Beverage-grade CO2 refill for a 12oz container?

by hannahmae 1 year ago

I have a hacked SodaStream and I'm looking to refill some 12oz tanks with beverage-grade CO2. Sporting goods stores and fire extinguisher places will fill them, but they don't have beverage-grade C...

Any kombucha home-brewers? Wondering about supplementing w/ B-vitamins

by CookingChemicalEngineer 2 years ago

Hi all. Any home kombucha brewers ever try spiking it with B-complex vitamins? I used to make kombucha with my kids a couple of years ago but we sort of fell off the wagon and the donated scoby...

Brew on Premises

by brentjensensf 4 years ago

I'd like to try brewing my own beer. Is there a "brew on premises" on the Peninsula? (like Diving Dog in Oakland.)

I Wanna Make Home-brew Shoyu. Am I Nuts?

by ricepad 13 years ago

Every now and then, I get the urge to do something out of the ordinary...sometimes WAY out of the ordinary. The latest urge is to make shoyu (soy sauce) at home. I know the basic ingredients (soy...

Homebrew Store in Queens

by thefoie 8 years ago

Hey Chowhounders, I've tried searching the board and using the Google machine and only found one store (Homebrew Too), but I hear it's tiny. The good news about it is that I live in Rego Park s...

What to do with...leftover homebrew beer grains?

by ForFoodsSake 10 years ago

A friend has emailed with an interesting question, leaving me feeling like I'm on some bizarre episode of Chopped. He is big into doing homebrews, and is getting ready to make a holiday beer, af...

Homebrew for the Seasons

by jpc8015 10 years ago

I recently got into homebrewing and want to brew beers that correspond with the seasons. Due to my work schedule I am only able to brew four times a year and am not able to enjoy the fruits of my l...

Recommendations for Food to Serve at a Homebrew Party?

by groxie 11 years ago

In June, we're throwing a huge party to celebrate my graduation. We're anticipating that 40-70 folks will come through from 2pm on, and I want to make sure that I have plenty of grub on hand. We ...

Beginning Homebrew Advice

by Cheshire_Cat 11 years ago

Hi Everyone, So yesterday I made my first batch of homebrew, an American Brown Ale. Everything seemed to go ok so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I thought I would reach out and ask what ad...

ISO: Excellent espresso beans for home brew in the East End

by Apple 11 years ago

Looking for quality and delicious espresso beans to brew on my machine at home... Does anyone know where I can get such a product? Thanks

Dry malt extract / local homebrew supply shop

by Professor Salt 16 years ago

I'm looking for powdered, dry malt extract for use as a baking ingredient in the central Orange County / Long Beach / South Bay area. It's sold relatively cheaply in homebrew supply shops. I know t...

Home Brew Class

by nwhitney2003 12 years ago

Anyone in the Portland Oregon are interested in learning to home brew?

Bottles for Homebrew ?

by Jimbosox04 13 years ago

What are the best types of bottles to use for homebrew ? I did a batch a few years back and used Grolsch bottles but I no longer have them. They are expensive to collect. Any suggestions ?

homebrew kefir

by ben61820 14 years ago

im making my kefir at home now and its coming along lovely. however, i would like a bit of a thicker, creamier consistency. i am using whole, unpasteurized cow's milk thus far tho i will soon run o...

Home Brew/Kegerator question

by Dave and Stuff 13 years ago

I finally broke down and bought a beautiful "Frigidaire Beverage Center" (read: a kegerator that my wife won't think looks like a frat house's). Loving the idea of microbrews in 5 gallon kegs at my...

Home brew supply shop near Boston?

by jilll 14 years ago

Hi all, I am looking for a home brewing supply shop near Boston that can set me up with beginners' supplies. Anyone have any ideas? In the alternative, what are your recommendations for onli...

Favorite Homebrew sites/forums

by Paul Maipork 14 years ago

Chowhound is good for a lot of things, but discussing the technical aspects of beer making isnt one of them. Right now my go-to sites are: Northern Homebrew Forum Tastybrew's form I'm SURE ...

Homebrew sake [Moved from Wine board]

by mielemaiale 14 years ago

Cross-posted from Spirits board: Not sure that 'spirits' is the right place to post this, but seemed like the best option. Has anyone here tried to brew their own sake at home? What were your le...

looking for some homebrew help

by daves_32 14 years ago

Good morning, I am trying to decide 1 or 2 beers for my father to make for himself and some coworkers. I am going to put the basic in a list so it doesn't look so scattered. His favorite beers ...