Kosher restaurant with beer in Hollywood, Florida

by Beaconstreet 3 years ago

Does anyone know of any kosher restaurants in Hollywood, Florida that serve beer?

One Night in Hollywood, Florida

by minettegirl 5 years ago

We are attending a conference next week, and would like advice on a high end restaurant offering both excellent seafood and steak.

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Looking for Hollywood, FL Recs

by DVLPDX54 7 years ago

From the West Coast, will be in the Hollywood area for about 1.5 weeks. Looking for seafood and Cuban and other recommendations. Mid prices range with maybe one splurge included. All help appreciated.

Review of Laura's, Hollywood FLA

by wideboy1 5 years ago

Laura’s – one of the best meals I’ve ever had in my life, in the lowliest of locations. Big thanks to those Chowhounders from a couple of years ago who led us there and my wife for introducing me t...

Indonesian Cuisine

by jpr54_1 6 years ago

yesterday, I went to Yellow/Green Market in Hollywood and had the pleasure of meeting owners of Krakatoa Indonesian Cuisine. I had earlier in the morning listened to Norman Van Aiken gave a review...

Le Tub - Does it live up to the hype?

by herbage 13 years ago

I am finding mixed reviews of Le Tub in Hollywood. Recently, Le Tub made the Style.com Hamburger Hotlist. http://men.style.com/theupgrader/living/hotlist/hamburgers What do you think fellow Chow...

Suilko in Hollywood

by jpr54_1 7 years ago

The restaurant was reviewed in the NY Times- http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/29/travel/restaurant-report-suliko-restorani-in-hollywood-fla.html any comments about the food/service

fun lunch in Hollywood / Ft. Lauderdale?

by nyc_to_ma 7 years ago

I'm heading down to visit family next week, and bringing my boyfriend who generally doesn't like Florida (too many chain restaurants, strip malls, housing developments). I want to take him som...

Europa Gourmet in Hollywood

by jpr54_1 7 years ago

Europa Gourmet European Food-Deli Supermarket 1422 South Federal Highway Hollywood They opened 2 weeks ago- They have a good selection of foods including breads,pastries, preserved fish,kefi...

Group Dinner - Hollywood down to SoBe

by rfk03 7 years ago

Conference at the Westin Hollywood in March. Our whole team of 12-14 people will be looking to go out for a team dinner. Willing to travel down to SoBe. Budget is around $2000 or roughly $150-175PP...

aventura, hollywood, hallandale--south beach--reasonable--fresh--

by janie 8 years ago

just read through old posts on aventura, doesn't seem to be a lot of new info here, seems like the same short list of places gets recommended by the same few posters...is there a shortage of poster...

MExican food shops in Ft Lauderdale/Hollywood/Miami Beach

by mhowellgtc 8 years ago

Does anyone know of any particularly good mexican grocery stores in this aforementioned areas.

Buleria in Hollywood

by DolceFarNiente 8 years ago

Has anyone been to this Spanish Tapas place? Their menu looks really authentic - but then again who knows if they execute well. Would like to hear from anyone who has had the experience

new year eve at Hard Rock Casino at Hollywood, Fl

by farcos100 8 years ago

Im traveling to Miami area for the NYE 31st Dec and i want to spend the night at de Hard Rock Casino and have something for dinner in the restaurants on the resort. Do I need reservation to go to ...

Hollywood/ Miami take out

by LittleWave 8 years ago

Looking recommendations for take out in Florida. TIA

Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood

by jpr54_1 14 years ago

What restaurants must not be missed beside Sunlime and Mark's?

Lola's on Harrison (Hollywood)

by The Chowfather AKA sobe 13 years ago

Felt they warranted a new thread since the prior threads are outdated. Had the opportunity to return to Lola's 2x over the past week and had 2 outstanding meals. Tried several apps and entrees an...

Restaurant Recommendations - Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood

by LFin22 8 years ago

Hi all! We're traveling to Fort Lauderdale at the end of April, and I'm looking for some great dinner recommendations. We LOVE Mexican (traditional, not eclectic), Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern...