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Chowhounds love uncovering hidden gems and sharing them with the community. Get tips on under-the-radar restaurants in your part of the world.

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South Beach hidden gems?

by Genevieve Gessert 15 years ago

I'm coming to Miami for the first time ever and would like some recommendations from some local Chowhounds on where really to go in South Beach. I know about the well-advertised places like Nemo, W...


by FOODCORE 15 years ago

i'm not too familiar w/ the los feliz area... can anyone recommend some delicious restaurants? any food type will do (though my friend is not a fan of sushi or indian) and I'd rather stay away fr...

hidden gems in the MIT/Kendall area?

by elbev 15 years ago

Going to dinner with some friends on Monday after an event at MIT, and looking to explore something new and exciting. Poppa & Goose was my standby until they sadly closed up a couple of years back...

hidden gems in Marina Del Rey/Santa Monica?

by SPEX 15 years ago

Does anyone know of any surprisingly good hidden gems in the Marina Del Rey/Santa Monica area? I don't care what the food is.

Hidden Gem in Concord - Barney's Hickory Pit

by StillHungryInSanRafael 16 years ago

WHOOHOO! Starving in Concord the other day, I was passing the usual line of taco joints and chinese restaurants when when what to my hungry eyes did appear but Barney's Hickory Pit! I circled i...

Hidden gems in north OC?

by Michele714 16 years ago

In particular the Yorba Linda area and nearby Placentia and Anaheim Hills. Any type of food as long as it is good. Thanks, hounds!

ISO Hidden Gems of Chinatown

by Donnie Fiedler 16 years ago

I'm working down by the courthouses this summer and I'm looking for some sitdown places in Chinatown. Anyone have any recommendations for a quick, but fantastic, lunch?

Hidden Gem- Italian-Scalinatella??

by Elle 16 years ago

I am searching for a good Authentic Italian (not american italian) restaurant that has not been over popularized or is "trendy." Scalinatella on the Upper Eastside came highly recommended. H...

Opinon: Does Hamilton Have a Hidden Gem?

by Bobcat 16 years ago

We are heading to the theatre in downtown Hamilton, this Thursday… As true Chowhounds, we prefer Mom and Pop shops that offer honest food vs. chain restos with laminated menus. We are open to all s...

Local Haunts, Hidden Gems

by 'Hood 16 years ago

Good Morning. I am looking for a great neighborhood restaurant for out of town guests. Any 'hood works, preferably downtown. Laid-back, casual, great food, great atmosphere. Know any?

Hidden Gem - East of Yonge

by Gina 16 years ago

I am looking for a hidden gem to take friends from out of town (somewhere close to downtown or east end) Live in the Beach - so we've been there, done that...

Sunday Brunch/Breakfast/Diner Hidden Gems in Westchester?

by Jean 16 years ago

I'm in search of a very scrumptious breakfast/brunch place - something along the lines of comfort food/bucolic feel. Great diner suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well. Anything in t...

Hidden Gems of Portland Maine...

by Dual 17 years ago

We've been remodeling our kitchen, and thus eating out in greater Portland, literally for months on end. Our favorite 'hidden gems': BACK BAY GRILLE BAR MENU: Wow! If you sit at the bar there are...

Hidden Gems Near 1st & Howard?

by Frosty Melon (was Chowderhead) 17 years ago

My company's moving downtown shortly to a new building at First & Howard Streets. What are some options (breakfast & lunch) that I might not know about? We're right across from Town Hall, so that...

Hidden Gems of the Amalfi Coast?

by sausalitomack@hotmail.com 17 years ago

Spending 10 days along the coast, based out of Ravello, for a honeymoon. I've researched Chowhound and have found quite a few spots to check out. I'm hoping for a few additional places - more the...

Hidden gems in Southbay ? Cha Jiew cuisine at Han Kee, Sam Kee and Won Kee

by Han Lukito 17 years ago

I need inputs and recs based on the following: I was told that Han Kee has excellent noodles, better than Vien Hong. Also, good fried turnip cake, good shrimp rolls. Sam Kee and Won Kee has goo...

Ireland Hidden Gems?

by br 17 years ago

OK, so my trip to Ireland in Oct has been ruined by the news that the McNean Bistro in Blacklion, Co. Cavan is closed the week we are there. Our meal there last year ranked as one of the best we'...

St.Johnsbury, VT - Hidden gem

by fladd 17 years ago

Just got back from a mini-vacation through ME, NH and VT. Had some really good food, particularly the "Barney Fife Pizza" at the Portsmouth Brewing Company and the antipasta at Bove's in Burlington...

hidden gems downtown for cheap lunch

by hungrymonkee 17 years ago

at king and bay, looking for an escape from the suits and swanky flash. willing to walk up to 20 minutes... any good suggestions?

Las Ruinas in Pasadena - Hidden Gem

by Suvro 17 years ago

A visit to Las Ruinas reaffirms how lucky I am to live and work in Pasadena (it is a 3 block walk from my office, corner of Green and Chester). I had their Al Pastor Alambre con Queso - chunks of...

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