dan D Pak and Safeway (where mum used to buy the canned stuff when we were kids). No luck. I imagine it would b...

Raw hominy

by cookorama 13 years ago

Has anyone out there ever cooked raw hominy from scratch? I bought a bag last week just to try it out. I soaked and boiled it, following the directions on the bag, and it turned out like hard, we...

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