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Chowhounds love uncovering hidden gems and sharing them with the community. Get tips on under-the-radar restaurants in your part of the world.

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Hidden Gems in Reston or Clarendon?

by Jeff308m1 7 years ago

Will be going to dinner with special friend this Friday evening July 11, in Reston/Herndon or Clarendon. Timing is uncertain, so reservations are not a good option. Can anyone recommend any hidden...

Hidden gem south of the border restaurant

by polldeldiablo 7 years ago

I was going to post this restaurant as a reply to a question of good Cuban food in Los Angeles but I figure for the quality of this restaurant that it'd be better to have it's own post. I tried ...

Jimmy Brown's Cafe, East Falmouth...Hidden Gem

by bakerboyz 8 years ago

Loved this Hidden Gem, halfway between touristy and crowded Downtown Falmouth and Mashpee. Family run business where everything seems to be homemade from the light, crispy and non-greasy huge beer ...

Georgean's Caribbean Soul - A Hidden Gem in Charleston, SC

Low Country Jon
by Low Country Jon 7 years ago

I wish Charleston had more places like this. Georgean's is a little (very little) take-out place on the east side of Line Street specializing in West Indian jerk and curry chicken/fish plus mostly-...

Hidden Gem for Carne Asada Fries

by marylam 7 years ago

Ran across this great little hole in the wall while looking for an ATM. Chelo's at 3886 W.Sahara in Las Vegas has the best Carne Asada Fries I've had in a very long time. Fries thin and crispy, a ...

Hidden Gems: City Discount on Polk [San Francisco]

by pane 8 years ago

City Discount is a shop based on a model that my grandmother would recognize. It reminds me a lot of the Fruitery, the produce shop on Main Street in the town where I grew up, a family-owned place ...

Hidden gems that you don't wanna tell even the closest friend?

by kosmose7 8 years ago

Any such place? Let's share! :) Mine is Nick's Place. From outside, the doors look like those of a garment storage. You have to bravely open them and go into the building. Go straight and you...

Palm Springs- a hidden gem

by Carnivoracious 7 years ago

Coming from SF/ Oakland we often get to dine at great restaurants. Now when visiting the Palm Springs area we have a restaurant that competes with the best the Bay Area has to offer-- Dish Creative...

New to Providence's West End - Looking for hidden gems

by Holly_Penguin 8 years ago

My BF and I just moved to the West Side of Providence and want to explore our local dining establishments. The neightborhood is somewhat iffy, but we are brave souls(or wouldn't have moved here). ...

New Yorker in Greenville, SC uncovering hidden gems - Cafe Paulista Grille and Saigon Fast Food

by davidshap 12 years ago

Hello - this is my first post on chowhound. I've religiously used this site to find good food all around the world. I really love it when I travel as I love finding great local food. I just move...

Tampa - Hidden Gems?

by Oscar Demolski 14 years ago

Being new here I surfed around, but I kept seeing the same old, same old. I was hoping this board would provide insights on what I call the Hidden Gems. Places that never even heard of Zagat and ...

Hidden Gems in Sydney?

by nomadgirl 8 years ago

I have one night in Sydney and I'm looking for a "hidden gem." Something that will give me a nice, but not super expensive truly Australian experience. Thanks!

Hidden Gems in the Bronx

by pneubecker 14 years ago

I am an undergrad at Fordham U going into my junior year. I love eating out in nyc and am constantly finding new and exciting spots. Unfortunately, most of my first two years were spent exploring m...

Any Hidden Gems in LaMorinda?

by PulledPork 10 years ago

We just made the move from San Francisco out to the burbs and have set up shop in Orinda. I'm looking for hidden gems in Orinda, Lafayette, Moraga, Concord, Walnut Creek, or Pleasant Hill. I've g...

Angelina's Cafe & Catering in SF Richmond District - hidden gem for sandwiches - who's tried it?

by hhc 8 years ago

Read on SFoodie that Angelina'a Cafe & Catering in SF Richmond District makes good sandwiches. Who's tried it? Angelina's Cafe & Catering 6000 California at 22nd Ave, SF 415-221-7835 Artic...

Do hidden gems exist in Mid-Michigan? (No worthy stops en route up north.)

by sye1993 8 years ago

It's relatively easy to find good food in Metro Detroit, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor and around the up north destinations like Traverse City and Petoskey. But when traveling between those locations, th...

El Paso - hidden gems? hole in the walls? must haves? anything healthy?

The Oracle
by The Oracle 8 years ago

I'll be in El Paso for a week on business and would love to try local favorites. I'm coming from Los Angeles, so Mexican food isn't exactly a need, but if it's done well, it's done well and my b...

Are there any hidden gems on the South Shore?

by Swankalicious 8 years ago

Meeting Mother In Law Swank halfway from the Cape for a nice meal out. We're hoping to rendezvous someplace in the Duxbury/Cohasset area. Type of food doesn't matter -- mainly looking for something...

Any hidden gems/holes in the wall on the los feliz/Hollywood border?

by tastycakes 8 years ago

Just moved to Alexandria and Santa Monica area. Already checked out tacos al carbon and falafel arax. What else is good? What about the Latin and Armenian markets?

Conventioneer in search of Atlanta's hidden gems (and others)

by neelix1 8 years ago

Hello Atlanta and fellow ChowHound users... I will be attending a national convention in Atlanta the first week of July. There are a number of foodies in my party and one of our favorite things...